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Curriculum Newsletters 2023 - 24

Super Maths work! Duckling's had to save the rocket numbers from the frozen ice planets, colour in the spaceship numbers and count the planets.

Look at the fantastic concentration Ducklings have! Amazing work in Attention Autism.... we are now securing stage 2 and they really liked this Children in Need 'spotty splat' activity

Children in Need- Duckling's had so much fun with lots of activities throughout the day. We added spots to pudsey, added spots to photos of children and adults, had a yellow themed A-Frame, melted ice, pudsey made of rice, a Children in Need themed Attention autism and completed a collage

Alphabet rockets and letter formation

Collaging rockets for our Math's number display

Space Maths- we had so much fun exploring number through sensory exploration. There where number rockets hidden in shaving foam (this was a big hit!) We also had the solar system with cocoa powder and balls as the planets where we had to match numeral to quantity. We also had a star and glitter number tray.

Remembrance Day- we had an edible poppy, found poppies hidden in cocoa powder, made a beautiful class wreath made of the children's handprints, decorated biscuits and used the floor projector with poppies on

For Bonfire night we did lots of different activities- we made a 'starry night' bonfire, made marks in glitter, used silly string to make a firework display and confetti cannons to watch them sprinkle down.

Making friends

Firework splat painting! Ducklings did a great job at getting the paint on the 'splat' and putting it on to the paper.

Autumn explorations- exploring pumpkins, leaves, autumnal books and sensory trays. We also did a wonderful 'conker rolling' painting.

We made a brilliant vegetable soup. Everyone did amazing at stirring all the vegetables and then added some cold water to the pan. When it had cooked we used a switch to activate the blender to make the soup. We then tried it at snack time, we also took some to Mrs Clayton and she said how yummy it was. We then used some cold soup and utensils to use our imaginative skills to act how how we made it.

Our trip to Asda- we went with a shopping list to buy snack and items to make soup. They where all superstars holding the basket, getting the items, going to the checkout and paying. We all did great practicing road safety. Using the crossings safely, holding hands and looking left and right.

Ducklings worked super hard balancing, climbing and jumping

Goldilocks and the Three Bears- Ducklings enjoyed our new sensory story. We retold the story and acted it out using the props, demonstrated a preference between wet and dry oats and used switches to activate the bears.

In English we are made biscuits- we followed instructions and used symbols to identify the ingredients.

Lets dress up! Ducklings had such fun dressing up .... look at all the different outfits they tried on

Using the lightbox to make different patterns with shapes

Working on our number skills- finding hidden objects, ordering numbers and using the scooter boards to put a certain number of beanbags into the tub.

Working on our communication skills- using symbols, communication boards and switches.

Music- listening to the noises we can hear in our natural environment

Colour exploration. We all explored colours and engaged in sensory and sorting activities

Investigating repeating an action (posting the balls), cause and effect and object permanence. All the children worked hard to post the balls and then pull the lever to find them all fall out at the bottom.

PE- some excellent work in this lesson. We are focusing on different ways to move and balancing. A firm favourite was going through the tunnel

This little man turned 5! Our first birthday in Ducklings, we had a party to celebrate. We dressed up, danced, played games and had some yummy cake.

Ducklings are Going on a Bear Hunt! Ducklings have engaged in some super work in English to recreate our Bear Hunt story, and we have made our own book. We have explored all of the elements of the story and used sound buttons to hear the noises and retell the story. Next we are going to move onto story sequencing.

Fantastic fun on the adventure playground - everyone explored the swings, slide, climbing frame and trampoline.

Using the salad spinners to choose colours and create a bear

Soft play!

I am the music man! Ducklings' explored lots of different musical instruments

Enjoying a cool ice lolly on a hot day

Look how wonderful Ducklings sat to do their 'First Mark Making' we then did lots of fun activities- mark making on a large scale, using the light up boards, shaving foam with egg tweezers and fine motor skill work.

