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St Patrick's Day - jigging, painting and decorating!

Valentine's Day - making chocolates and decorating our clay pots

Spring 1

We have been looking at our topic this half term of materials - we have explored different textures and types of materials. We have been able to sort them into different categories, explored how they feel and look. We have been able to find man-made and natural materials in and around the school grounds. Ladybirds have done some experimenting with materials including which ones are waterproof and which float or sink. In maths we have explored 2D shapes and their properties. Ladybirds have also been counting to 10 or 20 and have been adding two digits together. We have been developing our fine motor skills in phonics and practising writing our names! Each of us have loved exploring textures in sensory/messy play.

Materials topic

Ladybirds Curriculum Newsletters 20-21

Autumn 2

We have had a really fun half term. We've shared stories, played with shapes and patterns in maths, role played shops and much more! We have enjoyed exploring the UK with Barnaby Bear, joining in some Christmas crafts and practicing and performing our parts in The Wriggly Nativity. One day we even got to play out in the snow!

In English this term we have shared The Three Little Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk. The children have enjoyed the stories, finding the characters, remembering some of the words and joining in some role play. We've also had fun mark-making, practicing our fine motor skills and having a go at re-telling some of the story and finding words and symbols from the story.

This term in Maths we have had fun exploring shapes and patterns, counting, joining in rhymes and playing shops. We really enjoyed paying for, making, taking away and eating a yummy current bun!

In Geography Barnaby Bear took us on a tour of the United Kingdom to learn about the four counties of the UK. We had fun exploring the sights of London, making a red London bus and eating Scones with Jam and Cream. We also went to Edinburgh, listened to bagpipes, tasted shortbread, made a thistle using a turnip stamp, wore some tartan and made some a tartan design of our own!

All dressed up ready for The Wriggly Nativity Performance. Donkeys, Wise Men and Camels

Having Fun in the Snow!

Autumn 1

In Ladybirds we've had a very fun and busy half term. Here are some of the things that we have been doing together.

In English we have shared the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, found and matched the characters, explored the characters and role played being them as we have shared the story. We have also practiced identifying initial letters and sounds and scribing some letters associated with our names and the characters from some of the stories we have shared.

In Maths we have counted up to 10 and back again together, we have practiced identifying shapes around us. We have also explored full and empty and measuring the height and length of common things, including ourselves.

In art we have been exploring portrait artists like Pablo Picasso and enjoying some Autumn Season Crafts.

In Geography we have been learning to use directions and walk backwards, forwards and turn.

In science we have been learning about simple life cycles through stories, art and play.

In RE we have shared the story of Rama and Sita as we learned about the Hindu celebration of Diwali. We made diva lamps, rangoli patterns, mhendi patterns and smelled or tasted some vegetable samosa, pakora, bhaji and mini popadums.

In PE we have moved in different ways and practiced turn taking, sharing and including all our friends in our activities. We have practiced being kind, considerate and good sports in all our PE lessons.