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Curriculum Newsletters 2023 - 24

Kingfishers have enjoyed exploring memories of the Zoo. We have looked at the different animals in the Zoo. We have matched adult and baby Zoo animals and explored the different habitats.

Kingfishers enjoyed Children In Need 2023

Kingfishers have been listening to our story 'memories' as a sensory story and exploring the different places such as the beach and the Zoo.

This week in our Topic memories we have been looking at the beach. Kingfishers have enjoyed beach play, dressing up, art and sensory exploration.

This week we have been looking at our new topic 'memories'. Kingfishers enjoyed taking part in Bonfire activities.

This week in Kingfishers we have been looking at Autumn.

In Kingfishers we have been exploring long and short in maths.

We have enjoyed listening to 'Our School story'. We have explored different sensory trays and activities linked to our story.

In maths we have been exploring number using a variety of number rhyme trays.

In PE we have been focusing on movement and balance. Kingfishers have enjoyed balancing on different apparatus and exploring different movements such as walking, crawling, hopping and jumping..

In topic we have been looking at 'our school'. Kingfishers have enjoyed exploring our school and looking at the different plants around school. In art we have been collaging our school.

Kingfishers enjoyed their first week back at school settling into their new classroom and routines.

2022 - 2023

Kingfishers have enjoyed their last week of school visiting the café and performing in Marvellous Magical Music. Well done Kingfishers! We hope you all have a lovely summer and we looked forward to seeing you all in September.

In science we looked at minibeasts. We looked at the lifecycle of butterflies and let them go outside once they were ready.

Kingfishers enjoyed exploring the ocean and the different animals that live in the ocean.

Kingfishers have enjoyed mark making using mud and spaghetti.

Kingfishers enjoyed PE this week. Using different equipment to develop their throwing skills.

Kingfishers have enjoyed listening to our sensory story 'Rumble in the Jungle'.

Kingfishers have enjoyed exploring teeth brushing in PSHE.

Kingfishers enjoyed visiting the Fire Engine to finish their Topic on Transport.

Kingfishers had lots of fun celebrating the Kings Coronation.

The Train Ride

Kingfishers enjoyed celebrating Eid on Wednesday. We did art and crafts, mehndi using icing and tasted some lovely food.

Kingfishers have celebrated Earth Day. The focus for Earth Day was to 'Invest in our Planet'. Kingfishers have explored the earth and focused on reduce, reuse and recycle.

Kingfishers have enjoyed Easter week; we have done mark making, arts and crafts and taken part in the Bunny hop for Charity.

In PE we have been looking at throwing and catching. We have used different styles and sizes of ball. We have practised rolling, throwing, catching and balancing.

Our Topic this term has been 'seed to flower' we have enjoyed exploring different activities using our senses. We have done mark making and art activities.

Kingfishers have focused on 'The ginger bread man' for World Book Day. We have listened to the story as a sensory story, explored sensory trays, played with ginger scented playdough and baked our own ginger bread men.

Kingfishers enjoyed celebrating St David's Day. We explored sensory trays, baked Welsh Cakes and collaged daffodils.

In science we have been exploring carboard, tin and plastic. We have tested out the properties of the materials through music, painting and ripping.

Kingfishers have been looking at the story 'The three little pigs' as a sensory story in English. They have worked really hard on colourful semantics activities linked to the pictures.

Today we have been looking at Chinese New Year. We have done different art and craft activities and tried some Chinese food.

In music this week we have been exploring different instruments and listening to the different sounds that they make.

This week we have been looking at winter. We have explored different sensory trays and completed number activities. We have listened to a winter poem with sensory items to explore.

Kingfisher have enjoyed all the Christmas activities this week.

Kingfishers enjoyed their Christmas Dinner.

In RE we have been looking at the Nativity story. We have explored different sensory trays and created the Nativity scene.

This week Kingfishers have taken part in the 'Lancashire Schools Active Mile'.

We have been looking at 'Barnaby goes to the UK' as our topic. Kingfishers have enjoyed creating the England flag and the Kings crown in Art.

In Kingfishers this week we have been looking at Bonfire night and creating firework pictures using washing up brushes.

In Kingfishers this week we have explored an autumn tray and created our own autumn trees using tin foil and paint. Kingfishers really enjoyed looking at conkers in the Autumn tray.

In art we have been looking at our topic 'My home and my family'. Pupils enjoyed creating a house and decorating their faces using collage skills.

We have been looking at our sensory story 'Home is a window'. We have explored sensory trays to match each room in the house.

We have been looking at plants in Science. Each day we have explored a different part of the plant. We have looked at seeds, edible plants/herbs, soil and water. We planted our own cress seeds and watched them grow.

Kingfishers have enjoyed exploring long and short in maths this week.

This week has been all about settling back into a routine and getting to know each other.