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Curriculum Newsletters 2023 - 24

In our PSHE lessons we have been exploring different rules and laws that keep us safe. We have been able to choose the most important rule to each of us and enjoyed creating our own class rules!

In our Geography lessons we have been exploring the sounds and movements caused by an earthquake. We enjoyed using rice and drums to explore the effects of an earthquake!

We have had a super first week back in Herons Class. We have enjoyed taking part in some fine motor activities!

2022 - 2023

We had a super time performing to the rest of school during 'Marvellous Magical Music'

In French we have been exploring the Eiffel Tower and how it is structured. We really enjoyed making our own Eiffel Tower using icing and pink wafers!

This week in PE we have enjoyed playing with the basketballs and exploring dribbling and shooting into the net!

This term in our French lessons we have enjoyed looking at different French landmarks and created our own Eiffel Tower splat paintings! We also made our own sculptures of the Eiffel Tower using playdough and lego!

In DT this week we enjoyed making our own fruit platters. We explored the fruits and chose the ones we wanted to put on our own platter!

In Music we have been practising for our very special performance at the end of the year for 'Marvellous Magical Music'. We have even made our own special microphones ready for our amazing singing!

In Maths we have been developing our understanding of more and less when comparing numbers. We have also been able to add numicon and items together and sorted counting bears according to colours!

Happy 10th birthday to this superstar! We hope you had a lovely party and enjoyed the yummy cake!

We enjoyed going on our school trip to the British Commercial Vehicle Museum and explored lots of different modes of transport. We drove a truck simulator and enjoyed climbing into the different vehicles!

This week in PE we enjoyed completing a carousel of different activities in the sunshine! We jumped hurdles, practised throwing, kicking and catching with balls and had lots of fun throwing javelins and bean bags into hoops!

This week we enjoyed celebrating Numeracy Day through counting, tallying and predicting. We made our own fruit kebabs and tallied the amount of fruit we had of each on our kebabs, as well as predicting the moves it would take to get from one cone to the other outside!

We enjoyed celebrating the Kings Coronation in Herons Class. We enjoyed making our own scones, Victoria Sponge cakes and sandwiches, which we enjoyed outside in the sunshine!

In Maths this week we have focused on place value and ordering of numbers. We have been able to compare numbers and order these independently!

We enjoyed celebrating Eid Day in school this week. We tried lots of yummy food, had some Henna, enjoyed making Chapattis and took part in some traditional dancing!

This week we have enjoyed celebrating St George's Day. We enjoyed making our own shield biscuits and followed the instructions independently!

In English this week we have been learning about the story 'Who's Driving'. We have enjoyed completing some colourful semantics work to develop our sentence structures!

In our Maths lesson this week we have focused on measuring items using rulers and understanding how to measure correctly. We have developed our understanding through measuring different items indoors and outdoors using rulers

This week we have linked our Science lesson to the planting of bulbs and flowers into our horticulture area. We enjoyed taking out weeds from the box and planting new bulbs ready for the warmer weather!

In Maths this week we have focused on matching numicon pieces to their amounts, as well as dividing into equal groups independently!

We enjoyed Sharing our Learning with parents coming into school. We created our own rainforest boxes using different craft materials, played phonics bingo and made our own creative sentences using Colourful Semantics!

In Maths we have been exploring halving items into 2 equal groups. We have used practical activities to help us with sharing equally. Some of us have even matched 2 halves to make a whole shape!

In Art we have continued with our work on 'animal sculptures' and have started using junk modelling to create our own animal sculptures! We have also continued refining our sculpting skills with clay

This week in Maths we have focused on doubling amounts through practical activities. We have enjoyed using mirrors and items to double, as well as lady bird spots to physically doule amounts!

We all enjoyed celebrating World Book Day by going on a treasure hunt around school and finding some well deserved treasure at the end! We all looked super in our costumes!

We enjoyed celebrating St David's Day through exploring traditional dancing and making our own crafts relating to special items linked to the country of Wales!

We enjoyed celebrating PML day in class this week through developing our learning of French colours and numbers. We also enjoyed using pointillism as a method to paint our own sunflower or flag picture!

This week in Art/DT we started to learn about animal sculptures and used clay to make a sculpture of hedgehogs. We linked our learning to a topic 'Living Things and their habitats' and chose a hedgehog to use pumpkin seeds for the spikes!

This week in Maths we focused on adding and subtracting amounts using whiteboards. We solved sums using number lines to 100 independently and enjoyed jumping from number to number!

This week in French we enjoyed creating our own songs and rap to remember the French days of the week. We used instrument and our own lyrics to remember the days independently!

In French this half-term we have been identifying the days of the week. We have been able to match the days of the week to English independently and sequence our week using the French days!

This week we have been enjoying identifying and solving addition sums independently. We have used matching cards to match sums and have even created our own addition sentences!

Happy 11th birthday to you! We enjoyed celebrating in class with cake and party dances!

This week in English we have been using Colourful Semantics to create our own sentences about events which take place in our story!

