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Welcome to Beavers Class 

Learning how to use a rule and tape measure when measuring the distance that our vehicles have travelled.

Researching Victorian transport to inspire our transport designs.

This term in R.E, we are learning about Islam. This week we listened to a traditional Islamic story called The Cleansing of the Heart. In the story the angels cleanse the heart with snow. We really enjoyed listening to this story and exploring cleansing our hands with snow.

We had a go at making our own Victorian inspired toy and made our own thaumatrope.

To start our Victorian topic, we had a look at some traditional Victorian children's toys. We discussed what each one was and compared them to the toys we have today.

We have been using 1cm stacking cubes to measure items in our classroom. We soon realised that if an item was 10 cubes tall that it must be 10cms tall.

We have been measuring each other's heights using string. We have then been taking those pieces of string and finding things in and around school that are the same height as we are.

Today we celebrated St George's Day. This morning we made our own collaged flags and then we acted out the story of St George.

In P.E we worked as a team to take part in relay races.

I've been making my own planet earth by mixing green and blue paint with my feet.

In maths we have been looking at sequences and patterns. Today we created our own patterns with colours, shapes and sizes. We also had to identify the rule in Mrs Gott's sequences.

Today we celebrated Earth Day. We replanted our Sunflowers from before half term. They had started to sprout and needed bigger pots. We also tended to our class planter. We then looked at recycling and decided to recycle all of our broken crayons in the classroom. We broke them into smaller pieces, placed them into moulds and then into the oven. They melted and then when they set, we popped them out and had ourselves some new, funky shaped crayons. .

We celebrated our last day before Easter with an Easter breakfast! Happy Easter everyone...we look forward to seeing the children on Wednesday 20th April.

In Maths we have been learning about directions. We have used the BeeBots and programmed them to travel in certain directions around the room.

Did someone call for an Easter Bunny?

I can round to the nearest 10!

I've been using my PECs book to communicate with my friend and ask for certain coloured crayons.

We've been sprucing up our class planter and planting some new Spring flowers.

Our Mums, Nanna and Aunties are one in a million! Happy Mother's Day

Our visit to Townley park.

In R.E we listened to the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. We learnt about how the bread and fish multiplied and we broke our own bread to see how many people we could feed with one slice.

We are exploring animals on the farm and moving them around in different sensory textures.

This year, Red Nose Day partnered with Lego. They set us the task of building an animal habitat out of Lego so we used the animals we created in art as inspiration and built them brand new homes.

Red Nose Day 2022! We have been exploring the colour read and decorating our own faces and giving ourselves red noses.

We are cheeky St Patrick's day Leprachauns and we are trying to hide the colours in the rainbow so no one steals our pot of gold. Here we are carrying out a fair test to see what happens when we make a pattern using skittles and add water. Watch as the colours start to leave the skittles.

Happy St Patrick's Day! We made our own Leprechaun hats!

We are exploring the wiggly worms from our Superworm story!

Look at our fantastic finished animal sculptures!

We have been sculpting animals out of clay. We worked really hard to make our animals as accurate as possible and ensure we had included all the tiny details that make the animal recognisable.

We are developing our independence by helping wash and dry up after snack time.

In Geography we learnt about how animals in the rainforest can camouflage into their backgrounds. We were then given busy backgrounds and then had to paint our own picture that would camouflage into the original.

In Science we have been learning about life cycles and this week we looked at frogs. We looked at the eggs, the tadpoles and how they grow front and back legs and then they grow into frogs. Here are our edible life cycles of a frog.

We have been practicing counting backwards from 30. There were numbers all around the playground and we had to stand on one and then find the number that comes before. We continued to do this until we had reached 0.

Look at our fantastic World Book Day costumes.

We tried on the Where's Wally outfits and then played a big game of Where's Wally hide and seek in the school grounds.

We made Where's Wally biscuits and had to decorate them so they looked just like him.

World Book Day 2022! In Beaver's class we had a Where's Wally themed day. All the adults dressed up and we had to try and find them in our own Where's Wally book.

We have been practicing our kicking skills in P.E and trying our best to keep the ball as close to our feet as we can, before trying to kick it into the goal.

I'm exploring different sensory items that represent animals in the rainforest. I like the feel of the tiger fur on my face.

We have been creating animal fact files in Science. We did our own research using the laptops and the child friendly search engine; Kiddle.

We have been learning how to use a stopwatch and read the times. We timed each other doing different activities and here we are seeing how long we can keep our hands in the air for.

Look at our wonderful St David's day daffodils.

Making our own Welsh dragons for St David's day.

I've been working on my writing and spelling skills using the keyboard and computer.

Pancake day in Beaver's Class! Deeeeelicious!

In DT this term we are designing our own rainforest animals and then creating them using different media. This week we created them using salt dough.

We have been exploring how when we mix a solid (alcazeltzer) with a liquid (water) it produces a gas that inflates our balloons on the top of our bottles.

I'm listening to music on the headphones and vocalising when I want the music to start again.

Today a small group of Beaver's children attended and competed in the Lancashire Boccia Finals. We played really well and enjoyed representing our school.

Look at our fantastic paint pouring!

We have been exploring reversible and irreversible changes in Science. We looked at ice, eggs, toast and popcorn.

Using our bodies to show different properties; solids, liquids and gases.

It is the year of the Tiger. We used a salad spinner to mix orange and black paints to make our stripey tiger bodies. We then created our own tiger heads, paws and tails to complete our tiger bodies.

