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Wednesday 24th June, 2020

What an amazing time you are having in the paddling pool.  Just what you need on such a hot day. 

Friday 29th May, 2020

It looks like you are having a lovely time with your sisters relaxing in the lovely sunshine.  You look very cool in your sunglasses!

Thursday 7th May, 2020

What a fantastic time you are having enjoying the sunshine and playing on your trampoline.  What a beautiful smile!

Sunday 19th April, 2020 

Happy Birthday!  What a lovely birthday you have had at home with your family.  Thank you for sharing these photos. 

In History we are learning about The Industrial Revolution. We've been exploring what life was like in the Victorian times and in true Hedgehogs style, we've dressed up and enjoyed some role play!

Our new topic this term is 'Sound.' We went on a 'sound hunt' around school and recorded the noises we heard. We listened carefully to the sounds and then drew pictures of the things we heard. We've also explored how sound is made and how sound travels.

Hedgehogs have enjoyed singing along to and dressing up as '10 Little Soldiers' in our Maths this week.

In Hedgehogs we have started a '25 days of kindness' advent calendar. We've created bird feeders, given compliments and opened doors for people.

Hedgehogs class have loved performing in the Christmas production 'Come to the Manger.' All of the Hedgehogs class team were extremely proud of the children's wonderful singing and makaton signing.

This week we've started a new class novel, 'Stickman.' We really enjoyed sharing the story together using a range of sensory props.

Hedgehogs have got that 'Friday feeling' today blowing and counting bubbles! We've been learning about 'more or less' and 'one less.'

In PSHE we have been finding out about people who help us. This week we've enjoying exploring the the doctors surgery.

We've enjoyed finding and counting buried treasure in the sand this week. We've had to match it to the correct numeral on the treasure chests.

Hedgehogs have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We've dressed up in Ancient Egyptian 'role-play' clothing and explored artifacts from this time. We've also really enjoyed creating tutankhamun masks and our name in hieroglyphics.

This week a 'pirate' visited our class to teach us about weighing 'treasure.' When we went to our tables, we applied our learning through weighing classroom objects in non-standard measures (cubes.) We also investigated a basket with 'heavy' and 'light' objects.

This week we've started our new class novel, 'The Night Pirates.' We've really enjoyed getting in to role and dressing as pirates! In English we've listened to the sensory story and in Maths we've worked hard counting 'pirate treasure.'

In English, Hedgehogs class have been learning about instructions. We've learnt how to make a jam sandwich, practiced saying and signing the instructions and we have sequenced the instructions. Some of us have created our own instructions about how to make a sandwich with a different filling.

In our Science we have been learning all about digestion. We explored the parts of the body involved in digesting our food and we have carried out a science investigation.

This week in Maths we had a 'special visitor,' a little old lady called Mrs Butter who needed our help to match the amounts of food to the number on her shopping bags! We worked hard to match amounts to numerals.

Hedgehogs class have enjoyed exploring our grounds and going on an Autumn hunt to learn all about this season.

This week in our math lessons, we have been learning all about 2d shapes. We've named and sorted the shapes and learnt all about 2d shape properties. In our science we have been learning about our teeth and how we can look after them.

We've been busy getting to know each other in Hedgehogs class. We've created our class promise and signed it with our fingerprints. We've also been thinking about good friends and bad friends. We've role played good friends and sorted pictures of good and bad friends.