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Wednesday 1st July, 2020

It looks like you've been having a lot more fun whilst you've been at home.  I really like your Portuguese rooster!

Monday 15th June, 2020

It looks looks you are still keeping busy while you are at home.  The day out to the beach looks like lots of fun. 

Friday 22nd May, 2020

Thank you for sending me all of these photos from your time at home.  It looks like you have been very busy and having lots of fun baking, playing outside, working hard and doing lots of lovely things with your sister and your Mum and Dad. 

Monday 18th May, 2020

What wonderful news about how much talking you are doing at home.  I am so pleased you are working hard for your Mum and Dad. 

Saturday 25th April, 2020

You look like you are having a wonderful time playing outside with your brother. 

Thursday 23rd April, 2020 

What a lovely rainbow you've made.  I'm also pleased to see you playing nicely and letting your Mum cut your hair.  Well done on tasting ice cream for the first time - it's delicious. 

Thursday 2nd April, 2020

Well done for concentrating so well on your work.  I like the look of your cakes - I expect they tasted delicious. 

Thursday 2nd April, 2020 

This young man has been busy playing with his brother and enjoying the sunshine.

This week as part of our food topic, we made sandwiches. We chose the filling ourselves and made it as independently as possible. The children got to take their finished product home, we hope you enjoyed them.

These 2 worked hard to complete the number puzzle together.

Developing our climbing and jumping skills.

We have been listening to animal sounds and selecting the correct picture.

Excellent fine motor skills, using tweezers to find the hidden animals.

These 4 worked hard to match the objects to the correct lettered box.

The children have been exploring the props from our Goldilocks story and showing us their understanding the story through play.

Merry Christmas! We wish you and all your families a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. See you in 2020!

Today we made some Christingles ready for our service in the hall.

The Nursery Rhyme Nativity. In our class we have the barn animals and some wonderful angels.

Father Christmas came to visit and we must be on the Nice list, because he brought us all a present. Thank you Father Christmas!

I used the chalk to write the first letter of some words.

We used a model to copy some repeating patterns.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The classroom is getting ready for Kingfishers to arrive on Monday morning, and Ian the Elf is patiently waiting for them to find him!

Using vinegar to make the moon rocks fizz. What a cool experiment!

We have been working hard with our number recognition. Finding numbers on the iPad, tracing numbers with wet paint rusher and using numicon to represent different numbers.

The children have been working hard recognising shapes and creating pictures using shapes.

On Friday, we not only celebrated Children in Need, we also celebrated on of our Kingfisher's birthdays! Happy Birthday to you!

These 2 Kingfishers went on a woodland hunt to find pictures of lots of Autumn related things. They did really well finding all the pictures and naming what they could see.

Mimicking the sounds the trees make when they are moving in the wind, by running through the tassel curtain and watching leaves fall to the floor.

Kingfishers have had a great first few days back. We have been learning all about Autumn this week. We went on a leaf hunt and collected leaves to make leaf art. We also explored a sensory tray full of apples, raisins and lots of Autumnal spices!

Some of Kingfisher's Reception children visited ASDA yesterday. They were all superstars and represented our school beautifully!

Kingfisher's have been doing some fantastic mark making! We covered the floor in paper and used a mix of pencils, crayons and chalk to produce some wonderful pictures.

Filling our world with colour!

We picked some lavender from our woodland area, and made so lovely smelling lavender rice!

Making paint using Garam Masala!

We had lots of messy fun mark making in cocoa powder!

Exploring how different herbs smell and developing our fine motor skills by using scissors to cut them.

We got to explore the large woodland area today.

Using powder paints to create marks and learning the process of dipping paint brushed in water to make them work.

These 2 boys have been working on their construction skills and exploring how blocks fit together.

Developing our number awareness...

We've been collaging with different materials and making bear masks!

We've been making fruit smoothies and using the switch to make the blender work!

Kingfishers made some food paintings with Mrs Nuttall. They pureed spinach and beetroot and mixed turmeric with water to make the paint.

We have been developing our fine motor skills by threading beads onto string.

Today we put on our waterproofs and went searching for muddy puddles!

Working on our sharing skills by using equipment together on the Adventure Playground.

Discovering what happens when we move our feet across the floor projector and when we touch the interactive whiteboard. Some children also took part in some lovely turn-taking and enjoyed a bubbly foot spa!

Some of our new pupils have been developing their awareness of cause and effect in the multi-sensory room. One pupil said "wow, isn't it amazing!"

The best way to start out music lessons, is to explore! We placed all the instruments around the room and allowed the children to discover which they enjoyed playing the most. This will then support our learning for the rest of the term!

This term (Autumn 1) P.E will take place on a Tuesday afternoon and a Friday morning.


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