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Welcome to Ducklings Class


Some excellent work following instructions and taking turns whilst making our wormery. We then went outside to search for worms to live in the new home we have made.

Some amazing communication work Ducklings- Some children picked their favourite smell from a choice of up to four and used a symbol to indicate if they liked the smell. They then followed instructions to make their own bottle to take home. Fantastic work!

OUR CATERPILLARS HAVE ARRIVED! They came of Friday and where very small, when we looked at them on Monday they had grown lots over the weekend!

How cool do we look?

Finding minibeasts in edible mud and jelly

Eid Mubarak! We had a wonderful day celebrating Eid- we tried lots of foods, made cards, had sensory glitter tray and lights, tried on clothes and did our own henna designs with ice hands and melted chocolate!

Well done Ducklings! These superstars did amazing in our phonics game identifying the musical instruments

Our beautiful symmetrical butterflies...

Our Hungry Caterpillar number tray

Ducklings are all doing some amazing work with out minibeast topic. Making imprints of minibeasts, finding them hidden in spaghetti and trying all the fruits from The Very Hungry Caterpillar story

St George's Day- We had so much fun, we explored castles and knights with small world play and dressing up. At snack time we made our own cucumber sandwich's and had cool tea. There was also a red and white sensory tray and made our own shields.

Earth Day- We learnt lots about our planet and how to care for it. Ducklings did amazing at litter picking and making some bird feeders that the children all took home with them. We also planted some wild flower seeds and explored the colours blue and green in different ways to make Earth

THE BUNNY HOP! Duckling's did amazing completing their Bunny Hop for Pendleside hospice. We did 10 laps around the lower woodlands and we hopped, jumped and walked. Amazing work, we are all very proud!

Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? Ducklings' did amazing finding all the animals hidden in the Woodlands

Super work finding the correct animal and listening to the noises the animals make

St Patrick's Day activities. Ducklings had fantastic fun finding gold in fizzing tocks, exploring green slime, making biscuits and painting with their hands and feet

As part of our bear topic we focused on Polar Bears and Pandas. We defrosted the polar bears from the ice, painted polar bears, found pandas in rice and bamboo and used the salad spinners with black and white to make our own pandas.

We had a wonderful day for 'World Book Day', today our focus story was 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' We read the story, explored the sensory elements of the story, filled and emptied with porridge oats and in the afternoon had a teddy bear's picnic.

Fun with friends in soft play...

Making our own colour monsters using the 'paint pouring' method

Completing a colour monster jigsaw on the interactive whiteboard

We had lots of fun on our last week of the colour topic. We investigated all the colours of the rainbow.... we looked at books, jelly numbers, built towers, painted on ice, had a rainbow in shaving foam and a water tray with different coloured ice on.

Ducklings had an amazing time celebrating Chinese New Year. We explored clothing and different objects from China, made our own Tigers, used our senses to explore different foods and made our own vegetable chow mein, danced with rainbow ribbons and had sensory trays with rice and noodles with chop-sticks.

The Colour Monster sensory tray

Using wool to weave our own orange 'colour monster'

Exploring yellow with sensory bags

Making our own lemonade, we juiced lots of lemons and and then blended it with some sugar and ice. It was delicious! Mrs Clayton and Mrs Smith really enjoyed it to....

Our Woodland 'drum' walk- using wooden beaters to explore the sounds in the natural environment. And one little superstar did an amazing job at putting his coat on all by himself!

The colour green.... Ducklings have completed lots of fantastic activities- exploring peas, making edible paint and role play cooking.

Exploring colour mixing with watercolours and spray paints

Gymnastics- crawling, balancing and jumping!

Story sequencing our class story 'Elmer'

These superstars did amazing at finding all the different elephants in the multi coloured sensory tray

Super Math's work off these superstars today! Ordering lots of Elmer the elephant numbers

The colours of the rainbow... investigating big and small

Making our own Elmer's ...

Duckling's where superstars making our 'red' tomato and pepper soup. They used a child's knife to cut the vegetables and did amazing at stirring them. Well done!

Colour matching and sorting

Paint rolling- working on the development of our fine motor skills and colour recognition

We did a Woodland hunt to find lots of red objects and explored the colour in a sensory tray

During winter week we had lots of exploration with ice- using pipettes to add colour and printing with ice numbers.

As part of our winter week we looked at clothes you wear to keep warm and went for a Woodland walk

Our visit from Father Christmas to deliver our presents

Ducklings had a great time making playdough snowmen

This little man was a superstar today- he sat looking through a book independently turning the pages and said 'bear'

Ducklings did amazing making a Christmas Tree for our centrepiece ready for Christmas dinner next week.

Winter wonderland and Christmas sensory tray

Practicing our fine motor skills threading and using a peg board

Making our Christmas bauble for the tree...

Some super addition work in Maths from this little man

Building towers with moon boulders....

Aliens Love Underpants- matching game and numbers

Working on gross motor skills and texture exploration. We had lots of different sensory circles set up around the classroom to represent the solar system. All the children enjoyed exploring them and moving between the planets.

We have incorporated our Space Topic into our work on fine motor skills. We have made paintings on tin foil and made stars and moon out of playdough.

Great engagement in Math's from Ducklings- finding 2D shapes in bubbles and finding the 'star' numbers.

Children in Need- we put spots on the teachers faces, had a Pudsey made of shaving foam and paint, made biscuits and saved the Pudsey bears that where trapped in the ice!

For our story 'Whatever Next' Ducklings did amazing at acting out the story and find objects from the story in the Woodlands area

Lots of fun making a wonderful space display- making planets using a salad spinner and painting a rocket

Bonfire night

Remembrance day- Ducklings watched a short video to learn about Remembrance day and then we did lots of fantastic activities. We had a sensory tray of a poppy made of red spaghetti and black rice, made our own Poppy wreath with handprints and explored the colour red with a water tray.

Ducklings had a fantastic time making alien biscuits. Excellent listening skills and turn taking

We have focused on Autumn and we have explored Pumpkins using our senses. We have felt the texture and smelt them and used facial expressions and gestures to say whether we like it or not. We have also used the pumpkins to mark make which was great fun!

For PML French Day Ducklings did some wonderful work. They made a collage of the flag, had a sensory tray of white red and blue and tried lots of different foods.

Let's dance! As part of our PE work we used lots of different props to dance to action songs

Finding 2D shapes in shaving foam! We explored the amount of sides of different 2D shapes

This little man worked super hard sorting into colours and could identify which tower had more, less and the same! He also did some wonderful patterning work.

Finding shapes in shaving foam...

Ducklings had an amazing time exploring Gelli bath using our sense of touch as part of topic work.

Making a collage of our faces

Exploring different musical instruments

As part of ourselves topic we have been looking at our faces and identifying different features

How amazing these two did with this fine motor skills activity

Fantastic mark making on the light-up board

Painting fun!

Look at this amazing little man showing fantastic anticipation for this activity

Ducklings have had an amazing time exploring the playground