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Wingates Residential Holiday 2019

Day 1 - Monday 20th May 2019 

We had a brilliant journey down the motorway and arrived in time for lunch at 12.10pm. After lunch we played out and enjoyed the sunny weather.  There was great excitement as the children found their rooms and unpacked.  After more playing out we had a fantastic time in the gym but were very tired by the end of the session.  After more playing out it was tea time.  We had a huge plate of sausage, mash, carrots and peas followed by jam sponge and custard.  With renewed energy we played out again before much needed showers and baths and a quiet half an hour before bedtime.  Everyone settled very well for the first night! 

Day 2 - Tuesday 21st May, 2019

After a reasonably good nights sleep we all enjoyed a good breakfast.  We were offered cereals, porridge, fruit, yogurts, toast, crumpets and much more.  We got on the buses and drove to Chester Zoo.  The weather was perfect - nice and warm but with a gentle breeze.  We split into 3 groups and explored the Zoo seeing some amazing animals.  We all met up at lunchtime and shared our stories of the morning before heading off again to see different parts of the Zoo.  At 3.30pm we met outside the shop and although very tired enjoyed buying something to remember our trip to Chester Zoo.  We got back to Wingates at 5pm and had a quick play out before tea.  We had Chicken / Vegetable Korma, Rice and Naan and for pudding Ice Cream Sundae.  Everyone ate very well and after a quick play out had baths or showers before watching part of a film and then off to bed.  Everyone settled very quickly as they were all tired but excited for our day out tomorrow. 

Day 3 - Wednesday 22nd May, 2019 

After another hearty breakfast we set off up the motorway to Manchester.  Everyone enjoyed Play Factore and all the children (and some staff) bravely went down the very high and long slide.  Some enjoyed it so much they spent the whole morning climbing up and coming down again.  After a fun hour and a half 16 tired children had some dinner and recharged ready for the Chill Factore.  We all got dressed up in warm clothes, gloves, helmets and boots and took to the slopes in Chill Factore.  The children were all very brave and enjoyed playing on all the different slopes.  When we got back to Wingates we had time for a short play out and then had lasagne, garlic bread and salad for tea followed by chocolate brownie and ice cream.  After another play out we had baths and showers and watched the last part of our film - Up.  All the children were in bed and quiet by 8.45pm. 

Day 4 - Thursday 23rd May, 2019

We had a more relaxed day today with our trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium and then a much needed ice cream at Snugbury's.  The children were all enthralled by the many fish and liked watching the feeding sessions. We had a good play out at the aquarium before heading off for an ice cream.  We were enjoying the ice creams so much we forgot to take any photos .........sorry!  We arrived back at Wingates and enjoyed more playing out as the weather was so nice.  Tea was burger in a bun and chips followed by apple crumble and custard.  The children have all enjoyed their week and have all said they are sad to leave but are looking forward to seeing everyone back at school and at home. 

Day 5 - Friday 24th May, 2019

After a good nights sleep we had our breakfast and while the staff packed everything up we had our final play outside.  Mrs Clayton took a group photo and we got on the buses on our final journey up the motorway to Banny's.  We were all very excited as we drove towards Colne and cheered as we arrived at Banny's.  We all had a lovely meal and excitedly got back to school.  We were all very tired but excited to see our friends in school and our family's.  What a brilliant week we have had.