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Welcome to Herons Class

We had fun riding the bikes today in PE.

In Science we have been learning all about shadows and how they are created. We enjoyed going outside in the sunshine and experimenting with our own shadows, then drawing around them with chalk.

We had a great time playing Bingo via Zoom with some other schools in the local area!

We enjoyed sculpting tin foil people in Art. We then shone a torch to look at it's shadow and draw around it.

Last week we collected rubbings of different textures. Today we enjoyed using these rubbings to create our own pictures.

We've enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year today. We made some Ox lanterns, as it is the year of the Ox. Then we sampled some yummy Chinese food.

We really enjoyed attempting to build our own igloos! It was much harder (and colder!) than we thought it would be. We then made our own igloo's out of Lego which was much easier.

This week our story is 'The Raven and the Loon'. The children designed the loon a new coat using cotton buds and paint. We think they did a brilliant job!

We are really enjoying our healthy eating topic in DT. Last week we made veggie taco's and this week we made granola balls.

We enjoyed making smoothies today as part of our healthy food topic in DT.

A late present drop off from Father Christmas!

We have enjoyed celebrating St Andrew's Day today.

We did some great repeating pattern work in Maths!

We've enjoyed our Children in Need activities today!

Remember remember the 5th of November... We have loved celebrating bonfire night in Heron's class.

In DT we have been making our own light installations. Our models each had a circuit connected to light up a bulb.

We enjoyed making 3D shapes using dough.

Friday afternoon fun- making faces using lots of different vegetables.

We are enjoying learning about electricity in Science. We have been exploring battery operated toys and have begun to make our own circuits.