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HAPPY BIRTHDAY: The first 10th birthday celebration in Herons this year. We snacked, sang, enjoyed the cake and played lots of traditional party games including pass the parcel and musical chairs. Great fun and super way to end the week.

ANGLO-SAXON BEADS: We learnt that the Anglo-Saxon women and men wore beads made of gold, other metals and precious stones. We made our own Anglo-Saxon bead chains.

ANGLO-SAXON CLOTHES: In history we explored historical clothing and identified the similarities and differences between historical and modern clothes. We then looked at what the Anglo-Saxon's wore.

MORE SOLAR SYSTEM SCIENCE: Following on from last week, Herons were challenged to recreate our Solar System using balls to represent the sun and planets and wool to show their orbits. They labelled the planets and placed them in the correct order moving away from the sun.

ROCKET TO THE MOON: As part of our English lessons Herons built a rocket and role played counting down and flying to the moon. Next week we will write instructions texts on how to launch a rocket based on this.

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SMOOTHIE MAKING: In English Herons made fruit smoothies and then learnt how to write instruction texts on how to make a smoothie.

SOLAR SYSTEM SCIENTISTS: Herons class learnt about our Solar System by each child representing a planet, the sun or our moon. The children walked around the sun in chalked out circles to represent planets orbiting the sun whilst the moon orbited the Earth. This helped the children to understand how planets move in relation to the sun and each other.

...and UP AND CYCLING: We finished an amazing first week with a cycling session. Possible Tour de France winners here.

UP AND RUNNING: Herons children launched straight into their learning this week, creating story sentences in English, measuring and comparing lengths in maths and investigating timelines in history. They have worked so hard - what a great start.