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NEW CLASS: Herons spent a lovely morning with Miss Heap in Beavers on Transition Morning

POSTCARDS FROM LYTHAM: We couldn't find postcards in Lytham so made our own and wrote about what we had done on our trip. We addressed them to our families and stuck a stamp on them. Kian and Mohsin went to the local postbox and posted them for us. Hopefully they'll be delivered to our parents soon. Parents: let us know when they arrive please.

SEASIDE TRIP: We visited Lytham St Annes as part of our Geography topic on the coast. We explored the beach (burying each other in sand!), ate a fish and chip lunch in the Cafe on the Pier, had an amazing time playing in the Splash Park and then enjoyed a refreshing ice cream. A great day out to end the year.

BIRTHDAY TIME: Celebrating another classmate's 10th birthday.

HOLLY GROVE VISIT: Our friends from Holly Grove visited for a seaside themed afternoon. We held a sandcastle competition, made a sand art picture and ate ice-creams.

EID CELEBRATION: Herons celebrated Eid in school by dressing up, having mehndi designs, cooking a curry and making samosas for a celebration meal, practicing praying customs, writing our own Eid thanks prayer and learning a dance.

SWIMMING GALA: Photos from the swimming gala held on 10 June 2019 can be found in the Sports Events section of News and Events on this website.

BURY TRANSPORT MUSEUM: After our steam train ride we had a super time exploring the transport museum. The children especially loved role-playing bus drivers.

STEAM TRAIN: We had an amazing time riding on a steam train from Bury to Rawtenstall. Children loved watching the engine working.

TRI GOLF: Herons walked to the Pendle Community High School to take part in a tri-golf event with a number of other local Pendle schools. We had a great time and saw many of our previous pupils who are now in Years 7 and 8.

SCIENCE TRIP: Herons had an amazing time at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester learning all about forces as well as exploring the museum and enjoying interactive science in 'Experiment'. A hot day so we really need those cool drinks in the cafe at the end.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: First birthday celebration we have had for a little while. Congratulations to another 10 year old.

AIR RESISTANCE: As part of our forces science topic we ran across the yard and then repeated this carrying a large piece of cardboard in front of us or dragging a parachute behind us to learn about how air resistance slows things down.

LIFE CYCLE: Herons have been caring from caterpillars since they were tiny. We watched them grow, cocoon themselves as chrysalises, transform into beautiful butterflies and be set free into our school environment.

EARTH DAY: Herons celebrated Earth Day by creating the start of an animal sculpture trail using sculptures made from recycled materials.

BIRTHDAY: We celebrated a young lady becoming 10.

BUTTERFLIES AND MINI-BEASTS: Herons enjoyed a trip to Williamson Park in Lancaster to visit the Butterfly House and Mini-Beasts as part of our topics on Animals and their Life Cycles and the Rainforests. How big were some of the butterflies and insects?

COMIC RELIEF: We made red nose biscuits to support the children's understanding of Comic Relief

SHARING OUR LEARNING: We welcomed parents and grandparents into our class for an interactive first lesson on division and sharing. We really enjoyed them visiting us to see what brilliant learners we all are.

WORLD BOOK DAY: We dressed up as book characters and learnt an interactive story called Winnie in Winter which we performed for Beavers Class.

SCULPTURE TRAIL: Herons enjoyed a walk around the sculpture trail at Brungerley Park in Clitheroe. Hot chocolates and pain aux chocolat as a well deserved snack. Gained ideas for our own school animal sculpture trail we plan to create. Photos of that to follow in the coming weeks.


Still image for this video
If I were king of Japan
I would use a big fan


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If I were king of France
At night I would dance


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If I were king of Denmark
All the dogs would bark


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If I were king of England
I would play in a band


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If I were king of Vietnam
I would not eat jam


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If I were king of Brazil
I would not get ill


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If I were king of Japan
I would get a tan


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Herons wrote their own rhyming poems based on AA Milne's 'If I Were King' poem. They then made videos of these.
If I were king of France
I would always dance

MEDIEVAL TOURNAMENT: Finally Heron knights battled against Beaver knights to win the favour of the Queen.

MEDIEVAL BANQUET: Herons and Beavers joined together to hold a medieval banquet to celebrate the end of their history topic on Kings, Queens and Castles.

PREPARING A FEAST FOR A KING: to round off our history topic we prepared a banquet including a medieval vegetable stew, fresh fish in parsley sauce, oat and honey biscuits, breads, fruits and apple juice.

TRIP TO HAWES: Herons enjoyed a long but rewarding trip to Hawes to visit the Wensleydale Creamery to discover how cheese is made as part of our science topic on reversible and irreversible changes. We then popped down to the Dales Countryside Museum for a spot of lunch on the train - how exciting - and then explored the museum.

