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Where in the UK is Barnaby Bear?- We are learning about different areas in the UK Barnaby has visited. After learning about our Local area last week and the week before we are now learning about the seaside. We have explored items linked to the seaside and also attempted to remove pictures that didn't belong at the seaside from out beach themed tray.

Remembrance day- As Remembrance day is on Sunday the whole school have been learning about this today. In squirrels class we spoke about how on remembrance day we think about people who keep us safe and kept us safe a long time ago. We completed some remembrance day activities then drove to Nelson Cenotaph to lay some of our work down.

Measurement- We have been developing our awareness of differences in size, trying to identify big and small items and some children worked on sorting objects by Size.

French day! On the last day of term the whole school took part in a themed day on France! We heard and said some French words, Made French Flags, tasted French food, Made croissants and even had the chance to use the virtual reality headsets in the Sensory room to visit Pairs!

Townley park! As part of Autumn week Squirrels class went on an Autumn walk at Townley park! We all had a fantastic time exploring the environment and were lucky enough to see a squirrel close up! We then spent a bit of time exploring the park!

Painting with natural materials- We went on a walk around school to look for lots of autumn leaves and sticks. We brought these back to squirrels and used them along with pine cones to paint. We worked on using the items to make marks with purpose and using them appropriately with greater independence.

An Autumn walk- 'We’re going on a walk today, I wonder what we’ll see. Will I like the things we find? Will they frighten me?' As an introduction to Autumn week we listened to the autumn walk poem and felt different materials linked to Autumn using our feet!

This superstar did some excellent Eye-gaze work in topic focusing on pictures of himself, his brother and their house to hear his favourite reward music played!

We have been reading the story 'Building a house' We have been working on identifying objects in the story and naming them using speech/signs. We role played different elements of the text including brick laying, diggers coming to dig a hole and painting the house! We did lots of good talking and signing during the activities!

'My home and my family' Is our topic for this half term. We have explored items we would find around the house and some children completed Jigsaws, putting together pictures of their own houses!

We have been making textured Squirrel pictures to go around the edge of our 'spotted in squirrels' display board. On this display we will be putting up examples of fantastic work we have seen happening in our class!