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Science- In science we have been learning about the weather. This week we continued our work on snow and also learnt about the wind. Everyone particularly enjoyed making and exploring our sensory snow.

Numeracy day! We have taken part in lots of practical Maths activities for Numeracy Day including practicing our measuring and counting skills.

Wow- Look at this fantastic engagement and concentration when completing the number puzzle!

Happy Birthday! this superstar was 9 over the weekend!

Earth day! We have been taking part in lots of practical and multisensory activities to celebrate Earth day! We have learnt about how the Earth is made up of lots of different areas and how it is important for us to tidy up our rubbish so we can look after the planet!

Happy Birthday! This superstar was 9 today!

Science- 'Animal homes'- This term in Science we have been learning about where different animals live. We have been on mini-beasts hunts and explored the creatures we found using bug viewers and we have spent time finding animals in different 'Habitat trays' including Jungle, Farm, Garden and Snowy trays and developed our ability to identify animals found. some of us have also worked on sorting animals.

Adventure playground! This superstar had a fantastic time on the slide this afternoon!

St Patricks day- Hedgehogs have had a fantastic day celebrating St Patricks day!

'Who is hiding at the seaside?' In English we have been reading 'Who is hiding at the seaside?' linked to our animal homes topic. Here are some examples of some activities we have been doing linked to the text including using PECS to request animals, choosing preferred animals, using symbols to name animals, exploring sensory trays, using colourful semantics to communicate about related pictures and working on our gross motor skills through mark making opportunities linked to the text. A few children also worked on identifying the initial letter sounds for different animals- well done Hedgehogs!

World book day! Hedgehogs have had a fantastic day celebrating world book day. We read the 'Pirates love underpants' story and took part in related activities, we also had lots of time to explore reading different books on our own and with adults.

Robins work! This superstar has been doing some fantastic work in Robins. He has been using his switch purposefully to continue the song and today continued to focus on the switch and song even when an I-pad was present which can often be a big distraction- Amazing!

Still image for this video

Measuring Capacity- This week in Maths we have been exploring capacity. We have worked on adding materials to containers, developing cause and effect awareness when manipulating materials and on developing our understanding of difference in capacity and related language as appropriate e.g. full, empty, more, less, most and least!. Well done Hedgehogs!

Super Phonics work this morning! We are working on listening attentively to sounds including adults modelling letter sounds and are beginning to use our voices so copy some sounds. Some children have also continued to develop their letter recognition skills- finding the correct letter in response to the sound said by an adult. Well done Hedgehogs!

PHSE!- Fantastic work finding our pegs to put back our coats/bags!

Happy Birthday! This superstar was 10!

Welcome back! We have had some super number work in Hedgehogs class this week!

Making Christingles! In preparation for our special Christingle assembly this afternoon before we break up for Christmas we each made our own Christingles! We hope you all have a lovely time over the holidays- see you in 2022!

Christmas dinner! We have a lovely time having our Christmas dinner today!

Making Salt dough decorations!- This afternoon we made salt dough decorations! We are planning on decorating them later this week!

Children in need! This morning we took part in lots of activities to celebrate children in need. Some children also wore spotty/ Pudsey clothing to raise money. Thank you for your donations!

Happy Birthday! This superstar was 9 today!

Electricity- We have been exploring a range of electrical items and toys in Science with support investigating how to activate these and observing the effect our actions have!

Fizzing fireworks- As part of our work on Bonfire night we tried a 'fizzing fireworks' experiment. Children selected the colours they wanted to use and watched the reaction closely. We then talked about what we could see.

Gross motor skills- Hedgehogs used the balance track and stepping stones to work on their balance and co-ordination skills!

It's my birthday! We had our first Hedgehog birthday of the year before half term- this superstar was 9!

Making croissants! After tasting French foods in our French lesson we made some Croissants in DT. We rolled the pastry and then decided what ingredients to add to the middle before rolling the pastry up- fantastic work!

Digestion in a bag! As part of our teeth and eating topic we did explored 'Digestion in a bag'- We mixed foods in the bag as they would mix in our stomach- following instructions, to press, squeeze and observing the result, we then pushed out the poo!

We have been working on identifying which shops we would find different items at and on sorting different types of foods as some of our Geography work on food and where our food comes from.

This superstar did some fantastic concentrating in English today focusing on finding and matching story pictures with an adult and then doing some great mark making! Well done!

Making Pitta Pizzas! After tasting ingredients and practicing skills such as spreading and grating that we would need the previous week we made pitta pizzas!

Attention skills! In Hedgehogs we have been enjoying ‘Attention autism’ sessions as part of some whole class input times to help develop our ability to attend to exciting items (stage 1), and then sustain attention on another activity (stage 2). After making fantastic progress with attending to items in the bucket we have regularly attempted stage 2 this week and everyone has been engaging fantastically, well done Hedgehogs!

Super shape work!

Bounce/ fine motor! Depending on our individual needs we take part in Bounce or Fine motor activities after morning break!

Brushing our teeth! Our science topic this term is ‘teeth and eating’ we have been practicing brushing our teeth!

Bike riding! Fantastic engagement when bike riding from this super star and great communication, reaching to an adult when he wanted pushing!

Food from other countries! In DT we are going to be exploring and preparing some food from other countries. This week we explored and tasted some Chinese foods!

Hedgehogs! We read the story ‘that’s not my hedgehog!’ Then made our own hedgehog pictures to put on display! Well done everyone!