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Curriculum Newsletters 2022-2023

For National Numeracy Day our focus was on numbers and shapes - look at the fantastic number art Butterflies created! Some children were able to order numbers to 10 and even begin to overwrite numbers independently!

When learning about colours this week, we have sorted different coloured cars, created colourful collage, matched the colourful animals to the cones and even used colourful icing to decorate biscuits.

To celebrate Eid we dressed up in traditional clothes, tried some yummy food, created collages and decorated some incredible henna hands! What a busy day.

When learning about St George and the dragon, we decorated an incredible St George shield using paint dabbers for a splat effect. Butterflies also created a bubble wrap dragon using green paint on the bubble wrap before printing it onto the dragon template. Butterflies also enjoyed exploring the knights and their horses in the sensory castle tuff tray.

Butterflies Class have been learning all about Earth Day and how we can save the planet. Look at these beautiful Earth picture made using blue and green wool.

Today we completed the annual Bunny Hop! Although our bunny ears didn't stay on for long, we were able to hop, skip and jump around the woodlands lots of times!

This week we have been learning all about Easter. We have explored a range of sensory trays, decorated Easter biscuits, filled and emptied plastic eggs and even made some Easter nest cakes!

We had an amazing time at Space in Preston! There was so much to explore and the slide was a big hit!

We had such fun celebrating World Book Day. We explored sensory activities relating to Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, The 3 Little Pigs and The Gingerbread Man.

This week we have been learning about St David's Day. We went digging for leeks, created a beautiful daffodil picture using yellow paint and edible playdoh and made fluffy sheep using cotton wool. We also explored a sensory tray created with green and yellow spaghetti, along with whipped cream sheep!

We have had a great week celebrating Christmas with our friends. There was lots of dancing and party games at our end of term party.

Butterflies Class had such an amazing time at the Space Centre. We whizzed down the slide, jumped into the ball pool, used the swings and stomped on the interactive floor mats.

We chose different shapes to create a shape rocket!

What's that?! It's a colourful alien spaceship that Butterflies class have created!

For Remembrance Day this year we decorated poppy biscuits, explored red spaghetti and created a poppy collage. We also watched a remembrance animated video.

A is for Alien! We used our superb collaging skills to decorate an 'A' alien and made space rockets too.

We have been creating our own quiet fireworks using icing sugar and food colouring, we also made sparklers using breadsticks and colourful sprinkles. We made a collage bonfire too!

We used the water wheels to create sparkling shooting star pictures from paint and glitter.

In Butterflies Class, we have been learning about cause and effect, using the switches to activate the toys. The spitting llama was a big hit, as well as the waddling penguin and the Paw Patrol cars!

As the weather has started to change, we have begun to look at the autumn leaves. We have also been exploring pumpkins, using a range of fine motor tools to see what was inside!

The faster we turned the handle, the faster the salad spinner went and the more paint that splattered all over our beautiful butterflies!

We chose our favourite paint colours to create a beautifully decorated poster of our names. It was great fun watching the balls roll around the tray and through the paint, leaving trails wherever they went.

When learning about ourselves, we used mirrors to look at our faces before creating our own face biscuits. We also explored the sensory face in the tuff tray.

We have enjoyed spending time in the multi-sensory room interacting with the floor projector, watching the UV lights make different fabrics glow, the fibre optics twinkle and seeing the bubbles in the bubble tubes go pop!

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

Still image for this video

We explored the letters of our names using shaving foam, tracing over the shapes with our fingers and hands.

Look at these superstars searching through the numbers to find their faces in the mirror at the bottom!

We have had a busy, fun-filled first week back in Butterflies Class!