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Inclusive Clubs

On Friday afternoons all of the children in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 are involved in clubs.  Each half term they have an opportunity to attend a different club.


Horticulture – a range of gardening activities are planned throughout the year.  The children particularly like it when they can eat the produce that they have grown.


Healthy Living – pupils help to make a range of healthy foods during this club. They enjoy preparing the foods and then tasting them at the end.


Physical Development – games and activities are planned to enhance pupils skills in sport and games as well as having lots of fun.


Games – pupils have the opportunity of learning to play a range of board games or sitting quietly and drawing. 


ICT – the sensory room is available for this club as well as a bank of laptops, ipads and other ICT devices.  Pupils work on a range of activities both within our multi-sensory room and our communication base.