SNOW FUN: We had an extended playtime. Perhaps we should have been in an English lesson but we had great fun!

MEDIEVAL KINGS AND QUEENS: We acted as servants to the King and Queen to ask them what they would like to eat as a way of exploring what foods they ate in medieval times. We then researched tapestries and painted our own medieval ones.

SKIPTON CASTLE: Herons and Beavers classes enjoyed a great trip to Skipton Castle as part of our Kings and Queens through the ages topic. The children explored all parts of the castle including the great hall, the kitchens, fireplaces, the towers, the dungeons and even the privies! Lots of walking and learning thanks to our wonderful tour guide, Gary. We even managed to celebrate a birthday whilst we were there.

HAPPY NEW YEAR: A new year and another birthday to celebrate.

ONE LAST BIRTHDAY: Despite all the Christmas events we found time to celebrate one last birthday in 2018.

CHRISTMAS PARTY: Herons dressed up in their party clothes, put on their party hats and then partied with the rest of Upper School.

CHRISTMAS LUNCH: Herons joined the rest of the school in celebrating Christmas with a special lunch. Thank you to our wonderful kitchen staff.

CLASS CHRISTMAS DECORATING: The children helped decorate their classroom this week.

MUSIC AND MOVEMENT: Some children from Herons, Owls and Eagles enjoyed a special music and movement lesson led by two dance students.

TOWNELEY PARK PLAYGROUND: Followed by a great time in the playground in the winter's sun. Super climbing and balancing skills shown by the children.

TOWNELEY PARK OLD STABLES CAFE: After a hard week of learning, a well deserved morning snack time of teacakes, toast and crumpets in the lovely Old Stables Cafe at Towneley Park.

THIRD HERONS CLASS BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH: Congratulations to yet another 10 year old.

WORKING AT THE CAR WASH YEAH: Herons worked so hard washing cars to raise money for Children in Need. So proud of them all.

ANOTHER BIRTHDAY: Another Heron celebrating double figures. Happy 10th birthday.

INDOOR ATHLETICS: Some children from Herons and Owls classes took part in an Indoor Athletics competition against other local schools. They all enjoyed participating and represented Pendle View very well.

REMEMBRANCE: Herons visited Asda and, after a relaxing drink, donated some money and wore our poppies.

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: Celebrating a certain young man's 10th birthday.

VIVA LA FRANCE: What a great way to end the first half-term. We had a school wide French Language Day. Herons learnt about different fruits in French, made (and ate) crepes and complete some number and colour games all in French.


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SPACEWALK VIDEO: We've just received this video footage from NASA showing the amazing spacewalks undertaken by Herons on their mission to boldly go.....

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SPACEWALK: We dressed up as astronauts and completed some spacewalks to help inspire us to write our Space Adventure stories.

THE ALIENS ARE COMING! : Herons created their own aliens characters which they then described in written form. They will use these characters in a story next week.

SPACE ODYSSEY 2018: Herons Class helped build a rocket and then completed some spacewalks - "look no gravity, I'm floating!"

CAPACITY CALCULATORS: In Maths Herons learnt about capacity by measuring containers using cups, litre bottles and measuring cylinders. Super working together in their groups by the children.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: The first 10th birthday celebration in Herons this year. We snacked, sang, enjoyed the cake and played lots of traditional party games including pass the parcel and musical chairs. Great fun and super way to end the week.

ANGLO-SAXON BEADS: We learnt that the Anglo-Saxon women and men wore beads made of gold, other metals and precious stones. We made our own Anglo-Saxon bead chains.

ANGLO-SAXON CLOTHES: In history we explored historical clothing and identified the similarities and differences between historical and modern clothes. We then looked at what the Anglo-Saxon's wore.

MORE SOLAR SYSTEM SCIENCE: Following on from last week, Herons were challenged to recreate our Solar System using balls to represent the sun and planets and wool to show their orbits. They labelled the planets and placed them in the correct order moving away from the sun.

ROCKET TO THE MOON: As part of our English lessons Herons built a rocket and role played counting down and flying to the moon. Next week we will write instructions texts on how to launch a rocket based on this.

Welcome to Herons Class

SMOOTHIE MAKING: In English Herons made fruit smoothies and then learnt how to write instruction texts on how to make a smoothie.

SOLAR SYSTEM SCIENTISTS: Herons class learnt about our Solar System by each child representing a planet, the sun or our moon. The children walked around the sun in chalked out circles to represent planets orbiting the sun whilst the moon orbited the Earth. This helped the children to understand how planets move in relation to the sun and each other.

...and UP AND CYCLING: We finished an amazing first week with a cycling session. Possible Tour de France winners here.

UP AND RUNNING: Herons children launched straight into their learning this week, creating story sentences in English, measuring and comparing lengths in maths and investigating timelines in history. They have worked so hard - what a great start.