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Attention Autism

Attention Autism at Pendle View Primary School

What is Attention Autism and what does it look like in our school?

Disclaimer: The purpose of this video is to provide insight into what Attention Autism looks like within our setting, across a range of classes. This is NOT a training video. You cannot deliver Attention Autism sessions without completing relevant training courses. . All teacher's filmed, have completed Attention Autism training through the Gina Davies Autism Centre. 

Kayley Robinson - KS1 ISC Teacher and ASD Lead

Attention Autism within Butterflies Class has given the children the invaluable opportunity to engage in an adult-directed activity without anything, other than their attention, being required of them. As a result this has lessened their anxieties and the pressures around attending to activities within the classroom, resulting in more naturally inquisitive children. Attention Autism has helped to support the children in building their attention and listening skills at an appropriate developmental level. It has supported and developed the children's social communication skills and there have been noticeable improvements and changes within the classroom environment, such as taking turns or using vocalisations. 


Hayley Sherliker - EYFS Teacher and EYFS Lead

Attention Autism has had a positive impact in Ducklings class and the whole team feel it has been an important element in helping the children settle in so well into school life and being able to engage in so many learning opportunities. Children have made amazing progress in their attention and listening skills from September and have already progressed onto Stage 2 due to an increase in their interest levels, engagement, anticipation and concentration.  We now look forward to moving onto Stage 3 and beyond throughout the school year to develop these skills further.  


Lauren Cowell - KS2 ISC Teacher

Attention Autism has been valuable in supporting the children in Otters class to develop their engagement, communication and social interaction. Otters class has now been using Attention Autism for just over a year and the progress made has been incredible. We have seen a huge difference in the engagement and focus of all children. At first the children would sit for the bucket for just a couple of minutes and now all children are accessing Stage 3, the turn taking game and will sit for at least 15 minutes and watch stages 1-3. Some children are now working at Stage 4 which is a table activity, this encourages the children to transition and focus, shift and sustain their attention onto a small independent activity. Throughout all stages we have seen communication develop, some children are now commenting using 1 or 2 words on what they can see and actions, for example ‘spinning’ and ‘egg splat’ and some children even join in with the turn taking song during Stage 3. Overall, we feel Attention Autism has had a positive impact on the children in Otters class, it is always enjoyed by the children and we are excited to watch our sessions develop further!