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Curriculum Newsletters 2022-2023

Decorating the Classroom

It is now December and the Christmas decorations have been going up in our classroom and around school. We have loved being creative and decorating.

Lancashire Mile

We have completed two miles in the Lancashire Mile ! Well done Eagles smiley

We have been out and about exploring the local area. We went to Pets At Home to see what animals we could find and practice our animal names in French. We also went to Asda to practice some life skills and exchanges of money.

We have been trying healthy foods and looking at how we should have healthy foods in our diet. We have been choosing different foods to try and cutting them up ourselves.

In Art this week we have been exploring the last traces of Autumn and what we can see as the seasons are turning from Autumn to Winter. We explored lots of Autumnal nature and made our own Autumn tree with leaves falling down.

Children in Need

It was Children in Need Day on Friday 18th November 2022. Eagles class completed some fun activities this afternoon- take a look!

We have been enjoying some sensory regulation time together with our peers. We have been looking at turn taking and sharing.

We love sharing stories together...

In Phonics we have been finding initial sounds in words and there has been some fantastic finds. We have also been exploring our new books together practising our segmenting and blending skills.

In PSHE this week we have been exploring how to keep our bodies and mind healthy. Today we completed some exercise and completed some Cosmic Yoga and some stretches.

Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day and we have been learning about why people celebrate it. We have created our own poppies and we completed the minute silence beautifully. 

In Maths this week we have been exploring 3D shapes. We have played a game of pass the parcel to identify the shapes and have been looking at the different properities of the shapes.

This week in History we have begun a new topic of Ancient Egyptians. We have explored about Egypt and made some of the food that they would eat in Egypt.

We been exploring Bonfire Night with many sensory activities. The pupils have enjoed eating stuck in and using fruit in a new way.

We started our second half term off with a BANG! We have been exploring our learning about bonfire night and using it in each lesson. In Maths we have been creating numbers and fireworks using number resources. In PE we have been using sensory resources to dance like different fireworks would dance.

Our food rhythms on instruments

This half term in Music we have been exploring rhythms through food and playing along. We have practiced the rhythms coffee, tea, popcorn, jacket potato etc.

Diwali- The Festival of Light

In RE this week we have been celebrating Diwali as it falls in the half term. The pupils really immersed themselves in the experience of the festival of light. 

Look at our favourite fruits...

In French today we have been exploring fruits and their names and decided what was our favourite. We made a graph to show the results.

The Farmyard Hullabaloo

In English we have been learning about rhyming words in poems. We have used the book Farmyard Hullabaloo. We have explored a variety of activities including rhyming string and explored muddy mark making.

The Five Pillars of Islam

In R.E this week we have been learning about the pillars of Islam. We have been matching pictures to the different pillars, practicing saving ang giving money and packing what we would need for a pilgrimage.

The bear is hungry for a sandwich!

We have been looking at the book "The Bear Who Ate Sandwich". Today we looked at what you would need to take into your suitcase and we even made the bear a jam sandwich to take with him, even if we tried some.

In DT Eagles class did some DT in bit of a different way. After exploring our topic the pupils explored making marks in a new way.

In Science and PSHE our learning is linked. In Science we have been learning about human teeth and in PSHE we have been learning about the human life cycle. We have linked each lesson and had an afternoon full of activities with both topics.

We have been using our prior learning!

We have been using our prior learning about shapes and using it to make patterns and symmetrical patterns. We have enjoyed using the whiteboard to play interactive games.

We have had a very fun lesson in PML this week. We have been learning how to say yes and no- "Oui et non". The pupils were trying a variety of French food and were able to say yes or no if they would like to try it. We even then challenged the pupils to see if they could remember to say thank you- "Merci"- afterwards. 

We have been learning about humans and their teeth in Science and we have even been practising brushing our own teeth and the big teeth.

Practising counting and adding

We have been practising our amazing counting skills and even practising some addition using lots of concrete resources. The pupils have really enjoyed the practical activities and applying them to numbers.

Supertato to the rescue!

We have completed our story about Supertato and have even become a superhero to save the day! The pupils saved the carrots from the sticky tape and even saved Evil Pea from the jelly. I wonder what he will do next.

Look at our amazing shape and number work. The pupils have worked very hard in Maths this week!

We have been doing some very exciting things in Maths this week. We have been exploring shape and number. We have looked at 2D shapes and identified the different shapes that we could find. In Number we have been practising our rote counting and recognising numbers. Take a look at our fantastic work!

Promise hands

In our R.E lesson this week we have been looking at the religion of Islam and how there are rules within this religion. We looked at the rules within our school and classroom and made some promise hands that we will use the class and school rules.

Our phonics learning has been amazing!

In Eagles today we have been looking at our phonics skills and identifying the sounds at the beginning of the words. We challenged the Eagles to think of a word beginning with a letter and then to write that word using segmenting and blending. The pupils fully completed that challenge and shown what they can do with their phonics.

We have been creating our class mascot together as a team!

It has been an fantastic start to Eagles this year and the pupils have been settling in very well.


Just a few helpful reminders for the year ahead:


  • Names need to be in clothing so we can ensure we return correct items to correct pupils


  • Our PE slots are Wednesday and Fridays, so please could you send in a labelled PE kit


  • Snack money can be sent in a weekly, half termly or termly basis  - it is £1:50 per week


  • Lunch costs £12:00 per week


The Eagles team have been completing a variety of exciting activities and we will post regularly with updates and photos (for children who have permission).


Eagles Team smiley