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Curriculum Newsletters 2023 - 24

In Geography, we have been looking at local area. Some of us made/ and built our own maps of places we know, some went on a treasure hunt around the woodland and others went out into the local community.

In English we have been looking at following instructions and we made a pasta salad! We also looked at the story 'The Disgusting Sandwich' and some of us made the badger from our story.

In English we finished our story 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' and we made lighthouses, played some games to identify props and explored some sensory trays!

Last week we celebrated St. Patrick's Day and we had fun exploring lots of different activities!

In PE we have been looking at throwing and catching. We enjoy practising these skills with a variety of different equipment.

Last Friday we celebrated World Book Day and our theme in school this year was superheroes! We enjoyed dressing up and our class activities were all based on our chosen book 'Super-worm'

Last week we celebrated St. David's Day and we did lots of activities based on the Welsh saint such as making a dragon, explored different sensory trays, did some pretend planting, made some arts and crafts daffodils and printed with leeks.

Last week we had 'French day' we did lots of different activities associated with France and tried lots of French food and made our own crepes!

In English we have been looking at the story 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' and instruction texts. We have been very busy preparing food just like Mrs. Grinling from our story!

For Chinese New Year we looked at the story of how it became and did lots of different activities including tasting different Chinese food.

In History we looked at the Industrial revolution and made a steam train and in DT we used lots of different media to build bridges!

We looked at the nursery rhyme 'Little Miss Muffet' before the holidays and some of us made something different for her to eat, others saved the spiders who had got stuck in the spaghetti and made words from the rhymes to match the pictures

We had fun practicing our fine motor skills in a variety of different ways last week!

In PSHE we had a special visitor come to owls class last week. Harold the giraffe from Life Education came to teach us how to look after our bodies and our feelings.

In PE, we have been looking at gymnastics. We have enjoyed practicing our movement and balancing skills on the apparatus and also our gymnastic stands on the mats!

In English, we have been looking at the non-fiction book 'You wouldn't want to be a Victorian school child' and did lots of fun activities learning about their morning routines!

We did lots of Christmas crafts last week and practised and performed our Nativity. We also enjoyed some Julia Donaldson stories and some children wowed us with the magnetic letters spelling lots of new words.

In maths we have been looking at number recognition, matching quantities and finding which has 'more' through a range of different activities. Some of us also enjoyed exploring early number using number rhyme trays, pushing the balls down the ramps and making sensory bottles with different objects.

In PSHE, we have been looking at positive touch. Kind gestures we can do for others that make us feel happy or to help people who can't always help themselves. We enjoyed exploring the doctors role play, the baby's bathing station and the foot spa/ massage tools. We all enjoyed some sensory massage at the end and gave our friends hugs, high fives and friendly hand shakes!

In English, we looked at arctic animals! We had lots of fun role playing, collaging and exploring messy play activities.

In English, we have been looking at fairytales and we've chosen the story of Cinderella. We enjoyed exploring the story props and some of us made some wands just like the one the fairy godmother uses so that Cinderella can go to the ball!

We had so much fun celebrating Children in Need today! We did lots of painting, spot hunts, collaging, used the light box and explored some fun sensory trays centred around Pudsey bear.

In Science last week, we made some rocky road. We all helped one another follow the instructions and took turns at adding different ingredients to the mixture. We all enjoyed a nice tasty treat for our snack too!

In French last week, we looked at different French food and had a taste testing session. We explored lots of sweet and savory items and its safe to say, some of us enjoyed them more than others!

In art, we have been exploring early art and drawing. We have linked our pieces to our topic 'the stone age'. Some of us enjoyed making caveman/lady necklaces practicing our threading skills whilst others enjoyed doing some mark making using paint, printing with fruit and collage.

In science, our focus has been 'rocks'. We have linked this to our stone age topic and we looked at chalk and cave paintings for one lesson where we experimented mark making on the playground and we also had a focus on 'lava' making our very own volcanoes explode! We also had fun pretending to be volcanoes erupting using lots of colours and instruments and dancing to create the sounds a volcano would make.

In maths this week, we looked at shape in many different sensory ways. Some of us explored the shapes, others sorted the shapes by criteria and enjoyed a nature walk outside hunting for natural objects to create shapes!

In History, we have been looking at the stone age and we had a lesson focus on dinosaurs. We made dinosaur fossils by imprinting toy dinosaur footprints into salt dough and playdough. Some of us enjoyed looking at the dinosaur bones and spent lots of time trying to piece him back together!

In maths this week we have looked at 2D shapes and number. We explored number in many sensory ways and some of us enjoyed a shape hunt outside! We had lots of fun.

In maths, we have been looking at number: counting and quantities. We have explored in many ways counting to 5 and beyond! Some of us enjoyed finding the different coloured bears in the orbeez and could say which had 'more'. Others enjoyed singing along to some number songs, whilst counting and practicing fine motor skills, placing the correct amount of pom-poms into the corresponding number cups. What a fabulous week we've had!

In English, we explored a non-fiction text all about stone age food linked to our topic. Some of the children explored the food people in the stone age would hunt, eat and gather and others made a plate of food for a 'hunter gatherer'. We had lots of fun!