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Welcome to Herons Class

In our Maths lessons we have been exploring odd and even numbers, and we got to take the lesson outside to separate odd and even numbers on the chalk board!

In RE we have been learning about Hinduism and this week we explored Holi festival. which is a time for celebration for Hindus. We created our own pieces of art by splattering paint onto paper to incorporate colour into our work!

In our PE lessons we have been exploring different equipment to strengthen our balance and we have been moving our bodies in different ways to learn new skills!

We have been exploring different Kings and Queens through time in our History lessons and this week we got to dress up as Kings, Queens and Knights!

In Art this week we have been exploring the work of Ian Davenport and we made our own art pieces based on his work!

In Science we have been exploring different materials and changes that they can go through. This week we conducted our own experiment with ice, water and heat to identify different changes of state that a material can go through!

Happy 10th Birthday to this superstar!

This week we explored our new story called 'The Queens Knickers'. We designed our own knickers for the Queen and made a wanted poster for her lost knickers!

This week in Herons we have been looking at different coins and amounts using money in our Maths lessons, and we have been able to count pennies to pay for items in our pretend shop!

This week we have focused on strengthening our fine motor skills through pencil grip and cutting skills activities!

We have had a super first week back at school and we have enjoyed beginning to learn about all our new topics! In RE we started to explore Hinduism and made our own lanterns!

Herons Class had a great time making our Christingles for our celebration on the last day of term! Have a lovely Christmas and we will see you all in the New Year!

We had an amazing Christmas Party in Herons class! We did lots of fun dancing and took part in different party games!

Today we had our yummy Christmas Dinner in Herons Class and we all got to use our own placemats and hats that we created!

This afternoon we had a visit from a very special visitor and we got to open our Christmas presents in class!

We had lots of fun making our own Christmas wreaths!

We have been doing some super matching of numerals to the number of objects given in our Maths lessons!

Today in Herons we made our own hats ready for our Christmas Dinner in school this week!

This week we have been preparing for our Christmas celebrations in Herons. We have made centre pieces using our hands and paint for our Christmas Dinner!

This week in Herons we got the opportunity to create our own placemats for our Christmas Dinner in a few weeks time!

This week in Herons we welcomed an unexpected guest, who goes by the name of Angel the Elf. Angel has been very mischievous and we have found her in silly places around the classroom. We have also explored snow in the sand tray, which we all loved getting messy with!

This week we designed and made our own Christmas baubles for the school Christmas tree!

Today we celebrated Children in Need. We came into school in spotty clothes and Pudsey clothing, and made our own Pudsey collage pictures. Thank-you for all your donations!

This week in Maths we have explored telling the time with analogue clocks and we were able to show the time to the hour using our own clocks in class!

To celebrate Remembrance Day we learnt about the importance of poppies and we made our own poppy collages!

This week in Herons we have explored our new topic of 'Autumn' and in English we were able to explore a new book called 'Little Goose's Autumn'. We were able to go outside and hunt for different autumnal objects from the woodland and the playground!

We had a great first day back in Herons! We started to learn about Bonfire Night and why we celebrate it. We looked at who Guy Fawkes was and we explored what the Gunpowder Plot was. We also made our own firework pictures.

Today in Herons we celebrated our first birthday of the year! We had lots of fun doing party dances, games and we all got to enjoy some yummy cake!

This week in Humanities we came to the end of our topic of 'Anglo-Saxons'. This week we explored more of the armour that they would have used!

Today in Maths we used cubes to match to different numerals and we counted objects and then matched these to the numeral by circling the numbers. We also explored different numeral cushions and we made numerals out of playdough, as well as matching the quantities to dots!

Today we celebrated PML day in Herons. We were able to listen to different songs and nursery rhymes in different languages, we looked at facts about different countries and we also looked at and coloured different flags, and we then got to design our own flags!

This week in Maths we have done some super fishing for numbers using our fine motor skills, and we were even able to make our own number patterns. We have also done some excellent ordering from 1-10 and we have been able to practise our number formations through counting space figures!

In History we designed and made our own 'Anglo-Saxon' shields. We used different colours and shapes to make the shields personal to us!

Today in Maths we started to look at different 2D shapes. We were able to identify the shapes, match them to their symbols and then traced over them!

In Maths we have been matching numerals from 1 to 5 to quantities of objects. We have used cubes to help with our counting and we have made marks for each cube that we have counted!

This week we have been focusing on developing our fine motor skills. We have been able to make towers and rockets out of Jenga pieces, as well as doing some super colouring about our topic 'Earth and Space'.

In Music this week we have explored a new song relating to our topic of 'Earth and Space'. We were able to choose our own instruments and play alongside the music, moving our instruments to the beat!

In RE today we looked at a story called 'A superhero like you' learning about people that help us. Following this, we dressed up as our favourite superheroes. We dressed up as doctors, police and paramedics!

In Maths this week we have looked at ordering numbers from 1-10, as well as matching different numerals to their quantities!

In English this week we have explored a new poem called 'Blast Off'. We have enjoyed making our own rockets for the fluffy bear to fly to the moon on!

In Science this week we really enjoyed making our own fizzy lava lamps using different food colouring for each one!

In English this week we have continued to explore our new story of 'Field Trip to the Moon' and we all enjoyed getting to dress up as some of the characters!

In French we have been learning about the names of different French foods, as well as learning the names of other foods that we eat everyday too!

This week in Maths we have had fun exploring measurement through weighing cubes and sorting them into heavy and light categories. We have also had fun ordering different space items from biggest to smallest!