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Curriculum Newsletters  2022-2023

Happy Birthday to our wonderful TA! We enjoyed a party with games and cake!

Wonderful maths work from this superstar! She sat and engaged with activities for 15 minutes. Well done!

Exploring vibrations with drums and rice and making our own shakers

We have enjoyed dancing in the hall for PE.

Another birthday in Otters class! Happy Birthday!

Our 2nd visit to The Space Centre. Thank you to one of our wonderful parents for funding this trip! The children had a wonderful time!

Fine motor activities. We had fun practicing using nets and tweezers!

We have a lot of Birthdays during November in Otters class. Here are the first 2! Happy Birthday boys!

So far in topic we have been learning about animal and vehicle sounds. We played with the emergency vehicle toys and explored making different sounds by scraping toy cars along different instruments!

Some lovely interacting with peers during our chill out session today. Well done boys!

Painting and messy mark making!

Making firework pictures!

Our first trip to The SPACE Centre of the year! We had so much fun exploring the sensory room and interacting with each other.

Autumn week! We have had lots of fun getting messy with paint to print pumpkins and make autumn trees.

Baking Gingerbread biscuits after reading The Gingerbread Man. We choose which cutters we wanted to use independently.

Brushing our teeth!

In our Food topic this week, we sorted healthy and unhealthy foods and made strawberry and banana ice pops.

Our first week back! We have had lots of fun this week and enjoyed mark making, learning about foods that are healthy and unhealthy, PE and maths!