Fabulous sensory math's activities- numbers and ducks in gloop was a firm favourite!

Some super sorting in Ducklings! One ordering the cars from big to small and another doing colour sorting with bricks.

What a fabulous first couple of days Ducklings have had! We have listened to '5 Little Ducks' in Maths and had lots of fun sensory activities! We have also painted our own duck, explored lots of toys and engaged in messy play.

2022 - 2023

Wow! Look at this amazing Math's work.... number bonds to 10!

Under the Sea! We had some amazing sensory explorations during this week- we used the footspa's which was a big hit with all the children, they worked super hard on their communication skills of asking for more. We also had different sensory trays to represent the sea of chia seed slime, gloop and jelly. We used our handprints to make jellyfish and developed our fine motor skills by catching the fish that where caught in the net.

Ducklings did amazing on a trip to Asda, the cafe and Pets at Home. We bought some fruit, had a snack in the cafe and then looked at all the animals. They all had fantastic listening skills and following every instruction, well done Ducklings!

Jungle Animals! Our book was 'Walking through the Jungle' and we had sensory circuits linked to all the elements, made tigers and created the stripes with string and black paint, counted the animals and did some wonderful sorting.

Ducklings did amazing in our farm week for our animal topic.

Summer week - we investigated foods to eat in the summer, tried on summer clothing, had lots of water play and did some amazing art work learning new techniques such as painting with ice. We also made our own smoothies and used the switches.

What a fantastic day Ducklings had celebrating Eid. We made cards, biscuits, have Mehndi, sensory exploration, tried food and did some fabulous dancing.

Earth day was all about investing in our planet- we did some recycling indoors and outdoors, gardening, had sensory trays and made plastic from milk and vinegar.

We have started our transport topic this week and everyone has worked super hard. We have looked at letter formation using 'roads', matched numbers and colours with cars, and started our new sensory story 'The Journey Home from Grandpa's'

Exploring boats for our transport topic. We washed them, investigated big and small and made a sea using textured rolling pins

St George's Day- we investigated the England flag with yogurt and strawberries, made a shield, small world sensory play with dragons and made a flag

Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man! Ducklings have engaged so well across all areas of the curriculum. In Maths we made some fantastic numicon Gingerbread men and had ginger playdough. In English we have read and sequenced the story and made marks in a ginger and flour sensory tray. For physical development we did a large scale sensory circuit to run from the grass into the 'water' to re-enact the story and used the foot spas. At the end of the week we followed instructions to make some yummy gingerbread men.

Easter activities

This little man turns 5! We celebrated by singing to him, dancing and having birthday cake

Share our Learning- what a fabulous morning, we did our morning registration, did a number rhyme for circle time, sensory exploration of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', an art activity and finished with rainbow ribbon dancing.

Excellent work with The Three Little Pigs- lots of construction building and play, actvitating switches, story sequencing, sensory trays and art activities

World Book Day, Ducklings had a fabulous time exploring different elements of the story. We went through the rabbit hole, made hats for a Mad Hatters tea party, played a bingo matching game, found the hidden playing cards, had a water play 'tea party' potion making and a picnic sensory tray.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears...

This superstar did amazing in his Math's work... he tried super hard to get the balls on to the poles for each number and asked for help. He then took them back off and repeated the actions. Well done!

St David's Day.. we had a small world sheep farm, explored shaving foam sheep, dug for leeks in the soil, found felt daffodils in a sensory tray and made a wonderful printing of a daffodil. Duckling's also had a fabulous dancing to Welsh music.

French Day- We did 'Tour de France' on the trikes, tried different foods, did a watercolour like Monet and a collage like Matisse. We also had sensory trays for the French flag and built for Eiffel Tower with construction materials

Painting with vegetables

Exploring Italian food.... we had a playdough pizza shop and italian herbs and pasta

On our journey of food around the world we went to Jamaica. We explored fruit and made smoothies, had a flag with rice and played the steel drums

Our trip to Italy, great job Ducklings on making your garlic bread

Exploring healthy and unhealthy foods. Ducklings did amazing at finding the healthy foods to make their lunch boxes.

