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Curriculum Newsletters 2022-2023

Exploring healthy and unhealthy foods. Ducklings did amazing at finding the healthy foods to make their lunch boxes.

Maths- object permanence focus- finding the hidden 2D shapes whilst in multi sensory

Our visit to Italy- making garlic bread, water play like the gondolas, the flag using pasta and building the leaning tower of Pisa

Excellent work in PE... balancing, jumping, pencil rolls and transferring objects from one hand to another.

Amazing work with our 'Nursery Rhyme' focus... great exploration of sensory elements, symbols and instruments

Ducklings had an amazing time for Chinese New Year. We made our own drums by decorating paper plates and adding rice into it, listened to music and played the gongs, explored a glitter tray and had great fun filling and emptying containers with noodles using chopsticks.

The children really enjoyed investigating the snow in the Woodlands area.

Excellent work following instructions to make fruit kebabs! Ducklings used a child safe knife to cut the fruit to make the kebabs, fabulous independence skills

Exploring heavy and light objects in Math's- lots of fantastic engagement from Ducklings!

Lets role shops! Ducklings are developing their imaginative skills with our own shop. Ducklings are taking turns to be the customer or the shopkeeper. The till and scanner is definitely a favourite! We are also developing our early reading skills with shopping lists and shop logos.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar- We have tasted the fruit, found them hidden in spaghetti caterpillars, printed with the fruit and matched the symbols

Welcome back! What a fantastic first week Ducklings had following the Christmas holidays. This week we focused on winter- we explored the concept with lots of cold sensory exploration, thought about what clothes to wear in winter, completed some wonderful art activities, read some winter books and looked at patterns on clothing.

Lots of fun Christmas activities....

What amazing snowmen and exploring cold

Ducklings made their Christingle today.

Ducklings had a fantastic time at their party

All toys plastic....

St Andrew's Day activities

What a fabulous music lesson - watching the glitter move as we banged the drums with beaters

Maths- A Woodland hunt for big and small items

Some of our Phonics work - environmental sounds and saying the sounds of letters

Some excellent mark making Ducklings

Ducklings' did some super work looking at books today. We focused on turning the pages from start to finish and looked closely at the illustrations

For Remembrance Day Ducklings engaged well in lots of activities. We watched a short video, made poppies on ice with red and black paint, decorated biscuits and had lots of sensory fun with a spaghetti poppy and gloop to represent the field.

Math's- finding the 5 little bears hidden in the woodlands

Peek-a-boo playtime - Dinosaurs!

Excellent communication work choosing what to do in our play...

These superstars worked so hard in Maths with this matching and posting activity

Finding the bears hidden in jelly and boxes as part of our story 'Peek-a-boo Playtime'

Lots of fantastic activities for Bonfire night- different sensory trays, firework paintings and watching adults with party poppers

What a wonderful tower!

Great work on turning the pages in this book

Printing and mark making with our favourite toys

Ducklings' are really enjoying our class story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and these is lots of excellent engagement in a range of different activities. We have matched objects to symbols, made sensory bottles, sensory exploration, and using switches.

Look at this superstar stepping on the colour changing mats... fabulous work!

We have done lots of different activities to enhance our fine and gross motor skills

Look at this superstar turning pages in books!

Ducklings' had great fun with the outdoor kitchen and developing our imaginative skills

We have focused on our teeth this week, Ducklings did great work cleaning teeth, looking at books and exploring toothbrushes and toothpaste.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt..... Fantastic sensory exploration Ducklings!

These superstars did some fantastic cause and effect work in multi-sensory this week

All of Ducklings really like visiting soft play- the ball pit is definitely a favourite!

Ducklings had a fabulous time in Math focusing on filling and emptying with water

Sensory exploration with the floor projector and light up mark making boards

Ducklings have settled in really well and are all enjoying exploring the classroom environment....