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Spring Two: The Rainforests.

In Geography, we learned that there are four layers of the Rainforest and different animals live at different layers. Even the climate is different in the different layers!

We have been preparing for Mothering Sunday and making beautiful things for our lovely mums to say Thank You.

We have been sculpting Rainforest Bugs. There are so many to choose from!

In English, we have been learning about sentence construction. We can recognize when to use capital letters and full stops and we can extend our sentences using the word and. We have been very busy indeed!

In Maths, we have been learning about half, halving and dividing by two.

To help us learn about and celebrate Chinese New Year (The Year of The Ox) 2021, we used role-play, we sequenced the story of 'The Great Race', investigated Chinese money and made dragons using 2-D shapes.

We have been having fun and hanging out with our friends at playtimes.

We have been using our bodies and musical instruments (of our choosing) to make Rainforest Music. We swapped our instruments as we changed our minds about the music we wanted to make.

In RE this term, we have been learning about how Christians learn from the stories of Jesus. We have been learning about religion and from religion and deciding about what we can learn from the stories to help us live our lives.

We have been learning about Measure.  We can tell in words or signing, smaller/bigger, taller/shorter, longest/shortest and we are able to find these measures by comparing objects with each other.  

We have been learning all about being healthy and staying healthy in PSHE with Mrs Hoyle. We made some delicious fruity kebabs. We also made some fabulous prints using fruit and vegetables.

We have been using Nature and its beauty as a stimulus for our sculpture... it's not easy but we have all worked really hard.

World Book Day

We love Role-Play in Hedgehogs because we can express ourselves freely. We can be the characters and experience in our own way, what it might be like for another person in the story. Here we were learning about the story or Jesus feeding the 5,000.

Our Class book this half-term, is the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. We have used role-play to re-tell the story, sequenced the story using our puppets, and experienced the fun music from the original film over the past few weeks.

Spring One: Queen Victoria's Knickers and Changing Materials.

We have been relaxing and chatting at Lunchtimes.

We have been learning about Holi in RE and have used Drama and Art to re-tell the story of Prahlad and Holika. We used coloured balls instead of paint for our Holi Celebration.

We have been learning about Kings and Queens of England through time. There's been lots of fun, role-play and language experience and we have been able to express ourselves in our own unique way.

Great fun in the snow!

We've been exploring changing materials in Science.

In Mathematics we have been using Addition Snakes and Ladders to improve our mental recall of number. We also had to work on our communications skills .

In Mathematics, we have been learning about Ordinal Numbers and have placed ourselves, objects and story sequences into 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last place. Some of us were able to place objects up to and including 20th place.

We have been learning to sew in Hedgehogs. Hedgehogs sewing hedgehogs!

Fun learning in English and our History topic - The Queen's Knickers and Queen Vitoria's Knickers.

January birthdays were fun in Hedgehogs Class.

Art Pouring Techniques - Looking at how the paint changes state when secret ingredients are added...

Autumn Two: Exploring Winter and Ten Little Lights.

This half-term, the children have been learning about Remembrance, Winter and Christmas. We have been having lots of fun during our learning journey.



Autumn One: Space and Anglo Saxons.

This half-term, children have been learning about Space.  It has been great fun and we have worked really hard.