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Monday Morning Makaton

In all areas of the curriculum, we promote and support the use of Makaton. One of the most effective ways to develop children's use of Makaton is through music. This year we have had a new song to learn, every half term. We learn a one new Makaton sign from the song, during our Monday Morning Assembly and practice the song as a whole school. By the end of the term we have learnt the full song and at least 6 new Makaton signs and we really enjoy getting to perform it together. 


Below are all the songs we have learnt so far this school year, as well as the song we are learning this term. Have a go at home and see how many new Makaton signs you can learn. 


Summer 1 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Spring 2 - Little Peter Rabbit

Spring 1 - Shake, Rattle and Roll

Autumn 2 - Elephants Have Wrinkles

Autumn 1 - Alice the Camel