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High-Tech AAC Systems

What is a High-Tech Communication System:


High-Tech communication generally means a system that needs a power source (batteries or electricity).


Examples of just a few High-Tech systems

Tobii Dynavox

Eye gaze


Single message device which can record, speech, music, or sound

BigMack (record a message/attach a switch toy)

Talking Photo Albums

Devices which you can record several messages such as Go Talk

Environmental controls


Creating A Story Using A Tobii Dynavox Communication Device (With Snap Core Software)

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We are very lucky at Pendle View Primary School to have the opportunity to give our pupils access to a number of high tech communication devices. This little boy has been using the Tobii Dynavox device for a while and has really enjoyed creating and telling his own stories using the Snap Core Software. What an incredible imagination he has!

The Mystery of The Missing Robin

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These children all used different communication devices to help tell the story of the missing Robin. The moral of our story is that at Pendle View Primary School we ensure that everyone has the right to communicate in their own unique way that is right for them.

Everyone's human right is to communicate.

Eye Gaze - Visual Attention

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This little boy was able to give his visual attention to the screen, long enough to activate the activity.

Using BIGmack to request 'more'.

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I was able to press the BIGmack to request 'more' when the music had stopped.

Using a Speech Generating Device

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This little boy used to use a low tech communication system. He has started using a high tech device and we are using Mr Tumble as his motivator. We have gradually increased the cell sizes and amount of cells on his grid pages and he is now forming sentences containing 2 key phrases. We are going to start to move away from Mr Tumble and introduce new vocabulary.