Maths- object permanence focus- finding the hidden 2D shapes whilst in multi sensory

Our visit to Italy- making garlic bread, water play like the gondolas, the flag using pasta and building the leaning tower of Pisa

Our trip to Mexico, we made cold drinks and enjoyed eating nachos

Excellent work in PE... balancing, jumping, pencil rolls and transferring objects from one hand to another.

Amazing work with our 'Nursery Rhyme' focus... great exploration of sensory elements, symbols and instruments

Ducklings had an amazing time for Chinese New Year. We made our own drums by decorating paper plates and adding rice into it, listened to music and played the gongs, explored a glitter tray and had great fun filling and emptying containers with noodles using chopsticks.

The children really enjoyed investigating the snow in the Woodlands area.

Excellent work following instructions to make fruit kebabs! Ducklings used a child safe knife to cut the fruit to make the kebabs, fabulous independence skills

Exploring heavy and light objects in Math's- lots of fantastic engagement from Ducklings!

Lets role shops! Ducklings are developing their imaginative skills with our own shop. Ducklings are taking turns to be the customer or the shopkeeper. The till and scanner is definitely a favourite! We are also developing our early reading skills with shopping lists and shop logos.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar- We have tasted the fruit, found them hidden in spaghetti caterpillars, printed with the fruit and matched the symbols

Welcome back! What a fantastic first week Ducklings had following the Christmas holidays. This week we focused on winter- we explored the concept with lots of cold sensory exploration, thought about what clothes to wear in winter, completed some wonderful art activities, read some winter books and looked at patterns on clothing.

Lots of fun Christmas activities....

What amazing snowmen and exploring cold

Ducklings made their Christingle today.

Ducklings had a fantastic time at their party

All toys plastic....

St Andrew's Day activities

What a fabulous music lesson - watching the glitter move as we banged the drums with beaters

Maths- A Woodland hunt for big and small items

Some of our Phonics work - environmental sounds and saying the sounds of letters

Some excellent mark making Ducklings

Ducklings' did some super work looking at books today. We focused on turning the pages from start to finish and looked closely at the illustrations

For Remembrance Day Ducklings engaged well in lots of activities. We watched a short video, made poppies on ice with red and black paint, decorated biscuits and had lots of sensory fun with a spaghetti poppy and gloop to represent the field.

Math's- finding the 5 little bears hidden in the woodlands

Peek-a-boo playtime - Dinosaurs!

Excellent communication work choosing what to do in our play...

These superstars worked so hard in Maths with this matching and posting activity

Finding the bears hidden in jelly and boxes as part of our story 'Peek-a-boo Playtime'

Lots of fantastic activities for Bonfire night- different sensory trays, firework paintings and watching adults with party poppers

What a wonderful tower!

Great work on turning the pages in this book

Printing and mark making with our favourite toys

Ducklings' are really enjoying our class story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and these is lots of excellent engagement in a range of different activities. We have matched objects to symbols, made sensory bottles, sensory exploration, and using switches.

Look at this superstar stepping on the colour changing mats... fabulous work!

We have done lots of different activities to enhance our fine and gross motor skills

Look at this superstar turning pages in books!

Ducklings' had great fun with the outdoor kitchen and developing our imaginative skills

We have focused on our teeth this week, Ducklings did great work cleaning teeth, looking at books and exploring toothbrushes and toothpaste.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt..... Fantastic sensory exploration Ducklings!

These superstars did some fantastic cause and effect work in multi-sensory this week

All of Ducklings really like visiting soft play- the ball pit is definitely a favourite!

Ducklings had a fabulous time in Math focusing on filling and emptying with water

Sensory exploration with the floor projector and light up mark making boards

Ducklings have settled in really well and are all enjoying exploring the classroom environment....