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Welcome to Beavers Class 

We are learning about Earth and Space in Science. We decided to go outside, look up to the sky and see if we could spot any planets. We asked some really good questions and although we couldn't see any planets other than the sun, we did spot some clouds and an aeroplane.

We have both been exploring props from our sensory story with our hands and feet. Our favourite object was the corn on the cob, it feels all bumpy and it's great to roll.

This week we thought it was important to remind ourselves of the importance of washing our hands. We carried out an experiment to see how well soap works, keeping germs away. We filled a bowl with water and sprinkled some black pepper on top, we then dipped our fingers in soap and the dipped our fingers in the bowl and watched as all the germs (black pepper) quickly moved away.

Our History topic this term is the Anglo Saxons, however Miss Evans decided to keep this a secret at first, and sent us into the woodland area with our ipads to find clues that had been planted all around. Once we had found them all we then discussed what our topic might be and are all very excited to learn lots about Anglican life.

We have our first 11th birthday of the year! We all enjoyed helping this Birthday Beaver celebrate his big day!

I'm happiest when i'm painting! Today I mixed shaving foam and paint with my hands and moved it all around to make my own piece of art.