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Curriculum Newsletters 2023 - 24

Shapes in our Environment

We have been learning about 2D and 3d shapes and their different names. We have explored the properties through some sensory activities. Today we went on a hunt around the classroom to see if we could find some shapes in our environment.

Today in French we have explored French Foods. We used the colours of the French flag which we have used this year already to make some colours on bread. The pupils spooned some food colouring onto their bread and made some French flag toast.

Our book this week is 'Tiger Who Came to Tea'. We have read the book and made colourful semantic sentences throughout reading. We have taken it turn in groups to go out in the woodland see if we could hunt for different characters and objects within the book and discuss where we have seen in the book. The other group enjoyed a sensory version of the story.

Fine Motor

In our fine motor skills session we looked at our name and we have completed some wonderful writing. We will now break this down to build the skills to be able to control mark making materials freely.

Food from Around the World

In Eagles we have been looking at food from around the world. This week we have been looking at food from China. We have explored the taste, smell, feel of all the ingredients and even did our own evaluation of whether we liked them or not.

This week in Maths we have been looking at numbers. We have used a song on Number Fun to help us. We have counted the items on the washing line and then found the numbers with the fans.

Shiny Teeth

In Science this week we have been looking at teeth. We have looked at a song about brushing our teeth and how to complete it. We have learned that we should brush our teeth for two minutes. We will also be looking at different animals and their teeth too.

Super Phonics

In Phonics we have been practising our sounds through songs. We have used the feely box to feel for items and pull them out. We have identified what the items are and also found their initial sound together as a group. We have listened to the sounds and copied them with our voices/ switches. We have also tried writing these and mark making to support.

In PE this week we have been looking jumping. We have explored different ways we can jump including in hoops, off equipment and high in the sky. We have been looking at movement and balance through various different pieces of equipment



We look forward to seeing you soon smiley

The Eagles team have been completing a variety of exciting activities and we will post regularly with updates and photos (for children who have permission).


Eagles Team 

2022 - 2023

Well Done Eagles we have had a fantastic year together. It has been lovely to see you all grow and progress. We have loved working with you all and good luck in your new classes in September :)

Today we have completed our sponsored walk "Wheel or Walk" for a local charity and completed it within our local community. The pupils have tried really hard with their walking and have had a look at what they could see along the way.

Telling the Time

In Maths we have been learning about time. We have sorted the days of the week and have begun to look at analogue clocks to o'clock and half past. The pupils have really engaged in role play activities and practical elements to support their learning.

In RE we have been learning about Judaism. We have explored and compared Christian and Jewish music. We have also explored the different  including the Kippur and Torah. We have looked inside of a synagogue and have labelled the different parts.

French Customs

In PML we have been looking at French customs. We have combined this with the computing curriculum and used Choose It Maker to answer different questions about France and the customs that they have.

We have been practising our mark making skills in Eagles this week. The pupils have completed a task that we completed in Autumn 1 and the progress with  their mark making skills, pencil control and much more. In Art we have been learning about Roman sculpture and in History we have been learning about the Romans so the pupils explored some Roman Art for inspiration.

In Mathematics this week we have been using our counting skills to support us find out information. On our walk we counted different objects along the way. We have used Number Fun songs to practise counting and our washing line. We have also played I Spy and Count to practice 1:1 correspondence and the writing of numerals.

Eagles have been creating some sculptures using clay in Art this half term. We have been looking at how the Romans made sculptures like this also. The pupils have used their hands to pinch, roll, mould, push and pull the clay.

We hope you have a lovely weekend in the sunshine and have a lovely day on Sunday!

Sports Day was held on 15th June 2023. The pupils all got stuck in and were super for their teams. We practised taking part and  cheering on our friends.

Roman Empire

In History this half term we have been looking at Romans. We have looked at a variety of different artefacts and noticed the mosaics on some of them. We have created our own mosaic vases and helmets together.



In PE we have been working on races for Sports Day. The pupils have been practising staying in the lanes when having a race. Everyone listened very well and congratulated the winner!

Emotions on our Faces

Today in PSHE we have been looking at our feelings. We have used symbols to identifying different feelings and practised making different faces to each emotion.

Eagles Summer Poem

In English today we looked at rhymes in poems and looked at Acrostic poems and how you can read the word down the side. Eagles have created their own poem together and the pupils all had some great ideas. Take a look!



