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Curriculum Newsletters 2023 - 24

Easter activities! Here are some pictures of Easter activities Hedgehogs have been doing including Easter PE activities, Art activities, Fine motor activities and icing biscuits. We hope everyone has a safe and happy time over the holidays!

Butterfly House 2024

We had a wonderful day at the Butterfly House in Lancaster.  The children explored all the butterflies and spotted some fish in the stream.  We had a packed lunch in the gardens.  The children had lots of fun playing on the park.  The weather was very kind and surprisingly warm.

In Hedgehogs we celebrated Science Day. The focus this year was on Time.  We began the day by investigating shadows and how they are made.  The children also made a sundial using a paper plate and a pencil.  Unfortunately, it was a rainy day so we used torches to try and recreate the passage of the sun during the day.  We ended the day by making ice cream in a bag.  The children really enjoyed this activity.

Saint Patrick's Day- We have taken part in multisensory activities to celebrate St Patrick's day.

Share Our Learning- Thank you to everyone who attended Share Our Learning- here are some photos of the super work everyone did linked to Rainforest animals!

World Book Day- We have had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day. We enjoyed time in our reading den on arrival and then read the 'Supertato' story altogether. We have then taken part in lots of activities over the day linked to this- well done Hedgehogs!

PE- We have been working on our throwing and catching skills including working on throwing/ rolling a ball with a partner and throwing towards a target. We also worked as a whole class team when playing 'Bean bag collection'.

Science- We have been identifying and sorting living and non-living things.

Chinese New Year- We have had a fantastic day learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year. We took part in English, Maths and Art activities linked to Chinese New Year and tasted some foods.

English- We have been listening to the poem 'If I were King'- We have taken part in activities including to make requests for story items, to identify what the writer said they would do if they were king and we have considered what we would do if we were King.

Science- Materials- We have been working on naming materials and identifying solids and liquids. We have also started to look at how materials can be changed and predicted what would happen when different materials were put in the microwave.

History - Kings and Queens

       The children have been learning about types of food that were both produced and eaten during Medieval times in Britain.  The children learned how to make flatbreads using a traditional recipe.  The children followed the recipe and with the help of an adult fried their bread to taste.  The children gave the bread a mixed review.

Maths - Sequencing/Repeating Patterns - The children used connecting cubes to make sequences of colours with repeating patterns.  Some children threaded beads to show a sequence of colours, whilst others followed a visual to make their sequence.

Kings and Queens Poetry - In English the children have been learning different poems linked to the topic.  This week we listened to and recited the poem, 'The Queen of Hearts'.  The children enjoyed making Jam Tarts for the King.

Maths Money- We have been learning about Money including, sorting coins, identifying coins and exchanging coins for preferred items.

For Art this half term in Hedgehogs, the children have been learning about different artists who use colour.  The children have learned about Jackson Pollock, Ian Davenport and Callum Innes.  The children used coloured chalks to create their designs on the school yard.

Statistics- In our Maths lessons focusing on Statistics we have been working on sorting by a given criteria or into multiple categories e.g. by shape/ colour/ size/ type of object. Some of us have then been using our understanding of counting to make block graphs and start to answer questions about these.

Viva Espania!!  The children are on a Journey to Bethlehem in Geography this half-term.  Each week we explore a different country.  This week we travelled to Spain.  We had our passports stamped and then boarded a plane to fly to sunny Spain.  The children watched a video showing Spanish traditions, famous landmarks and authentic foods.  Afterwards, the children had the opportunity to taste some Spanish cuisine.  

This week in Hedgehogs class we have been talking about friendship.  Some of the children gave examples of what it is that makes a good friend.  The children played a variety of board games to practise turn taking skills.  The children had lots of fun.  We also made some Gingerbread Friends Biscuits.

This week the children enjoyed a trip to Asda.  The children have been learning about how to use money and what it is needed for.  The children had a shopping list and were encouraged to find the different items in the store.  They then placed the items onto the check out and paid.  They all had a very good time.

Children in Need- Here are some of the activities we took part to celebrate children in need including; Naming things we might see linked to Children in Need using symbols, using colourful Semantics to communicate about pictures linked to the 'Pudsey's great fundraiser' story and icing biscuits and making bandanas!

Time- We have been working on developing our awareness of time (including through activities comparing how long it takes to fill and empty different containers and pouring materials quickly and slowly) and ability to tell the time or solve problems linked to time through practical activities. Well done Hedgehogs!

Remembrance day- Here are examples of some activities we have been taking par in to commemorate and develop understanding of Remembrance Day,

Bonfire Night- In Art we took part in some Bonfire Night activities. We have been working on using materials appropriately in simple processes, attempting new techniques with less support, and completing a piece of Art work by following an established pattern of activity. We also took part in Bonfire Night motor skill activities.

Aliens love underpants- Here are some examples of activities we have been doing linked to the story including playing story picture bingo to support understanding of story vocab, devising questions that we would ask characters, finding pictures in the Alien 'goo' tray and using symbols to communicate about these, using symbols to make requests linked to the story e.g. to select colours to make our own underpants pictures, and playing story questions snakes and ladders. Well done Hedgehogs!

Phonics- Phase 1- These superstars have been working on mouth movement activities including blowing bubbles, feathers, instruments, blowing out candles and trying to drink through a straw.

Maths- These children have been working hard on their tallying skills.

Marshmallows for Martians- Here are some examples of the work we have been doing linked to this story including working on communicating what items we would pack to take to mars, Using symbols to communicate about what is happening in the pictures, and using our writing skills to make 'mini books'

Jeans for Genes- We have been taking part in activities to celebrate Jeans for Genes day and have been thinking about how our Genes make us all unique and special.

History- Anglo-Saxon jobs- As part of our work learning about Anglo-Saxons we have been learning about jobs they would have had to do such as farming and weaving and we have also been learning about how their writing was different to ours and made Anglo-Saxon Runes.

PSHE - This week we have been learning about how to keep our bodies fit and healthy.  We have talked about healthy and unhealthy food choices.  The children made Fruit Smoothies using a choice of fruits.  The children had to decide which fruit they would like to make their smoothie either verbally or by using symbols.  

French - Bonjour!! This week in French we have been learning the phrases for the ingredients needed to make French Crepes.  The children followed a simple recipe and then chose what filling they would like.  

Maths - We have been exploring 2D shapes in Maths this week.  The children sorted shape beanbags in the lower woodland.  Some children collaged some large 2D shapes for the classroom display.

English - The children have been learning about the Apollo 11 Moon Landings and imagining what it would be like to travel to the moon.  We dressed up up as astronauts.

DT- We have started learning about Rockets. We have been working on beginning to name parts of a rocket and discussing the purposes of these.

English- This week we started the story 'Toys in space'. We have been working on developing our understanding of key language including our ability to understand single words and to communicate about story characters and pictures using 2+ key words.