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Curriculum Newsletters 2023 - 24

In maths, we have been looking at number: counting and quantities. We have explored in many ways counting to 5 and beyond! Some of us enjoyed finding the different coloured bears in the orbeez and could say which had 'more'. Others enjoyed singing along to some number songs, whilst counting and practicing fine motor skills, placing the correct amount of pom-poms into the corresponding number cups. What a fabulous week we've had!

In English, we explored a non-fiction text all about stone age food linked to our topic. Some of the children explored the food people in the stone age would hunt, eat and gather and others made a plate of food for a 'hunter gatherer'. We had lots of fun!

2022 - 2023

Wheel or Walk - our sponsored event to raise money for school and 'Curry on the Street', a charity that aims to relieve poverty, promote good nutrition and reduce social isolation amongst those in our community who are suffering social, economical or emotional distress by the provision of emergency food parcels (referral process), warm clothing and by serving nutritious curry and rice weekly in the town centre of Nelson and inside premises in Burnley and Colne, Lancashire.

Science - planting sunflower seeds.

English - Superworm story. Today we developed our gross and fine motor skills digging for worms and then investigating them.

Geography - We have been exploring how the water cycle works and our focus at the minute is condensation.

Firefighter visit

Today we celebrated the coronation of the King.

Exploring Ancient Greek Monuments and then constructing them using junk modeling.

Ancient Greece - Owls children exploring the foods that might of been eaten during this period.

Eid celebrations in Owls Class :)

Today we have celebrated Earth Day. This year’s theme is ‘restore our planet’. We have had a range of activities today including making salt dough earths, using puffy paint to create the Earth and to look at land, sea and sky. We have also made flower bombs that we have planted.

Welcome back :) This term we will be exploring Ancient Greece in History. Today we have begun to explore some elements of Greek culture such as dress and urns. We have designed an urn using mosaic techniques and then created a small urn out of clay.

Easter Themed Geography - to complete our topic on 'Our Locality' we had an Easter Egg hunt. The children were given a photograph of an area in our school environment and they then had to lead the rest of the class to that point in order to find the egg.

Science - Feathers or no feathers?

Science Day - we explored a range of animals, their habitats and also skeletal x-rays. We looked at a range of foods that might be consumed by different animals (and of course we had to make buns! Because we are human animals we also need to eat!!)

Music - our composition. Using the symbols; loud, quiet, fact and slow we created our own pattern of music. We then played our composition to our friends.

Our story - The Cave

Maths - Statistics and categorising.

History - The Industrial Revolution - during our topic we have been investigating how lives changed as during this time. We made a steam train to explore the development of transport, inspected artefacts, clothing and we also investigated old and new.

DT - we have been continuing our exploration of bridges. Our lesson was focussed on how we can strengthen our bridge and ensure that it is strong and sturdy.

Music - categorising instruments that shake, are banged or are blown!

English - creating props as we explored key elements of the story. We practiced some of the core vocabulary as we worked.

In DT, we have been investigating the strength of constructions. We used different strengths of paper cups, paper and cardboard to try and create a structure that would hold our weight!!!!

Science - exploring magnetism and push and pull forces.

English - our Science topic on forces is influencing our texts. Our story for the next two weeks is The Three Little Pigs.

Science - we have started to explore our topic on forces. Today we have been investigating push and pull forces.

Math's - Number

English - Acting out the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff

We have been exploring bridges in DT. We have looked at what might be good materials to construct our bridges.

Welcome back and Happy New Year

May you end this year on cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year. Our team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Christmas Party Day

Christmas celebrations have begun!! Decorating the tree :)

In our topic of ‘celebrations around the world’ we have been thinking about Holi. Holi is also known as the "festival of colours". It is celebrated around the world by people of Hindu faith. We have made paint bombs to throw around the school grounds. We will celebrate this tomorrow.

We Remember

Celebrating Bonfire Night (day!!)

Excavating objects from layers of ice

Developing our fine and gross motor skills.

Science - exploring how fossils are formed.

PE - moving in a variety of ways - fundamental movements.

RE - Christianity - We have explored the story of The Good Samaritan. We have thought about being kind to all. We created a cake which we will decorate tomorrow and then share out with our friends. We also worked together to play games and sometimes we find this hard.

History - exploring and planting foods that were grown and eaten thousands of years ago.

Shapes in Maths

English - The First Drawing story - today we made paints out of blended herbs.

RE - being a good leader. We learned about Jesus feeding 5000 people so we thought we would feed others too...we made buns and then shared them out with our friends.

Phonics based learning and Dough Disco - building our core strength in a fun way!

English - mark making/fine manipulative skills

This week has been all about settling back in to a routine and exploring our likes and dislikes!!