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Welcome to Butterflies Class



This week we have been looking at the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar, the children have really enjoyed exploring all the different foods some children even tried some of the foods

Butterflies staff and children have really enjoyed transferring the lesson from the classroom to soft play and we really have had some lovely interactions with the children a lots of big smiles

Happy New Year and Welcome back! All the children where very excited and happy to be back. We all enjoyed being out having fun in the snow! We did different activites all based around winter and the snowy weather.

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends!

We made some paper baubles

Our special video call from the North Pole...

Decorating the tree


Butterflies have been getting ready for Christmas, putting the tree up and making our own Christmas trees.

These little superstars have been exploring lots of toys this half term

Continuous Provision


St. Andrew's Day

For St. Andrew's Day this year we chose between two shortbread biscuits and enjoyed decorating them. We enjoyed eating them afterwards too!


In English we have been overwriting our names, making marks in shaving foam and finding letters in different materials.

Sensory regulation

We have been doing bounce sessions every morning as part of our sensory regulation routine and we have really enjoyed it!

This week we made edible poppies and searched for poppies in edible soil

We loved making bonfire pictures using edible Ingredients

we also painted our own trees and chose our own colours

here are the trees we made from different foods


This term our topic is autumn and we have been doing lots of activities including painting trees, and making trees out of food.

Butterflies have had yet another amazing half term and have done lots of activities.

Butterflies second half term

Continuous Provision

Butterflies have really enjoyed exploring the toy cupboard this half term.

we have been drawing around shapes, naming shapes and building towers

we have been really enjoying number songs and acting them out with our toys

we have been exploring numbers - colouring them and forming them on the magnetic number blocks

Shape, Space and Measure

We have been exploring shape, space and measure in butterflies and have been doing really well with numbers, number songs and shapes.

we have really enjoyed writing our names

we have been exploring letters, playing splat and mark making on the magnadoodle


We have been doing lots of activities in English this half term. We have been exploring letters, writing our names and have been enjoying phonics songs. 

we have been looking at the letters in our name

we have been drawing around our bodies and matching body parts

we have been finding parts of our faces and piecing them together on paper

we have been looking at ourselves in the mirror and colouring our faces

we have been using food to make faces

All about ourselves

This term our topic is all about ourselves and we have been doing lots of fun things to learn about our faces, bodies and names.

Butterflies first half term

Butterflies have had a brilliant first half term and have done lots of activities.