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Welcome to Rabbits Class

'Under the sea'- Today we started learning about Animals which live under the sea, we worked on Identifying sea creatures, talking about their features and separating animals which live in the sea from other animals. We also made some beautiful fish pictures!

World Book day! On World book day we did lots of activities linked to the story 'Rumble in the jungle' which is our next class story. We enjoyed listening to a sensory version of the story, exploring the small world sensory jungle, using masks to role-play characters and re-telling the story using animal pictures along with some other sensory activities. We also enjoyed exploring some of our favorite class books and some big books both independently and with adults. What a great day!

Mini-beasts- Today we started some work on Mini-beasts as part of our 'Amazing Animals' topic. We hunted for them outside then use the 'bug viewers' to look at them more closely in class and looked closely at them in the trays.

Foods that come from animals- As part of our 'Amazing animals' topic. We have been learning about Farm animals and the foods that come from them. We made sandwiches using butter, cheese, quorn ham and boiled eggs. We then replicated milking a cow using a glove and found chicken eggs in straw which we cracked open.

Chinese new year! We have enjoyed talking part in Chinese new year activities today, here are some photos of what we have been up to!

Fire fighters- We have been learning about Superheroes who help us. As part of this we role played being fire fighters by using water pistols to put out the fire on the dolls house. Great job!

Superheroes need to look after their bodies! We have been learning about how we can look after ourselves and keep strong/ healthy. We explored brushing teeth and washing hands/ feet, joining in with exercise and helping prepare some healthy foods!

Parts of the body- We have been learning about different parts of the body, we have worked on identifying body parts and developing understanding about what we use different body parts for.

This superstar has been working so hard at home! Amazing!

3D shape! We have had some fantastic 3d shape work in Rabbits, we have been working on exploring shapes for longer periods, understanding language linked to shapes and shape names and one young man is starting to find shapes based on their properties! Well done!

Winter week! We have been learning through activities linked to winter. We listened to a winter poem and have been following instructions to find winter clothes pictures linked to this, some children have been using PECS to request clothes pictures. We have also taken part in winter activities in topic including manipulating sensory snow, sorting winter/ summer clothes, Ice-painting and breaking treasure out of Ice cubes!

Happy Birthday! This superstar was 6 today!

Making snow flakes! We used the hole-punch (New tool) and scissors to make snow flakes as part of our winter week topic!

Christingle! Today we made Christingles and we were all really engaged when watching the Christingle assembly on the board. We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you have a lovely time over the holidays!

Christmas party! What an exciting day! We all looked fantastic in our party outfits and enjoyed playing games and dancing. We were also very excited to find out that Santa had left us each an early Christmas present. We unwrapped these and spent some time exploring our presents after the party!

Happy Birthday! This young man's birthday is during the Christmas holidays so we celebrated this afternoon- He will be 6!

Christmas dinner!

When taking part in Christmas activities this afternoon some children enjoyed exploring the 'Melted snowman' tuff tray. When the cornflour and water mixture is moved in your hands it becomes more solid but melts when you hold it still.

Wow what super concentration from these 2 boys when practicing their cutting skills in our fine motor session!

Making place mats- We used a new technique to paint today. We put dry corn into tights then sprung them on the page and watched the effect that was made. Our work will be laminated to be used as place mats when we have Christmas Dinner next week.

Happy Birthday! This super star was 6 today!

St Andrew's Day- We have had a great day taking part in St Andrew's day activities!

'When I was a baby'- Linked to our Memories topic we have been reading the poem 'When I was a baby', here are some pictures of us helping look after the baby as we read the poem.

Nativity- In RE we have started learning about the Nativity story. We listened to the sensory story (including some dressing up), found people and animals in straw and looked at pictures of and added requested people and animals to the stable.

London! As part of our geography topic work looking at the UK we have been learning about London. We learnt about how the queen lives in London and watched some videos of her before making crowns.

This young lady was our first Rabbits birthday of the year. She was 6 on Sunday!

Children in need day activities! Thank you so much for your donations, we had a fantastic day!

'Fizzing fireworks'- In the first week back we learnt about Bonfire night. We all engaged fantastically in our 'Fizzing fireworks' science experiment. We added baking soda and food colouring (of our choice) to coffee filters, we then sprayed them with a water/vinegar mix and observed the reaction!

Remembrance day. We took part in activities linked to remembrance day. We learnt about how poppies are an important symbol of remembrance and took part in a range of art and sensory activities linked to these and other important remembrance day symbols. We also learnt about medals and thought about who in our lives we might give a medal too.

'Don't hog the hedge'- This week we have been listening to the story 'Don't hog the hedge!'- Everyone has listened well to the story and enjoyed choosing which characters they wanted to be. We all worked really hard then on completing related activities including naming and finding different characters, using symbols to communicate about pictures, one young man wrote some speech bubbles. For the last lesson today we all helped cut out the character pictures and made hedges for them to stay in!

'Autumn week'- This week we have been learning about Autumn. Here are some examples of activities we have been doing including going on an 'Autumn walk'- feeling autumn items with our shoes off, exploration of Autumn items in water, Autumn art activities and Autumn item/ picture matching and sorting. Great work!

'Dough Disco'- At the beginning of our fine motor session we do 'dough disco'. 'dough disco' helps develop hand strength and co-ordination. Rabbits have made great progress in following the actions more accurately with greater independence. Well done!

'The seeds we eat'- Today we have been learning about how fruits and vegetables are plants. We cut different fruits and vegetables open to find the seeds inside them. We then did some Fruit and vegetable printing. Everyone focused really well! Good job Rabbits!

'The tiny seed'- In English we have been listening to 'the tiny seed story'. As we have listened we have explored related items and used our individual picture boards to find pictures to match the part of the story we could see on the screen. Well done Rabbits!

Planting seeds- Last week we each decorated a plant pot and today we planted seeds into them and watered them We cant wait to watch them grow!

Plants- we have been exploring plant in class and in the woodland area. We have been developing our ability to show interest in a range of plants, observing actions as we manipulate them, learning key plant features, responding to some scientific language e.g. names of plant parts and some of us have completed sorting activities linked to plants- Well done Rabbits!

Jeans for Genes day activities- Thank you for your donations!

Bikes- In the afternoon we play on the big yard. Rabbits children have enjoyed spending time on the balance bikes during this time which they haven't used before. Well done!

Maths- using Numicon. We attempted to match Numicon pieces to the outlines drawn on the table, counted how many holes the different pieces had, fitted them together and some children found the correct Numicon pieces to match the number said by an adult.