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Signing Singing Choir

We are very excited to have a Signing Singing Choir at Pendle View.  Pupils in Key Stage 2 are invited to join the choir as part of our Inclusive Clubs on Friday afternoons. 
Tesco, Burnley invited us to sing Christmas songs to entertain the shoppers.  The Signing Singing Choir were very excited to visit the store.  All of the children performed very well and enjoyed sharing their songs with the shoppers and some parents and friends of Pendle View who joined us.  We were delighted to raise £100.82 in less than one hour and decided to send the donations to SignHealth and charity who supports the well-being of people who are deaf.  Thank you to everyone for their support and very kind donations. 

We entertained the whole school as part of our Christmas festivities.

Belvedere Manor is a Nursing Home near to school. They invited us to entertain the residents. We signed and sang all of our Christmas Songs. The residents have a lovely time and thanked us by singing some of their favourite songs. We all had a great time and look forward to more visits.