S ummer begins with s

U mbrellas protect us from the sun

M mm! Ice Lollies!

M oose is charging

E veryone loves the beach.

R emember your sun cream

In Maths this half term we will be looking at Fractions. Today we have used symmetry to help us understand half. We have used playdough to physically cut into halves and quarters.

Rhyming in Phonics

Welcome back for our final term and we have already been working very hard. In phonics this morning we have been looking at real and nonsense words and using our knowledge to help us decide this. We have also recapped our learning of rhyming in phonics to support us with our English topic this term.

Have a lovely half term!

Number Songs

Still image for this video

In Maths today we have been practising counting through singing number songs. We used the microphone to really encourage some beautiful singing.

Friendships in PE

In PE today we have been doing lots of physical exercise and due to have a fantastic half term we have treated Eagles to some PE choices. We have focused on building friendships and sharing using the PE resources.

In French (PML) this half term we have been looking at Paris. Today we have looked at the artist Henri Mattisse and recreated an abstract painting and the pupils have been very creative, When they have finish this we have looked at fountains in Paris and explored a sensory foot spa for the water.

Sunny Statistics

In Eagles today we have been practising our understanding of numbers and what it means. Some pupils have gone around school asking staff and peers questions to collect data and some pupils have been using the interactive whiteboard to support their learning.

Today we went to Thornton Hall Farm. It was such an amazing day and all the pupils were fantastic representatives of Pendle View Primary School. We saw lots of animals in their different habitats linking to our Science topic. We also enjoyed the petting of the animals, jumping pillows, tractor cars and soft play area.

Today was National Numeracy Day. We have set a challenge of statistics for the pupils but have linked it with some outdoor learning to enjoy the weather. We have hunted for bears and make a block graph with it together. Everyone was very focused! We have also made playdough practising measuring and then we used the paly to make different length snakes and measured using non-standard units.

Sorting for Statistics

This week in Maths we are beginning to look at statistics. We have focus on pictograms and carroll diagrams by sorting objects that are in our classroom. We have used our previous learning of colours, numbers and money to help us sort.

At the weekend on 6th May 2023 it was the Kings' Coronation. We celebrated this today in school with a variety of activities. We have created some art and craft activities including a collage, giftbox and crown. We have made some cheese spread and cucumber sandwiches which went down a treat and eaten by all! We have attempted to make some trifle ready for our afternoon tea party to celebrate the new King!

Flying to Europe

In Geography we have been exploring our topic of Europe. We have role played flying on an aeroplane over lots of different countries on the way and tried to communicate what we can see.

Addition and Subtraction

In Maths this week we have been looking at addition and subtraction. We have used a variety of resources including computing techniques to help us. 

Writing in Phonics

We have some beautiful writing in Eagles. We have looked at some phonics sounds today and practised writing and mark making with it and some children even created their own word beginning with a particular grapheme.

Eagles Assembly

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We have completed our Eagles class assembly today and it was fantastic. We are so proud of all the pupils they were super! We have been learning about Living Things and their Habitats and shared this video in our assembly. Please take a look!

Today we have celebrated Eid throughout the day and it has been an amazing atmosphere around all the classes. Everyone has been so stuck in their learning and experiences. In Eagles we have made some moon and stars biscuits, explored a variety of different foods celebrated at Eid, we have made some crafts and enjoyed sensory learning.

St George's Day in Maths

It was St George's Day on Sunday 23rd April 2023. In class today we have celebrated in many ways including: building words for St George's Day, counting dragons, creating Arts and crafts. In Maths we have used this learning to support our addition and number experiences.

We have been exploring position and direction in Maths this week. We have been using the Bee bots to navigate and practice using our terminology and symbols to help with this.

It has been a great start back to the summer term. We have been exploring lots of new topics and we have created some wonderful habitats for minibeasts.

Have a lovely holiday!

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This term has been full of fantastic learning. We have explored many topics including; numbers in French, rhyme and poem, Industrial Revolution and Mills, sound and so much more. The pupils have all tried really hard this term and shows in their progress and independence. The Eagles team are so proud! Have a lovely Easter holidays smiley

We have had lots of Easter celebration this week. We have made: decorations, place mats, sequenced the Easter story, explored the meaning behind Easter and made some Easter treats to share. We have had a wonderful half term of learning and this has been a "cracking" ending. 

