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Ducklings Curriculum Newsletters 20-21

Rainbow Ribbons! We have practiced our fine motor skills today to music. We concentrated on moving from our shoulders and elbows.

For St Patrick's Day we explored the Irish Shamrock, made marks in green custard, had green water and had rainbow gloop

Exploring the three little pigs houses using different cereals

What an amazing tower you have made !

It's DISCO time! Ducklings had great fun using a switch to make the disco lights work

Finding bears in angel delight!

As part of our work on Goldilocks and the 3 Bears we explored the mathematical concept of BIG and small by painting different sizes bears

Sensory fun! Exploring jelly, shaving foam and water...

For St David's Day we painted with leeks, exploring daffodils in edible mud, found hidden objects in red and green pasta and did some dancing.

A big happy birthday! This little girl turned 5!

Parachute games. All the children listened so well and had so much fun

Building houses for the 3 bears in Goldilocks

fine motor skill practice. Excellent concentration trying to thread the buttons.

Chinese New Year....

This little man showed some fantastic concentration exploring different textures in Maths

Making our own breadrolls

Exploring symmetrical patterns by making our own butterflies.

This little man had a fabulous time exploring cause and effect. This light reacts to noise levels and he investigated it for a long time!

We read the story 'The Hungry Caterpillar'. The children enjoyed so many different activities... retelling the story, investigating fruit, making fruit kebabs, painting activities and imaginative play!

Choosing and investigating switch activated toys.... Bubbles and the fan

There's a tiny caterpillar on a leaf...Exploring the colour green and feeling the shape of a leaf.

Exploring the concept of heavy and light using pretend vegetables from the home corner

This little man did amazing exploring the snow

Investigating the games on the IPad

These two did amazing at acting out the story of The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Oh no! The Tiger did open some more tins! The spaghetti hoops and the beans ....

The Tiger Who Came to Tea ate all the tins in the cupboard! One of them was custard.... the children explored the custard and we talked about how it felt 'cold' 'ooo' 'icky' where some of the great descriptive words used. All of the children enjoyed this texture. I wonder what other tins the tiger may have eaten?

Printing with Vegetables! Before we got the paint out we all tried some of the vegetables to see what we liked and didn't like

5 currant buns in a bakers shop.... Ducklings have really enjoyed this number rhyme this week. We are exploring matching the numeral to the quantity

Crocodile Dentist- These little guys did amazing turn taking playing the game. The concentration was brilliant and they showed great anticipation!

We have been reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea in English as part of our food topic. All of the children have really enjoyed this and have engaged so well with the story. We have made a cafe in the home corner, explored filling and emptying with the tea set and explored different textures of dry food.

We made cloud dough- cornflour and oil mixed together, we also added peppermint to make it smell. We enjoyed exploring this

During winter week it even snowed! What fantastic timing.

It's snowing 2D shapes!!!

Oh no! The arctic animals are stuck in the ice- how can we get them out?

During winter week we used squirty cream and hid numbers 1-5 in it.

Fine motor skill practice- we used pipettes and spray bottles with paint in to change the colour of the magic snow

We've had lots of fun doing lots of Christmas activities in Ducklings. There has been some fabulous play in 'Father Christmas' Workshop', and all the children have enjoyed small world play with arctic animals

What amazing work this little man did at making choices. He used his arms to choose which objects he wanted to explore. Excellent skills!


These 2 little men are starting to form a friendship and are doing amazing at turn taking and sharing resources. Fantastic!

Wow.... look what this little man did. He chose all the pieces and placed them on independently. Fabulous work!

St Andrew's Day- Ducklings had fun exploring a sensory flag and making our own tartan. We explored making blue but we didn't quite make that, we managed green!

Shape exploration

Ducklings explored loud noises with this drum...

Investigating the fibre optic lights....

Ducklings are doing amazing at matching activities.

Fabulous concentration adding the correct amount of candles to the number on the cake...

Now I know my A,B,C's, next time won't you sing with me! This little man independently completed this jigsaw and sang the whole song after. Fantastic!

5 green bottles... This little man did amazing at knocking the bottles down in this number rhyme!

Fantastic mark making from this little man- great concentration whilst doing lines, circles and zig zags.

Using chalk to explore making different marks

Making a house of straw!

This little man did amazing work in Maths today. He concentrated so well working with an adult to add the right number of objects on each number- fantastic!

Ducklings had a wonderful time for Children in Need- We found yellow objects in the classroom, explored yellow rice, had messy play with shaving foam and added spots to all the adults faces!

Crocodile dentist! Ducklings really enjoy playing this game- often finding it funny when the crocodile 'snaps; on them. They are all so good at turn taking to, well done!

As part of our English story The Three Little Pigs we explored different shades of pink- it was great fun!

In maths we went to find all the farm animals and then counted them all.

For Remembrance Day Ducklings explored the colour red- we found lots of red objects to investigate, the children enjoyed water play and added red and black glitter. The children all did a fantastic collage of a poppy and decorated a biscuit.

Alphabet tower! We explored the letters of the alphabet through building tall towers.

This little girl concentrated so well today when practising her cutting skills- well done!

Remember remember the 5th November- we made fantastic firework paintings used bright paint and coloured sand. We used large brushes to create this effect. They all look brilliant!

In maths we explored autumnal colours with pasta and rice...

We explored making marks in different ways- today we painted using conkers and watched closely as they rolled across the page

In Ducklings we are looking at books independently- focusing on starting at beginning and turning the pages one at a time.

Sensory exploration of snow. This little man did amazing tracking of the snow and found it funny when the snow dropped down.

We have explored mark making and concentrated on making different lines, circles and zig zags.

This half term in music we have focused on exploring different instruments and discovering how they work. Here are some of the children's favourite instruments....

Ducklings really like to explore the floor projector and investigate different lights

5 little ducks went swimming one day.... This is Ducklings favourite number rhyme. All the children are doing amazing at joining in the actions to this. We are representing numbers in different ways, clapping the number is lots of fun!

Making a bear cave at home...

In Duckling's we are investigating ourselves. We have been looking in mirrors and making collages of our faces.