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Tuesday 2nd June, 2020 

What a lot of hard work you have been doing.  I'm very impressed with your sorting work with vehicle pictures and how hard you are working to ride your bike on the canal path.  Well done. 

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Sunday 31st May, 2020

It's good that you've enjoyed the lovely weather again this week.  I've also heard that you've learned to play dominoes - we can't wait to have a game with you when we are all back together again. 

Monday 25th May, 2020

It looks like you've had another busy week.  It's a shame the weather hasn't been as good as I know how much you like being outside.  Hopefully the weather will be better this week and you can enjoy playing in your garden. 

Friday 22nd May, 2020

It looks like you've really enjoyed the topic on Jungle Animals.  Well done with your writing - you are obviously working very hard. 

Sunday 17th May, 2020

Today was Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day.  The colours associated with the Neurofibromatosis Charity are blue and green.  It looks like you had a fantastic time raising awareness of this genetic condition - I really like the look of your Teddy Bears Picnic. 

Saturday 16th May, 2020

Wow what a busy week you've had.  I'm pleased that in between doing your work you are having fun and helping out with jobs around the house. 

Thursday 14th May, 2020 

It's good to see you enjoying out farm animals topic and doing some lovely colouring. 

Tuesday 12th May, 2020

It's lovely to see you still working hard at home. 

Thursday 7th May, 2020

What amazing work you are doing.  Thank you for sharing our animal sounds and reading with us all.  Enjoy your VE Day celebrations tomorrow. 


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Thursday 7th May, 2020 

I'm pleased to see you have been enjoying our Farm Animals topic.  I really like Blue the Sheep. 

Tuesday 5th May, 2020

You've been doing some fantastic work at home - well done.  I really like your fairy door. 

Thursday 30th April, 2020

I'm so pleased you've enjoyed all the Zoo themed activities and even had a little help from Betty!  It looks like you had a lovely walk along the canal. 

Tuesday 28th April, 2020 

Wow what a of of work you have been doing.  Well Done I am so proud of you. 


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Monday 27th April, 2020 

You are doing so well with your Maths.  Keep up the good work. 

Thursday 23rd April, 2020

I'm really pleased you found some St George's Day activities to do at home as well as work on our Amazing Animals topic.  Some excellent reading - well done.


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Thursday 23rd April, 2020

What a fantastic Hippopotamus House made from materials found around your house. Well Done. 

Tuesday 21st April, 2020

I'm really pleased you found some lovely Dear Zoo activities - it looks like you are working really hard.  Well Done!

Monday 20th April, 2020

You have created an amazing Magic Zoo outside.  I am sure all your animals like being in your zoo. 

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Sunday 19th April, 2020

Yet another busy week for one of our Ladybirds.  I'm glad you are enjoying the outside and keeping fit and healthy.  


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Friday 17th April, 2020 

What a fantastic cake - I expect it was delicious.  I really like the song you have made up to help you with your maths.  Don't forget you can listen to lots of maths songs on the Number Fun portal.  


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Friday 17th April, 2020 

It's fantastic to see you still working hard at home and I am so pleased you allowed your Mum to cut your hair. 

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Sunday 12th April, 2020 

I'm glad you enjoyed your Easter Egg Hunt. 

Thursday 9th April, 2020

What a lovely time you are having in the garden.  It's good to be enjoying the warmer weather while it lasts. 

Wednesday 8th April, 2020 

The young Ladybirds has enjoyed making music to Mylene Klass and prepared a lunch for her teddy bear.  Well done - good to see you happy and smiling. 

Tuesday 7th April, 2020

Look at this wonderful Rainbow that one of our Ladybirds pupils has made.  Well Done. 

Sunday 5th April, 2020 

What a lot of Lego!  I hope you had lots of fun playing with it.  I'm pleased you are doing some work but also having lots of fun with your sister.  What a fantastic message to us all - Stay Inside Save Lives. 

Friday 3rd April, 2020

Look at these lovely biscuits - I am sure they taste just as delicious as they look.

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Wednesday 1st April, 2020

What a lovely idea that one of our pupils has made.  A box frame has been used with a hand made picture on the back and then blue sequins - this can be shaken and the sequins move and then drop to the bottom - just like the sea.  It's beautiful. 

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Wednesday 1st April, 2020

What a lovely window decoration - I expect everyone is smiling when they see this?  It's good to see you enjoying playing with your play dough and keeping busy. 


Tuesday 31st March, 2020

This Ladybird has been exercising at home and is coping very well with being inside.  He says hello to all his friends. 

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Tuesday 31st March

I was really sad that I couldn't do the sponsored Bunny Hop for Pendleside Hospice at school so I did one in my garden instead.  I'm looking forward to doing the Bunny Hop in school with my friends when we are back together again. 

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Tuesday 31st March, 2020 

Look at these amazing tap shoes. 

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Monday 30th March, 2020 

How wonderful you can still dress up at home - I'm sure some of your friends are dressing up as well. 

Good to see this Ladybird is getting on with her work!

Autumn Maths- sorting, ordering by size and making repeating patterns

Exploring the woodland area and making dens for the animals from our story

Science- Planting

The children enjoyed finding out about bonfire night and exploring lots of resources to make firework craft and edible sparklers.

History- The children really enjoyed learning about The Titanic. They role played the sinking ship, coloured and painted a picture of the Titanic and played with rescue boats in the water tray. They also enjoyed learning about the Gun Power Plot and did a brilliant job of role playing it.

Christmas in Ladybirds

Science- testing objects to see if they are waterproof or not. We predicted first then tested each item. We also sorted picture cards to show which were waterproof and which were not.

World book day 2020. We read ‘Whatever Next’ and then enjoyed lots of activities based on this story.

Sharing our learning. What an amazing time we all had. Thank you to all the parents that came to join in with our learning.