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Welcome to Butterflies Class



We celebrated all things French on PML day! We created a French flag collage, explored cold French flag coloured ice cubes and built our very own Eiffel Tower! After a busy day of learning we tried some yummy French food - baguettes, crepes, French cheese and croissants.

This week our focus colour has been orange - we explored orange jelly, orange coloured angel delight and loved getting our hands into the middle of some pumpkins! We also made little people out of baby carrots, with spaghetti for their arms and legs.

In ICT, we used the iPads to learn about letters and numbers. We were able to trace some of them using our fingers and we all liked listening to counting songs.

This week our focus has been on the colour blue. We have enjoyed building towers made from blue blocks, exploring shapes filled with blue liquid and exploring fizzy blue bath bombs!

In Music we have been exploring a range of different instruments including drums, guitars and even a floor piano! We have been listening to the sounds that they make and recognising that we can use our hands, feet and bodies to create these sounds ourselves.

Butterflies have enjoyed exploring lots of green things as our first focus colour from our topic of 'Colours'.

Wow - what a busy first week back we have had in Butterflies! We have loved seeing our friends and making some new ones.