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Curriculum Newsletters 2023 - 24

We have been practicing all our skills from our PE lesson over the year. We have been preparing for our Sports Day next week which we are very excited for.

Solids, Liquids and Gases

In Eagles this half term we have been exploring States of Matter. We have looked at solids, liquids and gases. We have explored cornflour and water, picking our solids from shaving foam and doing an ice experiment with ice and salt.

In Phonics today we have been finding initial sounds in words using a jumping game. We have been building words from our previous stories and practising segmenting and blending.

In Maths we have been looking at Fractions- now this is a tricky topic. We have looked at halves and how symmetry tells us half. We then used playdough  to make different fractions.

In History this half term we are looking at the Roman  Empire. We have been making our own mosaic pots and exploring the costumes and artefacts to find some more out about Romans.

Europe (France)

In Art this half term we have been exploring famous French artists. We have explored many techniques including using salad spinner, painting, mark making and much more.

Visiting a Church

During RE this week we solidified our learning on the features of the outside of the church. We walked to a local church and looked at the outside. We looked at the doors, signs, windows and more.

Today (15th May) is Numeracy Day. We have been doing Maths all day. We have explore statistics and asked the favourite seasons of staff and pupils around the school and we have created graphs. We have practised weighing and capacity by making our own playdough ingredients.

Oui et Non

In French we have been learning how to say Yes and No to things that we want. We have said "Oui" and "Non" to different snack items and made our own Eiffel Tower.

Today we have celebrated St George's Day (23.4.24). We have built castles out of 3d shapes, we have made scones and made our own shields.

Today in Eagles we have celebrated Earth Day. We have explored how to keep the Earth clean and tidy. We have looked at recycling and the materials, made some arts and crafts and even spent an afternoon litter picking in our local community.

Today we have celebrated Eid. We have had a super fun day. We have made some biscuits in the shape of moons and stars. We have danced to cultural music and explored different dance moves. We have tried a variety of foods and said which ones we liked and disliked and we have made lots of crafts.

We had a Number Fun session with Dave Godfrey today and it was so exciting. All the pupils actively engaged and had so much fun!

In Science today we have explored Minibeasts. We had a look around school to see what we could find. During this we saw all different types of weather including the sun, rain, hail and clouds. We then planted some seeds in our planter.

In Maths we have been learning about position and direction. We have explored left and right. The pupils used various resources to explore left and right.

In English this week we have been learning about the Gruffalo. We looked at items in a bag and predicted what we thought the story would be. After this we enjoyed the story together and making colourful semantic sentences.

Happy Easter!

Well done Eagles for a wonderful half term. It has been lovely sharing all your learning with you. The Eagles team hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your Easter treat!

St David's Day

This week at Pendle view, we have celebrated St David's day. In Eagles we have made Welsh cakes, decorated our own daffodils and used leeks to do printing.

In school this week, we celebrated French day. In Eagles we did lots of fun activities, such as designing a French flag, making our very own Eiffel Tower, and of course we tried lots of French foods.

Today we have celebrated Chinese New Year. Together we created a dragon's head and we all joined in with the dragon parade. During snack time we tasted lots of yummy Chinese foods. We then went on a walk to visit the great wall of China. We have also dressed in Chinese clothing and looked at the Chinese artifacts. 

In PE this half term, we have been doing gymnastics. We've been climbing, rolling, jumping and exploring all sorts of different ways we can move. 

This week in Maths, we have been looking at measurement, so we decided to measure our feet to see what size they were, and then draw around them in our books, and of course, colour them in.

In our Art/DT lessons, we have been looking at different sources of light, and we have even made our very own lanterns out of recycled bottles.

In Eagles this week, we had a nice surprise when we came to school and got to play outside in the snow with all of our friends.

In music this week we have been exploring a range of instruments. We used shakers, lollipop drums, and cabasa's. We then went outside to make sounds on different types of materials that we found. We used sticks to make sounds on metal, plastic, wood, and many other materials around the woodland, using different techniques to make a variety of sounds. 

Christmas (Christingle)

Another exciting activity over Christmas, was each making our own Christingle, which we then got to take into the hall on our last day, and light the candles whilst in an assembly that taught us all about what the Christingle symbolises.