Today we have explored the PVPS art exhibition. The pupils across the school have completed some fabulous work and in Eagles we were able to celebrate this and evaluate what we liked about the work to support our DT learning. Well done everyone!

Listening in Phonics

In Phonics today we have been practising listening to sounds and copying them. There were some phonics sounds, aeroplanes, animal noises and instrument noises.

Music Relaxation

We enjoyed some music today at our relax time before the end of day. The pupils chose some songs to sing and sang-a-long.

P.E Throwing and Catching

In PE we have been practising our throwing and catching skills- we have even tried this in our playtime outside.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and have a lovely day on Sunday.

Sharing Our Learning

Today we had some parents come in to share our learning. We have completed some fun activities. We started using number fans and whiteboards to find numbers in our "Biscuit tin" song. We then completed 4 activities including: finding the initial sound, painting our biscuit monster, number splat and turn taking games.

St Patrick's Day

We have been completing some St Patricks Day collages today use a variety of materials that are green.

Counting in 2s,3s,5s and 10s

In Maths this week we have taken on a challenge of counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s. The pupils had 10 or 12 cubes and where able to spilt them appropriately using our song to help us. We then played some well known games that can help us practice this skill including Jenga building in 2s and 3s, throwing balls into a bucket in 1s and 2s and practicing splitting the numbers also using cubes.

It has been Science Day and the focus this year is connections. We have been using our topics that we have learned about so far to make these connections. We have explored light, sound and practised experimenting and even made some predictions.

We have been exploring Sound in Science and we have explored loud and soft sounds this week. We have found electrical items that make sound as well and enjoy some videos of us using these sounds.


Still image for this video

Crunchy Sounds

In Science this week using the items of sound we found on the sound walk. We made a beautiful display to showcase our learning.

Counting with PE

In Maths we have been practising counting- but we have linked it with our PE sessions of throwing and catching. We have played bowling and counted how many pins we have knocked down and how many pins are standing. We have also thrown balls into a net to see how many times we could do it.

"The Very Noisy Bear"

In English we are looking at a new book called "The Very Noisy Bear". We have retold the story using the instruments within the book and have enjoyed the sensory activities.

World Book Day

World Book Day- 3rd March 2023- We have seen some wonderful costumes around the school today and please take a look at some of the costumes in Eagles. We even completed a treasure hunt around the school to find some Pirate Pete treasure practising our reading and using picture cues along the way.

St David's Day

For St Davids we completed many activites and the pupils had a lot of fun and we had so much fun that we forgot to take photos!


- In English we completed a wordsearch, creating words from our story using magnetic letters and completed crafts

- In Maths we ordered daffodil numbers and put St David's Day objects into size order

- In the afternoon we focused on crafts of weaving, daffodil collage and creating welsh flags and in PE we practised Welsh dancing.



In Science this half term our topic is Sound. We started this by looking at sounds in our environment around us and we found: crunchy leaves, chimes, birds and many more.

History Exploration

In History this half term we have a new topic of the Industrial Revolution and Victorians. This lesson we found out why the era was called Victorians and looked at Queen Victoria. We tried some Victoria sponge, made some colourful semantic sentences, writing chalk on chalkboard and making our own crowns.

Our goals for this half term...

In PSHE this term we are working on 'Self-Awareness'. We discussed what we are good at and what we could improve on at school. With this information we used the board to help us choose a goal for the next half term.

Painting to Music

In Music today we have been exploring our new topic. We have explored how the music makes us feel and identified whether they are happy, sad and angry. We then painted to the music and showed fast and slow.

We have been celebrating PML day today. We have immersed ourselves in the experience. In our English we explored the story of Three Little Pigs in French and have written words in which we think the pig would say. In Maths we have looked at the topic of numbers 1-10 in French. We have explored and had a tour de France and also created some beautiful French artwork. It is also pancake day today and crepe's are a food from France so during our snack time we tried some different pancakes, 

We have been superstars this half term!

