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Busy Bees is the Physical Development specialism in school. In Busy Bees we aid the children's physical needs by providing physio sessions (advised by the physiotherapist), facilitating wheelchair clinics, supporting OT services and offering support to classes to help promote the children's individual physical development needs.

Meet the Staff

Rolling from my back to my front...

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This young man's determination is incredible!

Practising Head Control in a Prone Position.

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Look at this superstar working hard in Busy Bees!

Practising my Sitting Balance and Singing...

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What an amazing song!

Children who attend Busy Bees are reviewed by a qualified physiotherapist and a physio programme is put together to suit their individual physical needs.


The physio programme is then carried out during the child's physio session by a member of the Busy Bees team.


Children practise a variety of physio activities which aim to help and maintain skills such as walking practise, standing balance, sitting balance, head control and much more.

Star of the Day

Take a Look at Our Amazing Physio!

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