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Curriculum Newsletters 2023 - 24

In French we have been exploring different French Customs and enjoyed tasting and making some French Toast!

To begin our topic of 'Classification' in Science we enjoyed getting outside to explore different animals around the school grounds. We were able to name the different habitats they live in and ticked these off our 'I Spy' lists!

We have enjoyed getting out in the sunshine and completing some fun activities including den building, having a picnic and completing a scavenger hunt using our own binoculars we made!

This week we enjoyed celebrating National Numeracy Day. We took part in different activities involving number, counting, shape and measurement to develop our understanding of vocabulary and solving mathematical problems!

In Music we have enjoyed listening to a variety of British musicians and have been able to play different instruments in time to the beat!

In our Geography lessons we have developed our understanding of where in the world we live and how our country compares to other countries. We have enjoyed identifying the different items found in hot and cold countries around the world!

In our PE lessons we have been developing our running and relay skills to prepare us for Sports Day. We have enjoyed going onto the all-weather pitch to practise different races!

We enjoyed celebrating Earth Day this week. We went outside to our class planter and planted lots of beautiful flowers. In class we also planted our own sunflowers!

We had a super day celebrating Eid in Herons Class. We enjoyed trying on traditional clothing, making our own pillars of Islam and enjoyed tasting lots of yummy traditional food!

We have enjoyed creating some chocolate chip Easter biscuits and doing lots of fun crafts activities ready for Easter!

We enjoyed going over to Holly Grove to explore the UV sports event. We enjoyed taking part in the different PE activities and particularly enjoyed the UV disco at the end!

Throughout this term some of Herons Class have enjoyed going to a multi-skills session at a leisure centre to develop different physical skills with other primary schools!

This week we enjoyed celebrating Science Day. We planted our own sunflowers, created a life cycle of a chicken with materials and looked at the parts of flowers and how they grow over time!

We enjoyed celebrating World Book Day in class focusing on superheroes in our story of 'A superhero like you'. We named characters in the story, made our own superhero masks and identified which superhero we would want to be!

In our English lessons we have been exploring stories all about Early Benin. We have enjoyed filling in missing information through recalling knowledge from the text and developing our fine motor skills through tracing words from the story!

To celebrate St David's Day we enjoyed exploring some facts about Wales and developed our understanding of who St David was. We enjoyed making our own Welsh cakes and explored different craft activities!

We enjoyed celebrating PML day through completing some research about France, trying some yummy French foods and making an Eiffel Tower from straws!

This week in our History lesson we enjoyed beginning to learn all about Early Benin. We were able to explore artefacts and dress up in traditional clothing, and sorted pictures into old and new categories!

To celebrate Chinese New Year we enjoyed some yummy food and looked at different pictures of celebrations to make colourful semantics sentences!

We enjoyed our visit from the Life Education Centre in class and all loved meeting Harold the Giraffe. We learnt about how we can keep our bodies healthy and happy!

We have enjoyed exploring moving our bodies in different ways and from different heights in our PE lessons. We have able to access different apparatus to strengthen our bodies and muscles through stretching, jumping and balancing!

This week in Art we have explored different fruits and identified ones we like or dislike. We designed our own fruit kebabs and chose fruits which we enjoyed to put onto these!

In our Music lessons we have been exploring long and short sounds through playing a range of different instruments. We have been able to play as part of a group to explore different sounds!

In our Science lesson we have enjoyed exploring different bones and organs within our bodies and have looked at what effect exercise has on our bodies through testing our heart rate before and after exercise!

We enjoyed creating our own Christingles in class and learnt about the different elements and the meaning behind them. We used these in our Christingle service and enjoyed making these independently!

We had an excellent Christmas party day with some of Upper School. We enjoyed dancing, party games and spending time with all of our friends!

We enjoyed being bright stars in our Christmas performance! We did some excellent dancing and singing to the song!

In Maths we have been doing some excellent number recognition work and have been developing our understanding of making amounts between 5 and 15. Some of us have also been developing our understanding of division through sharing items into equal groups!

The children have enjoyed creating some excellent festive pieces of Art and RE work. We have made our own Advent wreaths, baubles and cards using different materials and lots of glitter!

To celebrate St Andrews Day we enjoyed taking part in different crafts and baking activities. We made our own shortbread as a whole class and enjoyed creating collages of the Scottish flag!

In our PSHE lessons we have been exploring kind and unkind behaviours and how we can be a good friend to others. This week we sorted kind and unkind situations into different groups!

We have enjoyed celebrating Children in Need day in class with lots of arts and crafts. We made our own class collage of Pudsey, created Pudsey using play dough and painted spots onto Pudsey using sponges!

In our English lessons we have started to learn about the story of 'Oliver Twist'. We enjoyed creating our own 'gruel' using porridge oats and milk, and added our own toppings!

We have been exploring different craft activities to commemorate Remembrance Day. We made our own poppies using potatoes to print and enjoying using sponges to make poppies with paint!

In our Maths lessons we have been using number skills to sequence, add numbers and make amounts to 10 using tallying and objects!

In our History lesson we have started to develop our understanding of who the Vikings were by exploring items that they would have used. We made our own helmet and shields and identified old and new items linked to the Vikings!

We have been creating some excellent lightshades this half term using string and balloons. We have been able to add glue onto the string to make a strengthened light shade and then painted these with different colours before popping the balloon to take home!

We have been developing our understanding of 2D shapes through accessing a range of practical activities. We have been able to name different 2D shapes and make our own using play dough, pipe cleaners and lollipop sticks. We have also enjoyed sorting the shapes into categories independently!

In our PE lessons we have enjoyed exploring different ways to move around large spaces. We have navigated our bodies around the hall using different ways to travel and have explored different heights when using apparatus to develop flexibility and strength!

In our Maths lessons we have explored counting amounts to 10 and some of us have even been able to double these amounts using mirrors!

Happy 10th birthday to this superstar! We enjoyed some party games and yummy cake in class.

We enjoyed celebrating Jeans for Genes day in class. We completed some collaging of jeans and created different faces using playdough!

In our PSHE lessons we have been exploring different rules and laws that keep us safe. We have been able to choose the most important rule to each of us and enjoyed creating our own class rules!

In our Geography lessons we have been exploring the sounds and movements caused by an earthquake. We enjoyed using rice and drums to explore the effects of an earthquake!

We have had a super first week back in Herons Class. We have enjoyed taking part in some fine motor activities!