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Easter week fun!! We have created so many things!! Enjoy the chocolate from Mrs Grilli! Stay safe and be kind over the Easter break, and most importantly, have fun!!

Another busy week in Squirrel's class! In English we continued with our story 'Planting a Rainbow' and this week was green. This tied in well with our St Patrick's day celebrations on Thursday, where we enjoyed a shamrock hunt and making green biscuits! In maths, we have been looking at counting to 5, 10. 20 and beyond 100. We designed a red nose today, thinking about the amount of eyes we were going to add to our nose. After designing them, we made red playdough and then made our red noses in 3D. They looked fantastic! Have a lovely weekend!

We have a a very busy week in Squirrel's! We have enjoyed our story Planting a Rainbow, and looking at the colour yellow this week. In maths we have worked on number, counting to 5, 10 and 20 nad one young man was counting in 2's, 5's and 10's! In topic we have planted Sunflowers and also a range of flowers in our tough tray outside, we are excited to watch them grow! In RE we have made dove's by painting our hands and practiced our bouncing ball skills in PE.

Sorry it's late! World Book Day fun in Squirrel's class!

We've a busy first week back in Squirrels class! This week we started our new story 'Planting a Rainbow'. We have explored different flowers and their colours. This week we focused on the colour red, and explored all things red, painting red flowers also. We role played being a growing flower from a seed, in the colours of the rainbow. In maths we have been doing super counting to 5,10, 20 and 100! We also did some measuring with cubes, looking at the length of items in class. In topic we have explored seeds and bulbs and how they grow. Inn RE we made some fabulous stained glass windows that look amazing! Have a lovely weekend!

We've had a great week in Squirrel's class! We have enjoyed our role play of The Little Pigs and in maths we have looked at 2D and 3D shapes, exploring them in flour and water, matching shapes and finding them in the environment. In Science we looked at materials and this week focused on metal. We joined a heavy metal band, and played music using metal objects; pans, trays, spoons, pots. Lots of fun! In RE we looked at the celebration of Eid and dressed up in Eid clothes, danced a had snack. Have a lovely half term, and we'll see you in a week for more Squirrel fun!

We have had a great week back in Squirrels! On Tuesday, we celebrated Chinese New Year, making vegetable spring rolls and finger tracing Chinese writing. We painted our hands orange with black strips to make a tiger, played with rice, tea and noodles, and read the story of Chinese New Year. We have continued with our story of The Three Little Pigs, and had some super recall! We have done some super writing and mark making this week, and acting out the story too. In phonics, we looked at the letter t, finding lots of objects that began with t, playing with tea and water, and investigating toys. In maths we have been looking at measuring and capacity. We have had lots of fun in the water, investigating more and less, full, empty and half full and counting the amount from one container to another. In topic, we have enjoyed looking at a range of materials, with a focus this week on clay and plastic. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

We have enjoyed our story The Three Little Pigs, looking at verbs, exploring different materials related to the story, and writing words or sentences from our story. The children had lots of fun in role play, engaging in the actions of the characters. In maths, we have been looking at number songs, number lines, adding to 5 and number bonds to 10. In DT we have been building houses. In Science, we have been looking at the different types of materials, and focusing this week on wood.

First week back in Squirrels! What fun we have had! We have begun our story The Three Little Pigs and enjoyed following the story through reading, writing, phonics and role play activities. In maths we are adding within 5, 10 and one little star is adding to 60. Our topic is Materials which we are following in our science and art topics. We have had a great time!

We made our Christingles and celebrated by watching the assembly of the First Christmas, whilst holding our Christingles. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and we will see you all in the New Year.

We have had lots of fun celebrating Christmas so far on Tuesday Father Christmas came to visit and left us all some presents. On Wednesday we had our Christmas dinner and today we have had our Christmas party, playing games, musical statues, dancing and pass the parcel. Oh! what fun we have had.

Our story this week has been 'Who will we meet on Santa Claus' street?' and we decorated biscuits like the very sticky elf.

We had lots of fun creating our own Christmas wrapping paper, some of us actually ended up with green twinkly toes oops!

On Tuesday we celebrated St. Andrew's day with a variety of activities.

