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Activity Week 2024 (Non-Residential)

Monday 20th May, 2024

The children all arrived in school very excited to be visiting Blackpool Zoo.  We set off and arrived to wonderful weather.  We saw lots of animals, many of whom seemed to be enjoying a sleep in the sunshine.  We had a packed lunch before another quick look at some more animals then a trip to the shop before returning to school. 

Tuesday 21st May, 2024

We were all very excited to be going on a steam train today.  We arrived at the station and straight away saw our train Beatrice.  The train ride was great and we saw lots of wildlife in the fields.  The train driver spoke to us about the very hot coal fire before we got back on the train for our return journey.  We had a lovely lunch at Billy Bobs and then spent time playing in the Play Barn. 

Wednesday 22nd May, 2024

Well despite the weather we have had a wonderful day today.  The children coped so well with being told we were not going to the park this morning due to the rain and enjoyed doing some colouring and chatting with their friends before we set off for bowling.  We had an amazing time bowling and by the end most of the children were bowling the balls themselves and not using the ramp.  We even has some strikes!!!  We had a lovely lunch and then because it was raining Mrs Clayton very quickly planned a surprise.  On the way back to school we stopped at Fredericks Ice Cream Parlour in Chorley and has some delicious ice creams. 

Thursday 23rd May, 2024

We all prayed that the weather would be good enough for a good day out in Lytham.  It was raining as we set off but was drier in Lytham - although not the warmest for May!!   When we arrived we spent 15 minutes playing on the beach and then went for a walk along the seafront.  We had our picnic lunch sheltering from the wind and then Mrs Clayton announced another surprise.  The surprise was Harry Place Indoor Play Area.  We all had an amazing time and enjoyed warming up and playing in a really safe environment.  Both buses were full of tired children on the way back to school!

Friday 24th May, 2024

We were all a little sad this morning that we had reached our final day together.  We had a lovely walk and play in Towneley Park and were all ready for lunch at Banny's.  Lunch was delicious and everyone enjoyed socialising with their friends.  After lunch we had a great time playing at Alkincoats Park. Chelsea blow up the beach football that we couldn't play with at Lytham.  When we got back to school we shared all our favourite activities of the week and were given certificates by Mrs Clayton and the staff.