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Welcome to Eagles Class




Welcome to Eagles Class, we look forward to watching you fly!!


 The team are really looking forward to working with you this year. 


 We just thought that a few reminders might be helpful.

  • We are always here to help you so never be worried to ask!!
  • We will have PE on a Thursday morning this term so don’t forget your PE bag and kit 😊
  • Snack money is £1:50 per week – this can be paid each week or each half term/term.
  • School lunch menus can be found on our school website and all important information is there.



Making paper out of recycled paper in Geography

Creating circuits in Science

A double party celebration :)

Maths - addition and subtraction/more and less.

Geography - Recycling. Today we collected rubbish from the school grounds to recycle it.

Electricity - exploring circuits and how we need a complete connection for electricity to flow.

Geography - Recycling

Maths Games

Welcome Back and Happy New Year

Wow!!! He really has overstepped the mark today :0

Christmas party ready :)

We really struggled finding our mischievous elf today!!! We eventually did and he was hiding in our skylight :)

Christmas Lunch....surrounded by our beautiful creations.

Boris fancied a higher view today!!

A visit from the big FC!!!

Christmas Sack making

Today's antics....

Collaging Christmas Puddings

How on earth did this happen?!?!

At last, he has said something sensible!!!

Apparently Boris the elf was cold!!!!

Snow Ball Fight!!!! (and a bag of terrible jokes)

I'm VERY unhappy with our very badly behaved elf!!!! He's only gone and taken my bananas and destroyed them ......

Our minds are BLOWN!!!!! The elf, Boris, is just not behaving....we keep asking him to be sensible and to be a good role model, but he's not doing good listening!

Our class will have to solve a number of clues today to find our badly behaved elf!!!!

Well it seems the elf's behaviour hasn't improved!!!!

It’s the start of our Christmas countdown 😊 Today we had a very badly behaved visitor. Its name is Boris and he is a mischievous elf!!!! We were not impressed with his behaviour.

We have created lots of amazing Pudsey related artwork; we have paint bombed a huge Pudsey! We have splatter painted Pudsey Bears, decorated our chocolate buns with chocolate and smarties, plus created Pudsey bookmarks …. We have been really busy. We also got our dogs in on the Pudsey act 😆

Maths - mass and weight / heavy and light

DT - Creating Hedgehogs out of clay and seeds.

In History we have continued to explore Ancient Egypt. This week we have designed a Death Mask and we have explored hieroglyphics through drawing or ordering pictures to create our names in symbols.

Counting on from a given number and then finding the correct amount upon request.

Ancient Egypt and the pyramids. We have been exploring why pyramids were built and what they housed. We also studied the structure of pyramids. This afternoon we went ‘pyramidtastic’ as we completed a number of activities to recreate their form; we have built pyramids out of Lego and also sponge biscuits, we have made 2D sandpaper pyramids and also 3D pyramids 😃

In English we have begun to read a new book. It is called 'The Bakery of Happiness' by Ian Beck. We followed a recipe and made individual bread rolls.

Building, observational drawing and then describing a bonfire.

Bonfire Night Activities - edible sparklers and chocolate apples.

RE - Christianity. We have been exploring light and dark in RE. We then thought about who or what makes us feel safe. We designed a candle and drew the people and objects that made us feel safe.

Math's today was based around numbers; their numerals and their words!

Welcome back. We hope that you had a good break smiley 

No doubt this term will fly!!

Have a wonderful half term and we look forward to welcoming everyone back on the 3rd of November. Thank you for all your continued support.

Warm regards

The Eagles Team

Our final lesson on the digestive system! We created organs out of plasticine and then connected them and as we worked we discussed what the organs were and what they were used for. We also created collaged digestive tracts 😊

Our final lesson in DT for this term. The children were given a choice of what they would like to cook. It was a unanimous decision…cake!! Not just any cake, it rivalled that of Bruce Bogtrotter’s!!! There was just one difference, ours was a lemon cake. And boy it looks AMAZING!!

Bonjour Madam et Monsieur, today we have had a day of everything French!! We have created a silhouette of French images on a painted French flag. We have built the Eiffel Tower out of wafers, fashioned a French poster, made croissants, pain au chocolate and tasted baguette with cheese and/or French Strawberry Conserve.

Science - Today we linked each aspect of our digestive system together to create a fuller understanding of how our food travels from our first bite, through to its exit! We thought about how our bodies absorb the nutrients from our food and use it to keep us fit and well.

In PE we have been working on our ability to navigate obstacles through tackling a range of challenges.

In DT we have been cooking traditional foods from around the world. This week our Country of focus was America. We made Mac and Cheese.

Playing and working together creates great friendships!!! In PHSE our focus has been relationships and how we can be ourselves. We can still be good friend if we don’t like some of the things our friends like. We are learning that it is good to be ‘me’ in our world!

Our beautiful flowers. We replanted our planter today. We think it looks beautiful!

Working through the last element of our digestive system!!!! Today we made 'poo'

Monday Morning Math's :)

Science - We have conducted an experiment to see how our digestive system works and the children were equally disgusted and thrilled with each process!!!

Friendships :) In the morning, on entry to school, we have a range of activities to encourage communication and the building of friendships.

RE: Islam. We have been exploring the rituals of washing before prayer.

In DT our focus is 'Foods from Around the World'. Our country of focus was England and our task included creating an English afternoon tea!! It was yummy!!!!

Our task today in Math’s was to identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations.

Categorising Musical Instruments in Music

In French we have been learning about the names of fruit in French!!! We enjoyed making fruit kebabs and we enjoyed eating them even more!!!!!

A Bad Case of Stripes - we have been thinking about our differences and being okay with liking something that someone else might not.