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Curriculum Newsletters 2023 - 24

Maths- recognising numerals and counting

Children in Need 2023- What a busy day we had. We enjoyed Pudsey maths, mark making, painting a Pudsey face, decorating Pudsey biscuits, Joe Wicks Pudsey workout and more!

Bonfire night activities. After learning about how to keep safe on Bonfire night, we completed a variety of activities related to fireworks and bonfires. What a busy day we have had!

Autumn Week in Rabbits class

During our science topic on plants, we have explored the plants we have in our school grounds, smelt, tasted and planted three different herbs, explored soil, herbs, seeds and flowers in the sensory tray and used the interactive white board to create our own virtual gardens.

In Art this week we have painted self portraits using a mirror and a photo to help.

RE-Hinduism. We have been making Diva lamps out of clay and painting them ready to add to our Puja trays. We also baked Nan Khatai cookies, which are a traditional Hindu dessert.

Practising movement and balance during our PE lessons

Maths-Exploring long and short

In English this week we have really enjoyed activities related to our story 'In Every House On Every Street'

2023- What a fantastic first week back in Rabbits class. We have been focussing on sharing, taking turns and getting to know our daily routines.

2022 - 2023

Growing and changing- The Frog life cycle

Our new story this week has been 'The Cautious Caterpillar'. The story is about how a caterpillar grows up and changes into a butterfly. We have enjoyed using puppets to act out parts of the story, made some collages and paintings of some of the characters and enjoyed sequencing pictures of the story and retelling the main events.

When I grow up poem. In English this week we have enjoyed reading the poem and acting out each verse.

This week in Rabbits class we have been thinking about what jobs we might want to do when we grow up.

This week has been Summer week in Rabbits class. We have done lots of lovely activities related to summer.

National Numeracy Day in Rabbits class.

Sharing Our Learning. We had a lovely time showing our parents what wonderful work we do in class. We worked hard on our phonics activities.

All aboard the music train- Today we took our music lesson outside and played our instruments on the train. We also used sticks to make our own music sounds on the railings.

English- Our new story is called 'A good day for a hat'. We have really enjoyed exploring all the sensory objects relating the story and trying on all the different hats.

French Day- We enjoyed making French flags with collage materials and paint sticks, built the Eiffel Tower with blocks and also with playdough and spaghetti, we also looked at a map of France and stuck pictures of objects related to France on it. We loved listening to French songs and dancing.

We have really enjoyed our topic on 'Superheroes' over the last half term. We have worked really hard and have completed some lovely work related to the story 'Supertato'.

This week in Rabbits class we have enjoyed reading our new story 'Supertato' in English. In maths we have done some activities related to our story including building Numicon city, making superhero puzzles by matching the numbers and also using fine motor skills to capture peas in the Numicon.

St Andrews Day in Rabbits Class, we enjoyed doing some Scottish Country dancing, decorating shortbread biscuits with the Scottish flag, tartan pattern painting and made a kilt using different materials.

Children in Need. This afternoon we made Pudsey head bands, went on a spotty trail around school, had a photo shoot and did some dancing.

Autumn week! We have had a lovely week exploring lots of different Autumn based activities including exploring pumpkins, leaves, conkers and acorns. We also made a clay hedgehog, made some acorn suncatchers, sorted leaves by colour and size, counted acorns and conkers, made patterns with autumn materials and much more. What a busy week!!

Maths- 2D shapes. We have been searching for shapes in the woodlands and sorting, identifying and making 2D shapes.

RE- We have been exploring the religion of Hinduism. We enjoyed making rangoli designs, exploring light, listening to a story of Rama and Sita using props and masks and making a Diva lamp with clay.

In music this week we have been learning to play the drum to follow a beat. We have also explored other musical instruments and played along to a tune.

DT- This week we have made homemade vegetable soup linked to our story in English. We chopped, sliced, poured and stirred. It smelt and tasted delicious.

In English we have been reading 'The Colour Monster goes to school'. We have created our own Colour monsters, acted out parts of the story and explored sensory objects related the story.

Exploring the Adventure playground during our topic on 'Our School'.

What a fantastic start to the year we have had in Rabbits class. We have had lots of fun and worked well together with our new friends.