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Brickhouse Farm Residential 2019

Monday 1st April 2019


Well our first day at Brickhouse Farm Cottages has been a success again. We spent the day walking around Thornton Cleverley's. The sea air definitely tired everybody out.


We stopped at Lidl on the way to the cottage for our weekly shop. We had fish fingers, waffles and vegetables tonight for tea.


We have played board games and ball games before shower time and then Danyaal read us all a lovely story whilst we relaxed for the evening.

Tuesday 2nd April 2019


Today we got up after a noisy night with lots of snoring from the boys room.


We had our breakfast and made a picnic before heading out to Stanley Park for the morning and then this afternoon we had a lovely walk along Blackpool front in the sunshine.


We returned to the cottage and as the sun continued to shine for us, we had time for a fun filled dip in the hot tub before tea. We had cheese and onion pie, chips and beans for tea.


We played games such as naughts ad crosses, threading, skittles, ball games and more before it was soon time for bed. We have all had a very good day but are all very tired  but excited for tomorrows events.

Wednesday 3rd April 2019


Today we had a leisurely start to the day, before heading off to visit Fleetwood for the morning. We didn't go for a walk as it was too breezy along the front, so we found a lovely Marina Cafe to have a drink and a snack.


We then met up with our friends for lunch before heading back to the cottage where the sun was shining. We sat out on the decking whilst feeding the ducks. Some of the cheeky ducks even came onto the decking to join us.


We played ball and other games after tea which was pasta bolognese.  We have had lots of laughs, cuddles and giggles today.

Thursday 4th April 2019


After a good nights sleep last night we had a relaxing start to the morning with some physio exercises and games before breakfast.


We then got ready and set off for a day out in Lytham St.Anne's, where we had a lovely walk along the front and through the town. We also enjoyed the experience of the new water splash park (under the rain covers) unfortunately the staff got wet.


We then headed back to the cottage as the weather decided to change for the worst, so we have played games, foot massages and had fun in the cottage, it was a shame it was too cold to go in the hot tub (maybe next time)


We will be packing our bags tonight ready for returning to school/home tomorrow we have had a brilliant time again this year.

Friday 5th April 2019


We packed up as it is our last day for 2019 holidays, we cleaned the cottages and fed the ducks for the final time. 


We enjoyed a visit to Towneley Park before heading off back to school and reading to go home on the buses.


We have had another amazing year on our residential and the children and staff have enjoyed every minute.