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This week we have been reading the story of the 3 Little Pigs. We created a house made from sticks, one from straw and used sponges to create a brick effect. Everyone found the oinking pigs very interesting too!

During our Eid celebration day we decorated jelly hands with Mendhi patterns, painted a pretty Eid scene, tried on some beautiful clothes and enjoyed trying lots of different foods.

We had so much fun baking bread, just like the Little Red Hen did in our class story. We used the switch to operate the food mixer and then ate the warm bread for our snack too!

This week we have been reading the story of 'The Little Red Hen'. We enjoyed creating a feather 'H', learning that H is for hen!

We have been reading the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We explored porridge oats and created oaty bears, gave Goldilocks some yellow wool hair and used the small world people and dolls house furniture to re-enact the story in a sensory tray filled with porridge.

Today we have celebrated Earth Day - we explored a world made from spaghetti and collaged our own miniature versions of the Earth.

Today we took part in the Bunny Hop. We wrapped up warm and although we didn't keep our bunny ears on for long, we still had lots of fun bouncing and walking around the woodland area!

This week we have decorated some yummy gingerbread Easter egg biscuits. We chose which flavours and colours we wanted to use from a choice of 2.

Today we celebrated Red Nose Day by exploring messy red spaghetti, hunting for red pom pom noses in strawberry jelly and decorated our own red nose biscuits. What a fun day we have had!

Our animal focus this week has been on creatures we would find living in the sea. We have had lots of fun with water play, exploring the spaghetti sea animals and really enjoyed finding what colour fish would pop out of the surprise box next!

This week in Butterflies Class we have been learning all about jungle animals. We have created stripy orange tigers and decorated some squiggly, wiggly snakes too!

We celebrated World Book Day by listening to the story of The Gingerbread Man and completing some lovely activities. We decorated our own gingerbread biscuits, created a collage of the gingerbread man and coloured our favourite characters from the story.

This week we have been learning about farm animals. We used cotton wool balls to create fluffy sheep. Look at our superb fine motor skills!

We used brown paint inside plastic folders to make squashy, muddy piglets!

We used fine motor skills to pick out our favourite transport toys from the jelly - such messy fun!

Using paint pens, some of the children in Butterflies Class created beautiful patters on wooden boats.

We have been using collage to create some incredible paper plate cars in Butterflies Class!

Today we have celebrated Chinese New Year. Everyone enjoyed creating paper plate dragons, exploring sensory trays made with red rice and spaghetti, as well as smelling and tasting some Chinese foods!

We used a range of vehicles to create tyre tracks on paper. Instead of using paint, we made our own by mixing together icing sugar and food colouring.

This half term we have been exploring different modes of transport. Butterflies Class really enjoyed exploring the boats, floating them through ice and blue jelly!

Today we had a special visitor! Butterflies class enjoyed opening their presents very much indeed.

We have been exploring snowmen in Butterflies class - everyone enjoyed using soft cotton wool balls to collage a snowman, as well as exploring the 'snow'!

Butterflies explored an edible farmyard when we thought about where our food comes from.

Look at our beautiful fruit and vegetable print pictures, aren't they pretty.

Children in Need was a very spotty affair - we enjoyed Pudsey spaghetti, making Pudsey biscuits and explored teddy bear jigsaws.

Whilst learning about food, we have been singing '10 fat sausages' and making our own from edible playdough.

Butterflies have been developing their fine motor skills, threading cheerios onto sticks of spaghetti - what a challenge!

When learning about food this week, we made something sweet and something savoury. Everyone enjoyed making chocolate crispy cakes and using colourful peppers to make vegetable pizzas; the sticky dough was so much fun to squish and roll.

This week we have been learning more about 'Autumn'. We have collected leaves, rolled conkers and created squirrel collages. We also painted hedgehogs in autumnal colours.

We have been learning about Bonfire Night in Butterflies class. We used salad spinners to create colourful Catherine Wheels and made breadstick sparklers, as well as going on a nature walk to collect twigs for our bonfire collages. We also made fireworks using icing sugar and sprinkles - yummy and beautiful!

We celebrated all things French on PML day! We created a French flag collage, explored cold French flag coloured ice cubes and built our very own Eiffel Tower! After a busy day of learning we tried some yummy French food - baguettes, crepes, French cheese and croissants.

This week our focus colour has been orange - we explored orange jelly, orange coloured angel delight and loved getting our hands into the middle of some pumpkins! We also made little people out of baby carrots, with spaghetti for their arms and legs.

In ICT, we used the iPads to learn about letters and numbers. We were able to trace some of them using our fingers and we all liked listening to counting songs.

This week our focus has been on the colour blue. We have enjoyed building towers made from blue blocks, exploring shapes filled with blue liquid and exploring fizzy blue bath bombs!

In Music we have been exploring a range of different instruments including drums, guitars and even a floor piano! We have been listening to the sounds that they make and recognising that we can use our hands, feet and bodies to create these sounds ourselves.

Butterflies have enjoyed exploring lots of green things as our first focus colour from our topic of 'Colours'.

Wow - what a busy first week back we have had in Butterflies! We have loved seeing our friends and making some new ones.