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Wingates Residential Holiday 2022

Monday 23rd May, 2022

We had a brilliant trip down the motorway and arrived at The Wingate Centre in time for lunch.  We had a very peaceful lunch and then played out for a while.  We excitedly went to find our bedrooms and unpack.  We got back on the buses and drove to Snugbury's for a lovely ice cream and saw some pigs and a goat.  We went back to The Wingate Centre and played out before tea.  For tea we had pizza, chips and baked beans and Lemon Meringue Pie and Ice Cream.  After tea we played out before bath / showers and a film.  Everyone has settled well to sleep and one lucky person is going to have a visit from the tooth fairy tonight. 



I am so sorry the wifi at The Wingate Centre has been very slow tonight and I cannot get the photos on.  I will try again in the morning but Mrs Clayton needs to get some sleep. 

Tuesday evening - managed to get these on from tea last night (Monday!).

Tuesday 24th May, 2022


I have tried for over 2 hours again this morning to upload the photos and again it's not working properly.   We are getting ready to go out for the day and will try to get some photos on later.  If that fails again I will try to send some another way. 


Please be reassured that the children all slept very well - no early get ups and the tooth fairy did come!!! 

The photos are still causing a bit of an issue so I'll only put a few on so you can see how happy all the children are.   We have had a fantastic day at Chester Zoo and saw some beautiful animals.  When we got back to The Wingate Centre we played outside before tea of Curry and Rice with Naan Bread and Eton Mess for dessert.  As I type this the children are playing outside again in the lovely evening sunshine before showers / baths followed by a short film and bedtime.  I think they will all sleep very well tonight after all the walking, fresh air and playing outside with their friends. 

Wednesday 25th May, 2022


Everyone had another good nights sleep and woke up very excited for our day out to Manchester.  The journey to Play Factore was very good so we got there by 10.30am.  All of the children played so well on all of the equipment and were very well behaved.  It was quite busy with a number of school trips so we were not able to take photos of the children.  We had our lunch on the bus and then walked round to Chill Factore.  We all got into our warm clothing and were given our special boots and helmets.  Mrs Clayton had been so busy making sure all the children and staff had everything they needed for the day out that she forgot her own warm coat but the staff at Chill Factore took pity and let her borrow a warm coat!!!  The children all had a brilliant time on the donuts, toboggan run and sledges.  After our journey back to The Wingate Centre we played out and then had tea of Burger in a Bun, Chips, Onion Rings and Salad followed by Chocolate Cake and Cream.  We had another play out in the evening sunshine before showers / baths, a film and bedtime.  

Thursday 26th May, 2022


We had another good nights sleep and were all ready for another busy day of our holiday.  All of the children (and staff) enjoyed a leisurely visit to The Blue Planet Aquarium and thoroughly enjoyed watching the Sting Rays and Sharks being fed.  We set off back to The Wingate Centre and got ready for our session in the Gym. There was non-stop activity in the gym and everyone was exhausted by the end.  Some children gained new balance skills on the low beams and we were all very proud of them.   For tea we had Lasagne and Garlic Bread followed by Cheesecake.  The evening sunshine made our last playing out lots of fun.  We finished watching out film 'Happy Feet' and all went to bed - there have been a few tears as it's the last night and the children have had so much fun!!!! 

Friday 27th May, 2022

Today was a sad but exciting day.  We were all sad that it was the end of a lovely holiday together but happy to be going back to school and then home to see our families.  As we packed away everything the children had a last play outside in the morning sunshine.   The journey to home went very well and we had a delicious meal in Banny's before getting back to school.  Twenty Four very tired staff and children left school at the end of the day with some amazing memories of a fantastic week.  

We would like to thank all of the parents for allowing us to take your wonderful children on holiday - it really is a privilege for all of us.