Squirrels class have been working on our sequencing and colour matching skills this week in maths.

We have been learning all about London as the Capital City of England. We made Scones, a London Eye choosing which friends to join us, we even built our own London Bridge and lots more fun was had.


The children have had a great week in Squirrels. We have 'been' to Ireland with Barnaby Bear, Visiting Giant's Cause Way, the Titanic Museum and a field of shamrocks! Super work has come from this, from excellent mark making, to writing, role play which was a lot of fun, and excellent reading also. 


In maths, the children have been counting to 5, 10 and 20, and super boy has hit target, counting to and recognising numbers to 5! Another super boy has been adding and subtracting from 50! Well done boys! We have also looked at 'heavy and light'. Super exploration of heavy and light from a small group of children, and three boys were excellent at weighing objects from around the classroom and telling staff which object was heavy and which was light! Super work Squirrels!


We had a great day today celebrating Children in Need. We have coloured by numbers, finger painted spots on Pudsey's eye patch, baked and iced biscuits, and made a Pudsey headband! 


Have a lovely weekend! 

Over this week we have enjoyed following Barnaby Bear while reading the poem 'In Flanders Field' by John McCrae. We have created items related to the poem using different mediums:- playdough, craft, water play, soil, green rice. Some children have been reading and following instructions to create a an item, and have been super stars in their writing also. Some children have been using their fine motors skills to mark make and write in soil and rice. On Monday, we made poppies. Wednesday we made larks and explored feathers. On Thursday we made crosses and hearts, and on Friday we looked at the soldiers and how we remember them. In maths we have counted poppies, baked soldier biscuits and made playdough. In PE, we followed Barnaby Bear around the hall following positional language to explore the equipment. We have enjoyed lots of messy play and music and dancing also! 

Over the last three days we have enjoyed firework and bonfire night activities. We have made firework biscuits with popping candy, painted fireworks, enjoyed watching glitter explode from a tambourine, bounced like fireworks, danced like fireworks, and enjoyed lots of glitter play! We talked about Guy Fawkes and sang the 5th of November rhyme. We created related bonfire night playdough pictures and used our fine motor skills to trace firework markings. In maths this week we have looked at subtraction. Taking away from 5, 10 and 20. One super star had a go at subtracting from 40! Excellent maths this week Squirrels! We also had water play and singing with 5 little ducks, which was so much fun! Have a great weekend, and if you are going to a bonfire or firework display tonight, please stay safe, and have fun!

We have had sooooo much Autumn fun this week! We have been looking at 5 senses through our Autumn story 'My Five Autumn Senses'. On Monday, we heard the leaves crunching and made leaf crafts, counting out the leaves on our Autumn leaf wreath. On Tuesday, we investigated a pumpkin, looking at the size, shape, and using super describing words to describe them. On Wednesday, we felt the wind on our faces, and made wind wands and kites to blow in the wind. We had fun in PE with the parachute, making wind over our heads and floating scarves in the wind also. On Thursday, we made pumpkin pie. It smelt amazing! We used spices and baked sensory smell playdough and pumpkin play. On Friday, we tasted apples, making warm cinnamon apples, and tasting other Autumn foods also. A fun filled Autumn week!! Have a lovely half term everyone!

We've had lots of fun for our Modern Foreign Language day. We all flew to Paris and enjoyed a day in France! We explored the colours of the French flag, blue, white and red, through a variety of mediums, including play, sensory and food. In the afternoon we watched a little of the movie Ratatouille and made chef's hats. A great day!

Excellent balancing skills in Squirrels! We have been working on moving and balancing in PE and have worked really hard! Super stars!

Super maths skills this week. Some children have counted to 5, others to 20, some looking at one more and one less, and one super star has been working on adding and subtracting from 20, doing mental maths! A super maths week. Well done Squirrels!

We have been enjoying our sensory story - 'Only One You'. The children have been great at exploring the objects from the story and we have had some fantastic language, interaction and tracking. Super stars!

We created butterflies using flower heads. We pressed the flowers by rolling a cup over them. This was so much fun!

Super number work in maths everyone! These super stars have been pegging the correct peg amount to the number shown.