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Wingates Residential Holiday 2021

Friday 28th May, 2021

When we woke up this morning we were excited to be going back to school and home but also a little bit sad to leave Wingates.  We all had our breakfast and then packed our bags and had a last play outside.  After driving up the motorway we arrived at Banny's and enjoyed lunch and then went back to school. Everyone was excited to be going home. 


A huge thank you from Mrs Clayton to all the pupils and staff for an absolutly fantastic holiday. 

What an amazingly busy day we have had today.  After a good nights sleep and a good breakfast we made sure the children had sun cream on and set off to Trentham Gardens.  The weather was glorious and we made the most of the sunshine.  Trentham Gardens had a wonderful lake side walk and beautiful Italian Gardens.  We found the playground and there was a good space to have our picnic lunch.  After lunch we bought an ice cream and played for a little longer before setting off back to The Wingate Centre.  When we got back we quickly changed into our PE kits for our session in the gym.  Here we played games, jumped on the trampoline, balanced on the beam and swung on the bars.  By the end we were exhausted and ready for tea.  After a quick play out and serenading by Mr Lorimer we had our tea - Lasagne, Garlic Bread, Vegetables, Chips and Salad followed by Jam Sponge and Custard or fruit.  Everyone was so tired but still managed another hour of playing outside before showers, film and bed. 


Everyone had another good nights sleep and we even had to wake some of the children up!  After breakfast we drove to Tatton Park.  We all had a lovely walk through the woods as you can see from the photos.  After lunch in the Stables Yard we had  walk round the Gardens and followed the Percy Park Keeper trail.  The weather was overcast but perfect for a day outside.  Before we got on the buses everyone enjoyed a much needed play on the playground.  We followed our usual routine when we got back to Wingates and enjoyed Sausage, Mash, Peas and Gravy for tea followed by Eton Mess.  After watching more of our film (please see the photos) we all settled for another good nights sleep.  

We all had a good nights sleep - the children downstairs got up a little earlier than the children upstairs.  Breakfast of cereal, fruit, toast, crumpets and croissants was well received and we were all set up for a day out at the Zoo.  We split into 2 groups at Chester Zoo and had an amazing day and saw lots of animals. The weather was perfect - dry and sunny.  Both groups met up at lunchtime and then had a more leisurely afternoon enjoying an ice cream before going to the shop to buy a souvenir.  We got back to The Wingate Centre tired but having had a very good day.  We all played out before tea and then enjoyed tea of Curry, Rice and Naan followed by Lemon Meringue Pie or fruit.  Another play out after tea was enjoyed by everyone and then it was our bedtime routine.  All of the children were in bed and quiet by 9.15pm.  

We arrived safely and enjoyed our lunch.  Unfortunately it was raining so we couldn't play outside straight away,  We set off for Snugbury's and enjoyed a lovely ice cream even if it was a little wet!!  When we got back we unpacked and sorted out our bedrooms before having tea.  It was pizza and chips for tea followed by chocolate cake and ice cream or fresh fruit.  Everyone ate very well.  After tea the sun was shining so we all played out for an hour before baths and showers.  We settled down to watch Surf's Up and then all went to bed.  All of the children have settled well.