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Welcome to Beavers Class 

Curriculum Newsletter 2023 - 24

We enjoyed celebrating Earth day this week. We planted some beautiful flowers in our class planter, made bird feeders using apples, fat and seeds and practiced recycling different items.

We had a super day celebrating Eid. We tasted some yummy traditional food, tried on some cultural clothing and made lots of Eid themed crafts.

Today was science day. We have learnt about the different life cycles of butterflies, bees, sunflowers and apples. We have planted flower seeds, made a life cycle of an apple spinner and printed the life cycle of a butterfly in paint.

Happy Mothers day! Beavers class have been busy making cards and gifts to celebrate our wonderful mums.

We enjoyed celebrating world book day. We read the story a superhero like you. We named and role played the different characters, made superhero masks and thought about what superpowers we would like to have.

This week in History we enjoyed learning about Early Benin Kingdom. We were able to explore artefacts and dress up in traditional clothing. We also made some Early Benin jewellery using dried pasta, clay and paper.

In our English lessons we have been exploring stories about the Early Benin Kingdom. We have enjoyed filling in missing information through recalling information from the stories and have made a fact file.

To celebrate St David’s Day we enjoyed learning about who St David was and some facts about Wales. We enjoyed making Welsh cakes, learning a traditional Welsh folk dance and made lots of Welsh themed crafts.

To celebrate Chinese new year we enjoyed lots of different Chinese foods, dressed in culture clothing, practiced writing our names in Chinese writing and made Chinese dragons for the year of the dragon.

Hello and welcome back to school following the Christmas break. The Children in Beavers have got straight to work and been busy completing lots of activities. In English we have started a new book called Carson Crosses Canada. The children are really enjoying the book and are able to remember lots of things about the story so far. Well Done Beavers!

In French the children have been learning to count to 30. This week the children were set a challenge to collect three sections of the french flag in a team. They were tasked with counting in french any numbers that were written on each section of the flag. The children worked together in their team if a friend was struggling and all teams managed to bring back a full flag each. Well Done Beavers! Some children used sections of the french flag in sensory activities and listened to the staff speaking in French and counting. They all worked really hard and it is impressive to hear how far we an count in French.

In our History lesson we also enjoyed dressing up as Viking invaders and the children really enjoyed the activity. Everybody in class took part. Well Done Beavers!

This week in History we have continued learning about the Vikings. We have learnt about their writing and tried to write our names and some viking words using the rune symbols. We have also learnt about why they wore armour. We found out how the Vikings stored their sheilds when sailing and we looked at some Viking jewellry. The children have made Viking helmets using balloons and paper mache. We look forward to showing you the finished helmets. I hope they look as good as our shields.

In Maths we have been learning to count on and sequence numbers as well as listening to number songs and dividing by sharing. Well Done Beavers.

Last week in English we read a new story ' Hack and Whack'. We sequenced the story and then some children wrote some captions to match up to sections of the story.

On Friday the children learned all about Remembrance Sunday. We talked about why we remember soldiers on this day and we watched a remebrance parade on the screen. We also talked about what the Cenotaph is and where they are located locally. The children enjoyed lots of activities linked to Remembrance Day. We painted poppy pictures, made 3D poppies using old plastic bottles and decorated biscuits to look like poppies. We also completed some remebrance objects matching games and we even managed to stay silent for 2 minutes at 11 O'clock. Well Done Beavers!

Here are the pictures from our Volcano erruption and the super explanation texts that the children completed.

This week in Beavers we have been busy building a volcano which we are hoping to finish off this afternoon. We have been busy measuring in Maths and working hard to match answers to questions about our book in English. We have thought about our likes and dislikes and we have designed a t-shirt with a slogan to help our book character Louis to stop shouting out. We have also been working hard in our Music lessons to try and create a piece of music that includes an example of crescendo. Our music has focused on trying to recreate the sound of an erupting volcano. The children have been super when stopping and starting and have worked in small groups to create different parts of the music before playing together at the end to create the finale. Well Done Beavers!

This week has been very busy for our Beavers. We have tried to roleplay using masks, dressing up clothes and microphones in English for our new class story 'My Mouth is a Volcano'. In Maths we have been looking at number and completing some timed challenges. In Science and Design Technology we have been researching and investigating materials that allow light to pass through and electrical circuits. We know that electricity travels around a circuit and stops at the switch and we are ready to improve our light designs based on our findings.

Last week in Beavers our children worked hard to try and balance in many different ways. We tried to balance on the floor and to move our bodies in many different positions. We also used some equipment to help improve our balances and many of the children enjoyed working with a partner to try and balance at the same time. Well Done Beavers!

Welcome back to school everyone! Beavers have had a very busy start to the year. We have been busy beavers in Maths learning about number, sequencing and place value. We have also been super busy in English reading books all about volcanoes to start our exciting 'Volcanoes' topic. In PSHE we have been learning about rules and turn taking and learning how to help out in class with class responsibilities. Well Done Beavers!