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Pendle View Primary School


School to School Support


At Pendle View we are able to offer local schools a wide range of support. 


As well as being able to offer general classroom advice and support we have four specialist areas.


Autistic Spectrum Conditions and Sensory Integration


We have a specialist EYFS / KS1 facility where the focus is on assessment and therapy.  These pupils as well as pupils in our generic classes are supported by a specialist teaching assistant who provides intensive sensory integration work for many of our pupils.  In order to provide this intensive work we have two rooms which house equipment focusing on proprioceptive input and calming and organising work (Badgers) and an indoor play area for vestibular activities (Jumping Frogs).  Our KS2 ASC class has a focus on TEACCH and Communication / AAC. 


Physical Disabilities


Busy Bees is our base for pupils with a wide range of physical needs.  Three staff support pupils from across school by providing them with 1:1 physiotherapy programmes each day and also group opportunities at morning playtime – walking club, and at lunchtime.  Staff follow the MOVE programme with some of the children and programmes as set by the physiotherapists.  The staff in Busy Bees also liaise with Occupational Therapists who visit school on a regular basis.


Communication and AAC


At Pendle View we provide a Total Communication Environment.  Our Higher Level Teaching Assistant liaises with Speech and Language Therapists and Class staff to ensure that the communication needs of all pupils are met.  She is supported in our specialist communication base, Robins, by another teaching assistant who creates communication resources for use in class.  The work completed by these staff is enhanced by links with Inclusive Technology. 


Medical Support


Our specialist school nurse is supported by a teaching assistant who provides additional medical support for pupils across school.  This role is vital in a busy school with a large number of pupils with medical needs.  Class staff are also trained to ensure the medical needs of our pupils are met at all times.


Feedback from many teachers and teaching assistants supports our vision that schools benefit from visiting Pendle View to receive advice and support.  If you would like to visit the school and spend a morning, afternoon or full day in either one of our main classes or within any of our specialist bases then please contact Fran Clayton, Headteacher, who would be happy to arrange a visit.