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Welcome to Beavers Class 

Our second event in the Lancashire Virtual Sports Competition was New Age Kurling..... fingers crossed for our results.

This week, we took part in the Lancashire Virtual Sports Competition. We competed in 2 rounds and this first round was Boccia Blast.

Using liquids to learn about capacity and filling up containers to a specific amount.

Exploring weight in our Maths lesson and how to make the tipping scales balanced.

Last week we learnt about how the Vikings farmed and became farmers ourselves by pretending to milk some turned into a bit of a competition to see who could milk their cow the fastest!

Working hard to identify and sort odd and even number with our new friends; Odd Todd and Even Steven.

In our History lessons we have been learning about Vikings. Today we looked at how Vikings made their clothes and learnt how to weave just like them.

Look at this fantastic leaf symmetry art. The children worked extremely hard to to draw the other half of their chosen leaves.

Beaver's Class for Children in Need 2020

Look at this fantastic Pudsey cheesecake made by our very own Miss Mercer. It was delicious!

Joining in with Joe Wick's Children in Need 24 hour workout!

Making our own Pudsey bandanas as part of our Children in Need celebrations.

In PSHE we are celebrating differences. We looked at 2 eggs and identified their similarities and differences on the outside, but when we cracked them open they were all the same. Just like us, on the outside they are all unique, but inside we are the same.

Working hard to press the switch and turn the fan on so the leaves blow.

Practicing our letter formation by writing on each others backs

We went on an Autumn Treasure Hunt to find objects to use in our work.

Enjoying a poppy petal foot spa!

Look at this fantastic solider shadow art!

We made some sparklers for Bonfire Night and learnt all about Guy Fawkes

Creating some fantastic pictures and poems about poppies for Remembrance Day

You cant celebrate Bonfire Night without a toffee apple!

Look at our fantastic DT creations for our electrical installation work.

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovey half term break. Our topic for this half term is......Vikings!

Beavers have been learning about dividing/sharing. We decided to use strawberry laces to create our sharing groups and skittles to share amongst those groups equally. The whole class worked extremely hard and by the end of the lesson, had managed to share/divide by 2 and 3.

This week we have been learning all about earthquakes. We decided to make our own structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows and they needed to be strong enough to survive the jelly earthquake. There was lots of wobbling.

This group applied their greater than and less than knowledge to a game of Guess Who? All the characters were replaced with numbers and they had to ask the opposite team questions such as, is your number greater than or less than 5?

The children have been looking at greater than and less then, in maths this week. We made our own number munchers and had to place them the correct way round to show which number was greater.

Experimenting with making different ways to build a circuit and how to adapt the circuit so it powers a bulb and a motor.

This week we learnt how to multiply by 2, by making 2 group of a specific number. The class worked really hard doing this and afterwards, applied their knew knowledge to a 2 timestable board game.

This week we finally got to decorate our paper mache volcanoes, after they had dried. Don't they look fantastic?

Look at this fantastic piece of work. This young man used his senses to describe what it would be like inside a volcano.

The pepper and soap experiment. Today we discussed the importance of washing of hands, especially with soap. We put some pepper in a bowl with water and pretended it was germs, when we dipped our fingers in, the germs stuck to us. When we dipped our fingers in soap first and then in the germs, the germs moved away!

What happens when we mix coca cola and fizzes and bubbles just like our volcanoes!

Still image for this video

We became Geologists and used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make our volcanoes erupt.

In DT we made edible volcanoes using lady fingers and mashed fruit. It was tricky trying to construct and figure out how to make it all balance but in the end, that looked and tasted delicious!

I can use cubes to solve addition problems!

Our text in Literacy, this week!

We wanted to know what the inside of a volcano looked like and how the lava moved, so we made our own lava lamps and explored how the lava rises to the surface.

This pair played a game of number Jenga. Each piece was numbered and once they had pulled all of their bricks out, they had to place the bricks in order from smallest number to largest.

This young lady has been working hard to make her number bonds to 5, using Numicon.

Our topic this half term is.... Volcanoes and Earthquakes!