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Welcome to Ladybirds' Class



SCIENCE FIELD TRIP TO TOWNELEY PARK: As part of our science topic on plants we visited Towneley Park and completed a woodland walk identifying and naming some of the different plants we had learnt about. We also visited the cafe and playground, had ice creams and a picnic lunch and played in the sun - but who could blame us! A wonderful day spent with a wonderful group of children.

GEOGRAPHY: The children explored how water moved as part of our geography topic on the water cycle.

SUMMER SPORT. Ladybirds have been learning batting, bowling and fielding skills in cricket. Today we played a game of Diamond Cricket in the beautiful summer sun.

ICE CREAM TREAT. It may have been a wet end to a beautiful, sunny week but Ladybirds still enjoyed a refreshing ice cream.

OUR WONDERFUL GROUNDS WALK. We read and learnt a story called Rosie's Walk and then used this to create our own walk stories. We walked around the school grounds to find places we would like to visit on our walk. We then identified prepositions that would best match these places and created sentences to tell the story of our walk.

MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY: We had an amazing educational trip to MOSI at Manchester. The children were superb in taking part and answering questions in The Wonders of Light Show as part of their science topic. We explored the museum seeing steam trains and aircraft. We engaged in the many different activities in 'Experiment' and enjoyed a refreshing milk shake in the cafe to cool down on a very hot day.

ATHLETICS EVENT. Some children from Ladybirds and Eagles visited Holly Grove with other schools for an Athletics Event. They all returned with medals and certificates having proudly represented Pendle View.

BUSY DAY 3: CLASS ASSEMBLY. We led an assembly on our Ancient Greek topic. The children explained how the Ancient Greeks created the Olympics and demonstrated some events. They then retold the Hare and The Tortoise story written by Ancient Greek philosopher, Aesop. Well done to all the children in Ladybirds' class.

BUSY DAY 2: BIRTHDAY. We celebrated our class mate's 8th birthday.

BUSY DAY 1: SPRING FAIR. We prepared our class for the Spring Fair with 2 games (guess the lion's name and follow the yellow brick road bottle stall).

ENGLISH: PREPOSITION WALK. We walked to and around the woodland area using prepositions to describe our journey. For example: We went PAST the shed. We went THROUGH the gate. We walked UNDER the willow. We sat IN the house. We climbed ON the train. We ran DOWN the slope.

ST. GEORGE'S DAY. We celebrated St. George's Day on 23 April by making knights' tabards and painting red crosses on them. We then made some knight and dragon masks. Finally we dressed up as knights in our tabards and masks and went out hunting for dragons to slay.

ANCIENT GREECE: LAUREL WREATHS. We learnt that the victorious Greeks in the early Olympics were presented with laurel wreaths to wear on their heads. We made our own using cardboard and real leaves.

ANCIENT GREECE: OLYMPIC TORCHES. We learnt about how the Ancient Greeks invented the Olympics in our history topic. So, in art we made Olympic torches and then re-enacted the Olympic torch run.

Snowy day fun in Ladybirds Class.

In Art and DT we have been exploring stained glass windows. We investigated a range of papers to see which we could see light through. We then created our own stained glass pane to replicate the effect.

We are archaeologists. In Science, we have been exploring rocks and where they can be found. We explored our school grounds to see if we could find any very large rocks or boulders. We then dug in the earth to see what was below the ground. We used magnifying glasses to look carefully at the items we found.