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Curriculum Newsletter 2022-2023

We are exchanging money for items from the Baker's Shop and practicing counting backwards by singing 5 Currant Buns in the Baker's Shop.

In Maths we are counting out amounts made up of 1p coins and also working hard to find and match coins.

Today we celebrated Children in Need. We wore our spotty clothes and made our own Pudsey Bear Bandanas. We then went on a spotty trail around school before popping into Robins to try out their spotty photobooth.

We have been reading about Vikings and their belief in dragons. We made our own dragons and used them to act out myths and stories.

In French we have been visiting a French cafe and practicing our numbers and vocabulary for different French foods.

In R.E we are learning about types of celebrations. This week we looked at birthdays and made our own playdough birthday cake and role played parts of a birthday celebration.

Remembrance Day - the soldiers fought to keep us safe. Our rainbow solider silhouette pictures look wonderful.

Remembrance Day - our poppy sensory tray was a big hit and we used the coloured rice and cupcake cases, to make our own mini poppies.

Remembrance Day - We learnt the significance of the poppy and what it represents and then made our own poppy pictures.

I've been completing lots of mark making activities and try my best to pay attention to the marks that I make.

Our write dance session this week had us practicing our up and down strokes as well as our curved movements. This will support our development of writing any letters with vertical lines or curved lines such as the letter 'm'.

I'm using symbols to communicate my choice in number song.

Our number song this week is 10 Pairs of Knickers, on the Washing Line. We have been counting forwards and backwards and acting out the song.

We have been learning how to keep ourselves safe on Bonfire Night. We have also explored the ways in which fireworks move and created our own interpretive firework dance.

Noisy counting. I have been rolling the balls down the ramp whilst an adult counts and getting them to bang into the drum at the bottom.

Counting out amounts and making groups of 2.

Using numbers lines to support or learning of counting in 2s

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt - we collected specific types of leaves and brought them inside to do some leaf rubbings.

We have been ribbon dancing and doing some excellent walking, in P.E.

In R.E, we have been learning about Christian Baptisms. Here we are recreating our own Baptism in class.

We used straws to blow paint around the page and make our volcano look like it had erupted.

We have learnt that inside a volcano is lava. We explored what this might look like by creating our own lava lamp sensory bottles.

In Geography this week, we have been learning about Volcanoes and how they erupt. We then made our own salt dough volcanoes and created our own eruptions using baking powder and vinegar.

Grouping objects by size, shape and colour and then finding the total amount.

We've been exploring division by sharing amounts into equal groups.

Applying our number knowledge to different games. Our favourite was snakes and ladders.

In DT we are designing and creating our own electrical installation projects. We've decide to incorporate light and this week, explored the different ways we can change the colour of the light in our projects. We also made mini lamp shades using plastic cups and different coloured tissue paper.

I have been controlling electrical devices, with a switch, in Science. My favourite electrical item was the hairdryer.

We've been using balloons to explore static electricity, in Science. We looked at the effect static electricity has on our hair!

Creating our 'Reaching for the Stars' display to celebrate all of our successes throughout the school year.

Wake Up Shake Up, to start our school day.