Over Christmas, we enjoyed lots of fun and exciting activities in Eagles, but one of our favourites was definitely the school party. We had lots of fun playing games such as pass the parcel, musical statues, and we even got to have a disco at the end!

St Andrews Day

Today we have celebrated St Andrew's Day. We have explored some Scottish dance moves in PE and did this with bagpipe music. In English we have explored the story of St Andrew and how he became the patron saint of Scotland. In Maths we have been using our skills of measuring and heavy and light to make our own version of an empire biscuit.

In phonics we have been exploring our sounds and starting to listen to some phase 2 sounds. This group were exploring our woodland area and seeing what sounds they could find and imitate them from an adult. Inside we were completing a guided read story of our book.

In French we have been learning about different animals. We have found out what our favourite animals are and matched them to their name in French. We have also enjoyed some animal bingo games  smiley

Ancient Egyptians

We have been exploring Ancient Egyptians through our cross curricular learning in English and History. Eagles class have loved this topic and their recall of the artefacts and elements of teaching has been fantastic. 

In Maths we have been looking at addition through various resources and how we can manipulate and use them to aid our understanding.

Non- fiction Ancient Egypt

We have been exploring a non fiction text about Ancient Egypt. Today we explored some artefacts that we saw in the illustrations of the book and correctly matched them using symbols, gesture and sign.

Letter Formation

We have been practising our letter formation and finding out words beginning with different sounds.

In Eagles this half term in PSHE we have been learning about healthy living. We have been exploring all the different ways to keep healthy through food, exercise and our mind. This week we have made some healthy pitta pizza and this was thoroughly enjoyed by the class. We decided which foods were healthy and which food were unhealthy.

Children in Need

On Friday 17th November the whole school celebrated Children in Need. The pupils completed lots of activities to look at Pudsey bear and what fundraising means. The whole school came together for a sharing assembly and we saw all of the amazing work that every class had done.

We have celebrated Remembrance Day and have completed a wide variety of activities to help us to remember.

In Science we were looking at how our body works and healthy diets. We then experimented to show how our digestive system works to use all the nutrients from the food and expel the waste products.

During our English and DT lessons we were following instructions to make pizza and lemonade.

Take a look at some of the wonderful maths work. Looking at properties of 2D shapes, sequencing and ordering of numbers and sorting by category.


Shapes in our Environment

We have been learning about 2D and 3d shapes and their different names. We have explored the properties through some sensory activities. Today we went on a hunt around the classroom to see if we could find some shapes in our environment.

Today in French we have explored French Foods. We used the colours of the French flag which we have used this year already to make some colours on bread. The pupils spooned some food colouring onto their bread and made some French flag toast.

Our book this week is 'Tiger Who Came to Tea'. We have read the book and made colourful semantic sentences throughout reading. We have taken it turn in groups to go out in the woodland see if we could hunt for different characters and objects within the book and discuss where we have seen in the book. The other group enjoyed a sensory version of the story.

Fine Motor

In our fine motor skills session we looked at our name and we have completed some wonderful writing. We will now break this down to build the skills to be able to control mark making materials freely.

Food from Around the World

In Eagles we have been looking at food from around the world. This week we have been looking at food from China. We have explored the taste, smell, feel of all the ingredients and even did our own evaluation of whether we liked them or not.

This week in Maths we have been looking at numbers. We have used a song on Number Fun to help us. We have counted the items on the washing line and then found the numbers with the fans.

Shiny Teeth

In Science this week we have been looking at teeth. We have looked at a song about brushing our teeth and how to complete it. We have learned that we should brush our teeth for two minutes. We will also be looking at different animals and their teeth too.

Super Phonics

In Phonics we have been practising our sounds through songs. We have used the feely box to feel for items and pull them out. We have identified what the items are and also found their initial sound together as a group. We have listened to the sounds and copied them with our voices/ switches. We have also tried writing these and mark making to support.

In PE this week we have been looking jumping. We have explored different ways we can jump including in hoops, off equipment and high in the sky. We have been looking at movement and balance through various different pieces of equipment