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It was great fun seeing the animals at the Zoo and finding out more about where they lived!

In Science we have been learning about the habitats of different animals. Today we thought about why monkeys live up high in trees and then took our own monkeys into the woodland area to find their homes.

Eagles really enjoyed going to visit Queen Street Mill today. We learned a lot about weaving and how the Victorians lived.

In Science, we saw how sound is made through vibrations and took our tuning forks outside to see how they can vibrate against different objects.

In preparation for our trip to the mill, we looked at the different clothes Victorian people wore and spent time in a 'Victorian classroom', writing on slate with chalk.

In English we have been reading the story of the 3 Little Pigs. We went outside to try building our own houses out of a range of different materials.

Eagles have enjoyed spending time with their friends from Hedgehogs. We explored lots of different textures in Art and made a super mess in the process!

In Science we are learning all about sound. We went on a sound walk through the woodland area to see what we could hear.

In Music, we have been looking at copying patterns using a range of different instruments. We particularly enjoyed the drums!

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we made paper lanterns and created Chinese dragons from play-doh. We also tried some Chinese noodles and prawn crackers - yummy!

Today we had lots of fun going outside and exploring the snow. We made sure we were wrapped up warm in our coats and hats!

Using paints and collage materials, we decorated magic beans in Art.

In PE we have been practicing rolling and balancing during our gymnastics sessions.

This half term we have been reading 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. During our sensory play session we spent time exploring different types of beans, including baked beans, broad beans and kidney beans.

After learning about capacity in Maths, we used our skills to make play-doh.

In Science, we have been learning about Electricity and we have been exploring some different items that are powered by electric.

We have been having lots of fun mark making and spelling out our names in shaving foam in English.

Today we went outside to collect twigs to make the antlers on our paper cup reindeer. We had lots of fun dipping the antlers into glittery snow and adding a shiny, red nose!

We enjoyed our snowball hunt today!

We have been working hard to help each other with balancing and jumping in PE this week.

Eagles enjoyed a trip to 'Pets at Home', as part of our PSHE topic - People Who Help Us. We discovered how a vet can help animals who are sick or injured.

We decorated biscuits for Remembrance Day and talked about poppies and their significance.

We have been learning about people who help us. Everyone had lots of fun dressing up and helping each other. Our nurse and paramedic were particularly helpful in bandaging us up!

In Maths, we have been forming numbers in shaving foam. We had lots of fun and got a bit messy!

Today we have been learning all about France. In the morning, we made our own croissants for snack time - they were delicious! After that, we rode our bikes in our very own 'Tour de Pendle'!

We have been reading 'Handa's Surprise' in English this week. We made masks to help us retell the story.

In Art, we cut shapes out of potatoes and made potato print scarecrows!

In French we have been learning the names of different foods - we even had chance to try them!

Today we went on a shape hunt in the woodland area. We found lots of different shapes hidden all over!

We finished reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and had a caterpillar themed picnic with lots of different fruits. We even had some special visitors!

We went on a caterpillar hunt in the woodland area and collected some colourful leaves for making collages in Art.

This week we got messy in Maths, using handprints to help us with our counting. We counted the fingers on each print and found out that the children in Eagles class had 100 fingers altogether!

We have been talking about 'Healthy Eating' and followed instructions to make some fruity kebabs - Mrs Smith enjoyed them as much as we did!

We enjoyed making lots of noise with our instruments in Music!

In Art we created hand-print caterpillars based on the book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.