As part of our Chinese New Year celebrations we tried some Chinese food and attempted to use chopsticks.

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year and making our own Chinese Dragons.

In Art we have been studying the artist Ian Davenport. Ian likes to create artwork by dripping paints down canvases. We decided to create our own artwork by gluing crayons to the top of the canvas and melting them with a hairdryer. We then watched as the wax dripped down the canvas.

Our topic this term is Kings & Queens and what better way top emerge ourselves in the topic then to dress up and reenact a Royal Battle in our Woodland area.

We had a very special visitor this afternoon! It was Father Christmas! We are all the nice list and he brought us all a lovely present.

We made our own Snowman planks to display in our homes over Christmas.

Making our own rain shakers with Mrs Belshaw.

We've been learning how to partition numbers and using our knowledge of the value of each digit, to help us write numbers as we hear them.

A Cock-a-Doodle Christmas! We really enjoyed learning and performing our Christmas show and can't wait for you to see the DVD.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We have decorated our own baubles and placed them on the big Christmas tree!

We have been celebrating St Andrew's day. We designed our own traditional Scottish kilts and then learnt about the story of the Loch Ness Monster. We then made our own Loch Ness Monsters using play dough and made them look like they were coming out of the water.

We've made our own salt dough Christmas decorations!

During anti-bullying week, we made friendship bracelets/keyrings for our friends and delivered them with a lovely message!

Time for some water play!

For Children In Need day we made our own Pudsey hats and then made some yellow Pudsey playdough!

I'm doing some fantastic bench sitting!

I'm exploring different snowy textures with my hands and feet!

On Remembrance Day we used bottles to create our own poppy paintings. We learnt all about what the poppy represents and the importance of celebrating Remembrance Day.

We went on a leaf hunt to collect leaves of different shapes, sizes and colours. We then used them to make our own Autumn wreath.

We have been learning about Christianity and the importance of the Bible. We looked at a range of different Bible's and talked about why Christians have a bible. We then learnt about the 10 commandments and made our won set for class.

At the start of every R.E lesson, we have a moment of reflection where we think about how we are feeling and what we have experienced that week.

We've been making moon rocks this week. We then used vinegar and pipettes to explore how they react.

We've been learning about how the planets move and orbit one another. Here we are acting out the way the moon, earth and sun move and orbit.

Look at my mark making! I'm making a map to the moon!

In Science we have been looking at the different moon phases. We learnt about total eclipses, full moons and crescent moons. We then used Oreos and carved the different moon phases into the cream.

Look at that rocket go!

Still image for this video

The look of pure excitement when your rocket launches!

Still image for this video

Miss Evans showed us a great way to create a moving rocket using the equipment given to us for our experiment. We then tested our rockets out outside and experiments with ways to make it move faster.

In DT we have been looking at rockets and exploring different ways we could make our own rockets that can fly. This week we were given the task of designing a flying rocket using string, a straw, some tape and a balloon. We split into groups and had to come up with our own ideas. We had some fantastic team work going on and everybody had an input into each groups final design.

We worked as a team to put ourselves in height order and found out who is the tallest Beaver and who is the shortest. We found this a bit tricky but persevered really well and in the end we got it!

We dressed up like the Anglo Saxons!

I can make number bonds to 10!

Our new story is called the Marvellous Moon Map. In our story mouse creates a map to the moon but when he gets to the water he has to think of a creative way to travel across. He decides to turn his map into a paper boat and sails to the moon. We decided to create our own paper boats by following instructions and then tested them in the water tray.

We have been exploring how to mark make using dance. We learnt a dance routine and focussed on actions with our arms, wrists and fingers. We then placed crayons in each of our hands, sat in front of a piece of paper and performed the routine and to see what we could create. We created some fantastic volcanoes!

We've been learning about doubling numbers in Beaver's Class this week. We began by exploring what doubling means and the children were able to say that doubling meant two groups of the same amount or 2 identical objects. We then went on a hunt around the classroom to see if we could find any identical objects.

We've designed and created our own Alien's and have used them to act out parts of our story - Alien's Love Underpants!

We are learning about Earth and Space in Science. We decided to go outside, look up to the sky and see if we could spot any planets. We asked some really good questions and although we couldn't see any planets other than the sun, we did spot some clouds and an aeroplane.

We've been measuring using non-standard equipment. We have used cubes and paper clips and compared the length of alien footprints. We then moved on to using a ruler and explored measuring in centimetres.

Alien's Love Underpants.....they also like to wear them on their heads and take part in upside down underpants races. We tried to act like the Alien's and don't we look funny!

We have both been exploring props from our sensory story with our hands and feet. Our favourite object was the corn on the cob, it feels all bumpy and it's great to roll.

This week we thought it was important to remind ourselves of the importance of washing our hands. We carried out an experiment to see how well soap works, keeping germs away. We filled a bowl with water and sprinkled some black pepper on top, we then dipped our fingers in soap and the dipped our fingers in the bowl and watched as all the germs (black pepper) quickly moved away.

Our History topic this term is the Anglo Saxons, however Miss Evans decided to keep this a secret at first, and sent us into the woodland area with our ipads to find clues that had been planted all around. Once we had found them all we then discussed what our topic might be and are all very excited to learn lots about Anglican life.

We have our first 11th birthday of the year! We all enjoyed helping this Birthday Beaver celebrate his big day!

I'm happiest when i'm painting! Today I mixed shaving foam and paint with my hands and moved it all around to make my own piece of art.