The pupils have worked very hard this term and have enjoyed lots of learning and sensory experiences. We have expanded our number, shape and capacity knowledge. We have read many stories including: "Oscar and the Bat" "Somebody Swallowed Stanley" and "Rumble in the Jungle". We have been litter picking, lots of walks to Asda and have even explored around the school with some of our learning. The Eagles team are super proud! Enjoy this video and have a lovely half term everybody smiley

Recycled Creations

In Geography our topic has been "Rubbish". We have seperated our rubbish into bin and recycling and then have use our recycling to make some recycled creations.

Our book this week is "Rumble in the Jungle" and we have been explore the animals and practising using words, signs and symbols to represent this. We have used colourful semantics and cross curricular links with Art and PSHE to support.

In Maths this week we have been explornig capacity and volume. We have used a variety of sensory materials to explore full, empty and half full. We have even began measuring using millilitres (ml) and litres (l).

Today in Science we have been exploring electricity and circuits and found out that electricity give us light. We asked what else gives us light and we found out the sun gives us light and also makes shadows. Have a look at us drawing around our shadows!

Fine Motor Skills

In Eagles today we have been practising our fine motor skills through a variety of activities. We have had lots of fun and got a bit messy!

Today in Eagles we have been exploring our topic of rubbish and we have been going around the school and picking up litter. We have tried to do our part for environment.

Chinese New Year

We have celebrated Chinese New Year as a whole school. In Eagles class we have been practising writing our names and making chinese lanterns linking with our DT topic.

Musical Rhythms

In Music we have been exploring rhythms. The pupils have been exploring instruments and copying rhythms and dynamics from the adults.

Book: "Somebody Swallowed Stanley"

We have been exploring a new book called "Somebody Swallowed Stanley" and this links with our Geography topic of Rubbish. Stanley is a plastic bag in the ocean and it helps us learn about the plastic and rubbish in the ocean and how we can recycle. The pupils have been sorting recycling, making words from the story and practising our fine motor skills. At some point we hope to get out and do some litter picking to help the planet!

We have been superstars in Maths. We have been practising our addition sentences, matching amounts to numbers and exploring numbers on the calculators before writing.

In RE we have started our topic of Hinduism and we immersed ourselves in the experience of lights, colour and music from the religion.

Beautiful Writing

Today in Phonics some of our pupils have been practising their letter formation of some graphemes and they have all tried really hard.

What's that shape?

Today in Maths we have been exploring 2d/3d shape and exploring lots of different practical activities. We have been making shapes with pipe cleaners and play dough, shape snap, building 3d shapes, guessing the shape in the bag and interactive shape games on the board.

New Topic- Rubbish

In Geography we have been starting our new topic for Spring 1 of Rubbish. To start the topic off we explored what objects were made from and explored our senses through the materials that can be thrown away.

Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all of Eagles Class. See you in 2023!

The Christmas festivities at school are coming to an end. Please take a look at what we have enjoyed the past couple of weeks. We have made lots of different arts and crafts, played team games, share Christmas dinner together and even had a Christmas party smiley


We have continued the Christmas festivities. We have ordered the instructions to a recipe and looked at instruction texts and then made our very own hot chocolate and iced some biscuits.

Decorating the Classroom

It is now December and the Christmas decorations have been going up in our classroom and around school. We have loved being creative and decorating.

Lancashire Mile

We have completed two miles in the Lancashire Mile ! Well done Eagles smiley

We have been out and about exploring the local area. We went to Pets At Home to see what animals we could find and practice our animal names in French. We also went to Asda to practice some life skills and exchanges of money.

We have been trying healthy foods and looking at how we should have healthy foods in our diet. We have been choosing different foods to try and cutting them up ourselves.

In Art this week we have been exploring the last traces of Autumn and what we can see as the seasons are turning from Autumn to Winter. We explored lots of Autumnal nature and made our own Autumn tree with leaves falling down.

Children in Need

It was Children in Need Day on Friday 18th November 2022. Eagles class completed some fun activities this afternoon- take a look!

We have been enjoying some sensory regulation time together with our peers. We have been looking at turn taking and sharing.

We love sharing stories together...

In Phonics we have been finding initial sounds in words and there has been some fantastic finds. We have also been exploring our new books together practising our segmenting and blending skills.

Let's exercise

In PSHE this week we have been exploring how to keep our bodies and mind healthy. Today we completed some exercise and completed some Cosmic Yoga and some stretches.

Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day and we have been learning about why people celebrate it. We have created our own poppies and we completed the minute silence beautifully. 

In Maths this week we have been exploring 3D shapes. We have played a game of pass the parcel to identify the shapes and have been looking at the different properities of the shapes.

This week in History we have begun a new topic of Ancient Egyptians. We have explored about Egypt and made some of the food that they would eat in Egypt.

We been exploring Bonfire Night with many sensory activities. The pupils have enjoed eating stuck in and using fruit in a new way.

We started our second half term off with a BANG! We have been exploring our learning about bonfire night and using it in each lesson. In Maths we have been creating numbers and fireworks using number resources. In PE we have been using sensory resources to dance like different fireworks would dance.

Our food rhythms on instruments

This half term in Music we have been exploring rhythms through food and playing along. We have practiced the rhythms coffee, tea, popcorn, jacket potato etc.

Diwali- The Festival of Light

In RE this week we have been celebrating Diwali as it falls in the half term. The pupils really immersed themselves in the experience of the festival of light. 

Look at our favourite fruits...

In French today we have been exploring fruits and their names and decided what was our favourite. We made a graph to show the results.

The Farmyard Hullabaloo

In English we have been learning about rhyming words in poems. We have used the book Farmyard Hullabaloo. We have explored a variety of activities including rhyming string and explored muddy mark making.

The Five Pillars of Islam

In R.E this week we have been learning about the pillars of Islam. We have been matching pictures to the different pillars, practicing saving ang giving money and packing what we would need for a pilgrimage.

The bear is hungry for a sandwich!

We have been looking at the book "The Bear Who Ate Sandwich". Today we looked at what you would need to take into your suitcase and we even made the bear a jam sandwich to take with him, even if we tried some.

In DT Eagles class did some DT in bit of a different way. After exploring our topic the pupils explored making marks in a new way.

In Science and PSHE our learning is linked. In Science we have been learning about human teeth and in PSHE we have been learning about the human life cycle. We have linked each lesson and had an afternoon full of activities with both topics.

We have been using our prior learning!

We have been using our prior learning about shapes and using it to make patterns and symmetrical patterns. We have enjoyed using the whiteboard to play interactive games.

We have had a very fun lesson in PML this week. We have been learning how to say yes and no- "Oui et non". The pupils were trying a variety of French food and were able to say yes or no if they would like to try it. We even then challenged the pupils to see if they could remember to say thank you- "Merci"- afterwards. 

We have been learning about humans and their teeth in Science and we have even been practising brushing our own teeth and the big teeth.

Practising counting and adding

We have been practising our amazing counting skills and even practising some addition using lots of concrete resources. The pupils have really enjoyed the practical activities and applying them to numbers.

Supertato to the rescue!

We have completed our story about Supertato and have even become a superhero to save the day! The pupils saved the carrots from the sticky tape and even saved Evil Pea from the jelly. I wonder what he will do next.

Look at our amazing shape and number work. The pupils have worked very hard in Maths this week!

We have been doing some very exciting things in Maths this week. We have been exploring shape and number. We have looked at 2D shapes and identified the different shapes that we could find. In Number we have been practising our rote counting and recognising numbers. Take a look at our fantastic work!

Promise hands

In our R.E lesson this week we have been looking at the religion of Islam and how there are rules within this religion. We looked at the rules within our school and classroom and made some promise hands that we will use the class and school rules.

Our phonics learning has been amazing!

In Eagles today we have been looking at our phonics skills and identifying the sounds at the beginning of the words. We challenged the Eagles to think of a word beginning with a letter and then to write that word using segmenting and blending. The pupils fully completed that challenge and shown what they can do with their phonics.

We have been creating our class mascot together as a team!

It has been an fantastic start to Eagles this year and the pupils have been settling in very well.


Just a few helpful reminders for the year ahead:


  • Names need to be in clothing so we can ensure we return correct items to correct pupils


  • Our PE slots are Wednesday and Fridays, so please could you send in a labelled PE kit


  • Snack money can be sent in a weekly, half termly or termly basis  - it is £1:50 per week


  • Lunch costs £12:00 per week


The Eagles team have been completing a variety of exciting activities and we will post regularly with updates and photos (for children who have permission).


Eagles Team smiley