Happy 10th birthday to these two superstars! We enjoyed celebrating their birthdays in class today with cake and lots of party games!

We enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year in class through lots of craft activities, including making our own Chinese Dragon!

In Maths this week we have enjoyed exploring place value. We have been able to identify the value of different elements within 2-digit and 3-digit numbers !

In Art we enjoyed exploring the work of Ian Davenport and made our own versions using crayons and hair dryers to melt the colours together!

In Maths this week we have been focusing on identifying values of money and adding different amounts together. We have identified the differences between pounds and pence and have counted amounts independently!

We have had an excellent first week back. In PSHE we have been exploring angry and sad emotions and how we can display these emotions to others. We really enjoyed exploring facial expressions related to these emotions in mirrors!

We enjoyed making our own Christingles and all enjoyed exploring what each of the elements of the Christingle meant. We also enjoyed the Christingle assembly with the rest of school to celebrate the end of term!

We all enjoyed celebrating with our friends at our Christmas Party. We played pass the parcel, corners and danced with all of our friends!

We have enjoyed performing our Christmas Concert to lower school and our parents this week. We played the role of school children and all looked very smart in our outfits!

This week we have enjoyed beginning some festive activities in class. We all helped to decorate the Christmas tree and it looked beautiful!

We celebrated St Andrew's Day by creating our own tartan patterns using the Scottish flag colours, as well as making a thistle collage using paper plates and our hand prints!

In our Maths lessons this week we have been focusing on place value and understanding the quantity of different numbers. We have been using tallies to create amounts, including numbers up to 100, and some of us have been using a fishing game to retrieve numbers up to 20!

Happy 11th birthday to this superstar! We had a super party in class with yummy cake and lots of party dances!

In our English lessons we have been developing our sentence structures by using Colourful Semantics to identify 'who', 'what doing', 'what' and 'where'. We have then been writing these sentences independently.

In our RE lesson this week we explored the story of the 'Good Samaritan' and manipulated different religious objects. We also developed our knowledge of the last supper and why this is so important to Christians!

To celebrate the lives of the veterans that fought in the war we created our own art work using different types of paper to create poppies and cards.

We have enjoyed using and making different times on analogue clocks to develop our understanding of o'clock and half past!

To celebrate Bonfire Night we created our own firework paintings using bright colours and pipe cleaners! We also made our own Catherine wheels with paper plates, glitter and ribbons!

As part of our PSHE lesson this week we enjoyed engaging in some role play to develop our understanding of how money can be exchanged in shops and exchanging money for items!

This week in Maths we have developed our understanding of 'greater than' and 'less than' through creating our own sums and deciding which sign would be the correct one for different sums.

This half term in French we have been focusing on French Cafe's. We have enjoyed role playing and taking orders pretending we are in a French Cafe, and have developed our understanding of the French language!

We celebrated this superstars 10th birthday in Herons Class this week! We enjoyed yummy cake and took part in lots of different party games!

During our Maths lessons this week we have been exploring and naming 3D shapes. We have enjoyed creating 3D shapes with polydron and creating patterns using the shapes!

We have enjoyed exploring our new story 'The Marvellous Moon Map'. We have used sensory items from the story to explore the events that take place, as well as sequencing what happens!

This week in Science we created our own moon mobiles which explore the phases of the Moon!

As part of our English work this week we have been developing our writing by identifying synonyms to use within our work and using adjectives and conjunctions to enhance our written ideas. We enjoyed exploring the sensory story and making our own toys to include within the retelling of the story!

In our PE lessons we have been exploring different ways to travel around large spaces following instructions through music. We have also enjoyed developing our fundamental skills through playing games, such as 'farmer and rabbits'.

In our PSHE lesson this week we created our own food pyramid based on the nutritional value of different food groups. We were able to explore how many portions of each food group we should have a day and identified which food groups were the best for our bodies!

As part of our learning in Maths we have been using Numicon, counting bears and tens sticks to add amounts together. We were able to use the '+' and '=' signs correctly and some of us even added amounts over 100 together!

We had our first birthday in Herons Class this week! Happy 10th birthday to this superstar!

This week in our French lesson we designed and created our own French themed menus with our favourite foods that we have tried in class!

As part of our English work we have been reading and exploring different stories relating to 'Earth and Space'. We have enjoyed identifying key events that take place and writing about our favourite parts in the story 'Whatever Next'.

We have enjoyed creating our own brooches, pendants and bracelets using tin foil and jewels that the Anglo Saxons would have worn during our History lesson this week!

In Art and DT we have been exploring how we can design and create our own rockets using different materials. This week we used clay to mould and create our own rockets, and we used our hand drawn designs to create a rocket from Lego!

This week in Maths we have been using different equipment to measure the size of items and identifying how big or small objects are. We have ordered items from biggest to smallest, used scales to compare weight and measured using rulers!

This week we started to learn all about the Anglo Saxons during our History lesson. We enjoyed exploring and researching facts about who the Anglo Saxons were, and we even got to dress up as one!