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Welcome to Ladybirds

Curriculum Newsletters 2023 - 24

In RE Ladybirds have been learning about Islam. We have done food tasting and dressed in traditional clothing.

We took part in the Bunny Hop to raise money for Pendleside Hospice

Science Day- We explored the different seasons on Science day this year. We started with Spring, where we explored plants and flowers growing. Then we explored Summer, where we explored being at the seaside and melting ice lollies. Then we explored Autumn, where we made playdough hedgehogs and explored the colours of autumn. And finally we explored winter, exploring snowflakes and the cold feeling of snow.

World Book Day- This world book day we explored the story 'A Superhero Like You'. We explored everyday superheroes such as emergency services, scientists and builders.

St David's Day- We celebrated St David's Day by printing with leeks, mark making in a daffodil made of shaving foam, exploring the Welsh flag, dancing to welsh music and collaging daffodils!

French Day- We explored all things French this week. We explored the flag, French food, baking baguettes, exploring french music and Van Gogh!

Chinese New Year- We explored the year of the dragon on Chinese new year!

Life Education Visit- We had a visit from Harold the Giraffe and Emma from Life Education on Friday. We learnt all about how to keep ourselves healthy and how to look after our bodies.

Science- We have been exploring the force of 'push' by pushing different objects down a ramp.

Music- We have been exploring high and low notes across the keyboard.

History- We explored what it would be like to be a Victorian by playing games and dressing up

When Ladybirds met Santa

Nativity- We did so well in our nativity performance!

Maths- In maths this week, we have been exploring cause and effect and tracking moving objects on helpkidslearn using the interactive whiteboard and ipads.

St Andrew's day- We explored St Andrew's day by exploring different tradition such as making shortbread, exploring painting tartan print, 'tattie' printing and exploring bagpipes.

Children in Need- On Friday, we completed a number of different activities to celebrate Children in Need. We baked, made pudsey craft, went on a pudsey spot ramble in the woodland and visited the photo booth in Robins!

English- We have been exploring the non fiction story 'Birth of a star' in English.

Remembrance day- We remembered those that fought by making our own poppies, listening to stories and creating our own suncatchers.

PSHE- This half term in PSHE, we are learning about touch. We have explored and identified trusted adults. We have explored how trusted adults may help us to stay clean. We have also looked at how sometimes touch may hurt but it is needed for example going to the doctors for an injection.

Art- We explored fireworks in art to explore Bonfire night. We made different types of pictures of fireworks using pipe cleaners, balloons and glitter and exploring the floor projector and light toys.

Non-Fiction- We explored facts about what dinosaurs ate. We learned about how dinosaurs were Carnivores and Herbivores. We explored salad and vegetables and painted with them whilst discussing that some dinosaurs are Herbivores. We also used red playdough and playdough tools to explore meat eaters.

PML- We have explored French monuments this week. We have painted the Eiffel Tower with the French flag colours. We have also been on a monument hunt and explored french sound buttons.

History- We have made stone age bread following a recipe and exploring what people in these times ate

Art- In Art, we have been exploring natural materials to make early artwork. We have also explored cave paintings in the sensory room.

Maths- In maths, we have been exploring the 10 knicker song by using a caveman's knickers!

We have enjoyed our first week settling into Ladybirds class!