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Welcome to Kingfishers Class


We have been busy exploring bonfire night activities in class. We took part in our own sensory firework display by adding glitter to drum and banging underneath, this created the loud noise and visual display as the glitter bounced in the air. Then we explored some cause and effect using party poppers. After this, we made chocolate apples and edible sparklers using breadsticks, chocolate and sprinkles. Finally we created some different art work, looking at vibrant paint fireworks, to popping balloons filled with glitter over glue patterns on black paper. It was a very exciting day!

Today in class has been our PML day and we have been looking at France. We created French flags from playdough, cutting and sticking and during messy play in whipped cream. We also explored tasting some different French foods, we tasted croissants, pan au chocolates, macaroons, brie, baguettes and chocolate crepes! We then danced and listened to some French nursery rhymes.

In Science this week we have been looking at the different parts of a plant/flower. We explored making come collages using real flowers to show what makes up a flower. We first used our senses to explore the petals, leaves and stems before collaging them.

In PE we have been exploring the development of movement through Sherborne exercise with a partner. Our favourite was sliding in the blanket, but we also enjoyed being supported to jump, rock, row and roll. We will continue to develop our independence with each of the movements.

We like to move it, move it! In PE we have been developing our fundamental movements. We have put a focus on increasing our confidence with independent walking, running and jumping. This week we completed some short circuits and performed the action shown on the card. Everyone made great efforts during the circuit and we were certainly all ready for a rest afterwards.

We have had such a fun time settling into our new class this week and beginning to look at the story 'The Colour Monster goes to School'. We made our own recycled paper to make into our own colour monster's and explored the book as a sensory story.