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Curriculum Newsletters 2022-2023


Maths- We have been exploring capacity and volume this half term in maths. We have used two buckets, one empty and one full and explored how we can make one go from being empty to full and the other from full to empty. We first used tennis balls and then used water.

Chinese New Year!

Music- In music this half term, we have explored fairytale music. We explored different characters and how music might be played for those characters e.g giants, fairies etc. We then explored different ways of making music by using the ipads.

R.E- In R.E this week we have been learning about rituals and routines in Islam. We have explored Wudu which is the cleaning of different body parts before prayer. We have focussed on the washing of hands, arms and feet. We have also explored prayer mats and the salah prayer ritual.

Winter week- We have explored snow, snowstorms, snowflakes, artic animals and our winter wonderland story.

Christmas party! We enjoyed playing party games and dancing at our christmas party

Reindeer food- We enjoyed making some reindeer food to put out for Rudolph and his friends!

The Nativity- We did such a fantastic job in our Nativity show. Here we are in our costumes!

St Andrew's Day- We celebrated St Andrew's Day by decorating biscuits, making the Scotland flag and creating a thistle artwork.

R.E- We focussed on Christianity in R.E. We made our own gifts to give to a special person. We explored the nativity story. We explored christmas carols. We also explored wrapping and unwrapping gifts.

Children in Need- On Friday, we took part in Children in Need activities. We decorated biscuits with spotty food such as smarties and sprinkles. We also completed the spotty trail that was chosen from the pupil's voice. We also used the photo booth!

Geography- In Geography this week, we have been learning about the tradiitons of the different countries in the UK. For England we did morris dancing, pancake flipping races and afternoon tea. For Wales, we explored the dragon story, painted with leeks and made love spoons. For Scotland, we made our own flags, shortbread and explored castles. Then for Northern Ireland, we painted shamrocks using potatoes, explored Irish dancing and created our own 'Tayto' crisp packets.

Remembrance Day- We explored the story 'Where Poppies Now Grow' then made poppies by bubble painting and suncatchers of Soldier silhouettes.

Music- We have explored percussion in music this week. We have explored different kinds of drums, made our own drums and even used things that aren't instruments to make sounds!

Autumn week- we explored an autumn story that talked about the cold weather, making warm jam tarts, pumpkins and getting cosy to go to bed.

We have been exploring animal homes and habitats in topic this week.

In Science we have explored the human body and the skeleton.

We have been working hard on our number skills this week.

Our topic for this half term focusses on homes. We have been exploring different types of homes by building them from different materials and exploring stories.

PSHE- We have been learning about road safety in PSHE and exploring the colours of traffic lights

R.E- In R.E, we are exploring hinduism and the rituals of puja

During our first week in Ladybirds class, we made pizza faces of ourselves!