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Welcome to Rabbits Class

Our new topic this half term is Transport. This week we've had lots of fun exploring and playing with the different types of transport in our grounds!

St George's Day! Rabbits class have enjoyed learning about and acting out the story of St George and the Dragon. They've also created paper flags and decorated biscuits!

Earth Day 2022! We have really enjoyed learning about looking after our planet Earth and have taken part in 'cleaning the sea' water play. We've also enjoyed exploring our wonderful grounds on a bug hunt! We've learnt about plastic and paper bags and recycled some of these into kites. Rabbits class thought about some of the best ways to travel to look after our planet Earth and have enjoyed playing on the bikes.

Rabbits class were fantastic at completing their Bunny Hop for Pendleside hospice. We did 8 laps around the Upper woodlands. We are all very proud of the children for taking part in the Bunny hop!

Rabbits class have enjoyed decorating Easter Egg pictures using tweezers, paints and pom poms!

Happy Mother's Day to all our fabulous mothers and carers! We hope you enjoy the goody bags we've made for you!

Rabbits class have enjoyed exploring clay this week and have created some beautiful clay flowers!

Spring has arrived! This week we've been on a spring hunt (using binoculars.). We've also collected natural objects from our woodland and explored these in our tuff tray.

Rabbits enjoyed cutting up, exploring and tasting lots of red foods on Red Nose Day!

Red Nose Day 2022. Red waterplay, racing cars in red paint and running along a red nose number line!

We've had lots of fun learning all about St Patrick's day! We decorated Irish flags and shamrocks, we made some green cupcakes and painted rainbows! We went on a gold coin hunt but our little leprechauns were too fast to catch on camera!

Rabbits class have been busy planting this week! We've enjoyed planting beans ( we're hoping to grow a beanstalk like Jack in our story.) One of our favourite stories to listen to is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' so we've also planted some wildflower 'butterfly' seeds to encourage the butterflies to visit our woodland!

As part our topic 'From Seed to Flower' we have had fun creating flowers out of fruit! We talked about the parts of a flower and really enjoyed tasting the different fruits!

World Book Day in Rabbits! We've had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite book characters, exploring some of the stories we brought in from home and reading our class story 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' We explored the sensory story props and built beanstalks high into the clouds (shaving foam!)

Rabbits enjoyed Pancake Day. They completed Maths activities by counting the different toppings they would put on their pancakes. In English we learned about the different traditions people do on Pancake Day around the world. The children also created their own pancake faces and then had a pancake race in the classroom. The Rabbits loved eating some of the pancakes and trying them with different toppings!

Rabbits got crafty in Topic this week and created 'cress head plant pots.' We really enjoyed painting the pots, sticking on faces and then planting our cress seeds! Rabbits class have also been busy making apple bird feeders using apples and sunflower seeds.

In Maths this week we have really enjoyed counting out flowers and 'planting' these in soil!

Our new topic this term is 'From Seed to Flower.' This week we've enjoyed listening to our new sensory story, 'A Seed in Need.' We've explored seeds, soil, seedlings and flowers.

This week in English, Rabbits have been reading the book 'Let's Build A House'. We have used different materials to build different houses and talked about what makes each material good for houses.

Our new English story is called 'Whatever Next'. This week we have been copying Baby Bear and flying to the moon in a rocket for a picnic.

Our new topic this half term is 'Materials.' This week we've explored a range of materials such as cardboard, plastic and tin. In Maths we have learnt about 3D shapes and matched the 3D shape to the correct object (made out of plastic, tin or cardboard.) We were also challenged to make 3D shapes using magnetic and click together 2D shapes.

We've had lots of fun experimenting this week! We've enjoyed a 'Santa's magic milk' experiment where we watched the food colour swirl and the glitter jump to the edge of the tray. We've also enjoyed making a Christmas tree using bicarbonate of soda. We then added baubles (using white vinegar and food colouring) and watched as the baubles bubbled and fizzed away.

This week we've enjoyed some Christmas activities! We've designed our own Christmas tree, decorated our class Christmas tree and wrote a letter to Santa asking him for the presents we would like for Christmas.

As part of our topic 'Barnaby Bear in the UK' we have explored Wales. We've enjoyed a role play train ride to Wales where we had to pay for our ticket and show it to the ticket officer! We've also enjoyed finding Wales on a map of the UK and creating daffodil collages.

This week we have been following the story of Barnaby Bear as he goes to the beach. We are following Barnaby Bear throughout our topic and English as he explores different parts of the UK.

We have enjoyed exploring Edinburgh castle in our topic lesson. Barnaby Bear has been travelling the UK to see all the landmarks. We built our own castles using bricks, we decorated a castle using different materials and we even painted our very own coat of arms.

In Rabbits we have been exploring the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We used story props, enjoyed sensory activities with porridge and made bear tracks.

Rabbits have enjoyed taking part in some construction activities as we learn about our homes.

Rabbits class have enjoyed exploring our sensory class novel, The Three Little Pigs. We've enjoyed learning through play about our topic 'My Home and My Family.' In maths we've had fun using Numicon.